Avoiding Burnout by My 8th House

8th houseI’m asked from time to time if I feel any signs of burnout. I do not.  I am on a ten-year-long streak here. I think if I was going to burnout, I’d have done so long ago.

I get my stamina from the Mars Mercury conjunction in my chart but it’s my 8th house that makes me what I am – a renewable resource.  I am so adept at transforming energy, I can run on anything. Love, hate, hope, a joke, a fleeting memory or a figment of my imagination. Good times, bad times, fun times, sad times, it really makes no difference because that thing I say all the time – that all energy is neutral until directed is true.  You mean to hurt me but you make me laugh.  You mean to help me but you make me cry or you stress me out.

Whatever comes in, comes in. If it doesn’t come in, I can pull it in but one way or the other, I will always attract energy and always be able  to convert it because like, Jessica Rabbit, I am drawn this way.

I would say that “leaving” is possible but burnout is not. It’s not possible because if I do burn down, I come up from the ashes and I don’t know that I have a choice. How would I say down, hmm? How would a person like me become inert? I don’t think I will be inert even after I’m dead.

How do you avoid burnout?


Avoiding Burnout by My 8th House — 17 Comments

  1. Definitely visit Elsa P too :-). I have a life that a lot (ok everyone) says “how do you do it??” And I can because everything I do is with love – my family, my friends, my work – I love it all. I had never thought about the 8th house connection. I’ve got a Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th house so I guess that makes me the energizer bunny :-).

  2. I don’t avoid burnout, at all. I get super burned out and I take extreme measures to recoup.

    I have a Grand Trine in Fire and Jupiter ruled chart. I don’t know if burnout is avoidable. I do think I could transform the nature of my burnout. THAT’S what I’m aiming towards. The last 15 years I’ve been going traveling to recoup and so far it’s worked. However….this is not financially viable for retirement:) I’m trying to content myself with short trips and maybe this will be possible with Neptune entering my 3rd House of PIsces.

    I am a little extreme and will cop to a certain draw in looking into the barrel of a gun. I’m trying to find the higher function of this trait (assuming there is one).

  3. If I’m meant to last in something the universe will point me in that direction. But when it comes to free will I think slowing down helps, Lol!

  4. SO has Sun and Mercury – and, depending on house system, Moon/Jupiter too – in the 8th. Sun sextile Mars too. And yes, he is a powerhouse, the only way you can tell he is under pressure is that he becomes agitated in sleep. But during the day ? Well, he is just pushing through.

    Me, on the other hand ? Well, I have relatively high stress resistance too. But when I’m near the limit, I become cranky. When this happens a lot, I know it’s time to slow down, and try to draw from my 5th house Moon (see Satori’s post).

  5. @h, I’m afraid I don’t avoid burntout either – another grandtrine in fire here! Lots of energy, followed by lots of burnout. If you have advice for a 20-something on how to avoid or how to deal with burnout……… I’d love to hear it 🙂

  6. @elsa, I hear you talk about your mercury-mars conjunction a lot. I have a mercury-mars conjunction as well, but perhaps because in my case, it is not in the 8th – I don’t have the same stamina or renewable resource as you do.

  7. l was thinking of fallin apart, well sort of having a burnout…yes this blog helps! For the rest is good to see how you deal with all the energy around you and how the 8th house helps you transform it. l can do something with the things you wrote. l guess l tend to deal with ‘burnout’ by going inwards and diggin deep. Writing, making things. l am not afraid in getting stuck in problems l will deal with them one way or the other l have learned no matter how crashed l am. l try to work it and get out smiling!

  8. I have that stellium involving Mars/Uranus/Pluto and I don’t burnout either. I think I’m so full of drive and energy I can be exhausting for other people – I burn them out!

    I do have a balanced life though, which I think help — a good work, family, self balance that keeps me going.

  9. I get a lot of support from here. Even when I can’t/don’t comment, I learn something here daily that helps me put things into perspective, even if it’s just a case of “this conjunction hitting my chart this way is going to pass on such and such a date – I can make it until then.”

    Service feeds me in a weird way. Whether retail or food service, going out and making people happy gives me a boost nothing else does. I can do it well regardless of how I feel when I punch the clock. When I clock out, the good feeling stays.

    Music is good, although it’s gotta be older stuff now because I can’t understand the lyrics to the newer songs and I have to be singing along to get the benefit.

    Playing mindless games on Pogo helps, too. Just blanks out the mind from all the stuff that swirls in there. Maybe it just allows my mind to shut off for a while, so it renews my energy.

    There are times I just push my self just too damned far, and then I crash out, snoring, for 12 hours straight, like I did last night. lol

  10. That’s very heartening Elsa as some of us do worry about you! There are so many of us feeding off your energy, after all! – I was going a post a pic, not sure if I can here…

    I burn out quite easily these days, maybe always did. I have very little fire in my chart – and that is ONLY PLUTO!! At least I’ve learned to pace myself these days, and not to overeat as a reaction to stress (looking for fuel no doubt!)

  11. debdeb, I’d say taking an inventory of what you accept about yourself is a good start. Then an inventory of superfluous stuff that tires you out. I think finding out about WHAT burns you out.

    Eg. I like to work a lot, have projects on the go, be social, be with my man, and exercise. I get pretty burned out on stimulants. So I try to do things like curb electronic use before bed, take mental health days when I can just walk aimlessly, etc. I don’t know. I don’t have huge complaints. This is the way I am. Grand Fire Trine is a funny one.

    I like to empty things out. I like to use everything in my cupboard, for example, and use the last drop of my moisturizer, see *exactly* how long it lasts. LOL. People do see me as having infinite amounts of energy and in a way I do. What I DON’T have is infinite amounts of emotional energy to spread willy nilly.

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