Autistic Child? Blame Mom! Schizophrenia? The Family Did It!

“In the 60’s they thought schizophrenia was caused by by parents, the mother, the family. Autism, too. If someone had an autistic kid if was because they were a lousy mother.”

The soldier laughed.

“Well they did think this. If was the brainy idea of the times and these poor parents.  The mothers, I mean.  They were told their kid was fine until they got hold of them.   If you’d have hugged your kid…  if you did not subconsciously hate your child, none of this would be happening.  The parents bought it for the most part for a myriad of reasons. This was accepted at the time, and there are people out there who still believe this. Yes. I know people who believe this right now, this year.  A person is schizophrenic because the family did it, they needed a scapegoat.”

He didn’t say anything.

“Well you get my point. One guy with charisma says he’s figured this stuff out and everyone swallows the crap, hook, line and sinker.  I am sure there were some out there who did not believe it but it would have been very hard to stand against what became the conventional wisdom at the time. If you think schizophrenia is organic back then it’s because you are stupid and living in the dark ages so I guess you just stand there and watch people, one after another, go over the cliff. The cliff of stupidity!” I said with a snort.  “But just try to stand up in that era say, these mothers did not create or cause autism!  You’d have been mowed down.  The supposed best and brightest say it’s the mother and you better say it’s the mother too, even though you are killing these mothers who did nothing wrong. Just burn them at the stake, I guess. No need to think or anything.”

Astrology?  Saturn in Virgo of course! Guard your mind!

Have you ever been sold a load of crap and discovered it later?


Autistic Child? Blame Mom! Schizophrenia? The Family Did It! — 25 Comments

  1. My daughter required additional help when she was small – I cannot count the number of professionals whom I dealt with that were clearly assuming that she was not well cared for, or somehow being neglected as the root of her difficulties. They also evidently did not think I was bright enough to be able to understand their reports, which they knew I had access to when writing them. It completely changed my perception of the reliabliity of “experts.”


    Hi Elsa,
    I don’t know you very well so I know I am treading in a place where I don’t belong. With Saturn in Virgo it came up that I had Celiac disease which means a gluten free diet. In the course of my research trying to heal myself I ran into webpages that linked some forms of autism to gluten and casein (milk products) I am sure you already know all of this but just in case you don’t – just some information I ran into while I was trying to heal my own issues.

    For the Celiac/Gluten free – caused all sorts of problems for me before I read this – pretty serious. things got better for me after I found out.

    all the best,


    • K – Don’t know if anyone will ever read my comment on this rather old post…
      My health also improved when I discovered that I was coeliac, later developed lactose intolerance, later needed thyroid meds – and found myself much improved when I changed my dietary habits (currently I’m battling what I call a sugar allergy – same effect as the one Elsa describes).
      Much much MUCH later I was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and learned that it often goes with the intolerances described (except the sugar as far as I know).
      I’m not suggesting you’re autistic, not at all. But it might be profitable to explore further… for the One Cause behind it all.

  3. K – if you think I have an autistic or schizophrenic child, I don’t. If you think I am autistic or schizophrenic, I’m not!

    I am just using this as an example of how wrong (even asinine) thinking can get into the collective and become mainstream. I think is example is WIDELY applicable to a range of subjects.

  4. yeah, most of it to do with religion. The religion I was raised within never resonated with my essence as a human. I don’t go group worship at ALL.
    “if you don’t do/be XYZ you have no value”

    Also, Hell. Teaching small children about eternal damnation can be extremely damaging. However I figured out when I was 14 that none of it was true for me…I have my own relationship with the Divine and don’t need to be directed in any direction to thrive within it.

  5. oooppps Like I said – I don’t know you very well. No, I never thought that you were autisic or schizophrenic. I personally have had a lot of trouble with the mainstream diet of wheat and dairy so much so that it has caused serious health issues. My world changed when I found out what the problem was.

  6. I was diagnosed with schizophoaffective disorder during my Pluto opp moon. Schizophrenia runs in my family so I think that affected their diagnosis.

    I was having psychosis probs but it was just a bad depression that gave me olfactory delusions (!) & some OCD. (Pluto in the 12th was hard on me at first haha!)

    Once I remembered my Buddhist training and realized it was all in my head I ventually snapped out of it and that’s when I started getting creative and interested in poetry.

    So ultimately I ended up liking Pluto in the 12th.

  7. Once it got past my moon I thought it was great, too.

    Glad you’re enjoying it. Yay!

    Are you remembering your dreams OK at night?

    I didn’t while Pluto was in the 12th & I thought that was weird.

  8. I just feel tapped in deep, access to endless whatever. But I am used to shadow, see? I would be screwed if I had to be on a stage, but I don’t have to be on a stage. It’s beautiful, I’ll tell ya. It is the most beautiful darkness ever because I can see all over the place.

  9. “Have you ever been sold a load of crap and discovered it later?”

    My entire life!

    Organized Religion
    Disorganized Religion
    American History (I’m part Cherokee)
    “Don’t breast feed your child” (My in-laws’ pediatrician) – I did anyway.
    My brother being gay was just a phase he’s going through
    Math as it was taught in school
    Western Medicine
    Food and Drug Industry
    Bush Administration (you name it)
    Small Town Politics
    Real Estate and Lender Industires (I’ve worked in both)
    Television (main networks)
    Astrology (I currently appreciate a few voices – Elsa’s is the most clear)
    My ex (it took a case of hives but I figured it out!)

  10. The load of crap I’ve been sold most recently was that as a woman I could not defend myself. That is was somehow wrong or I was incapable.

    ::slaps forehead::

    I actually believed that at one time.

  11. My my. Medicine has sure come a long way. Let’s not forget that they used to routinely perform a lobotomy to “cure” mental disorders. Anyone read this book: I did and it’s sad that this man’s step mother got away with having it done and it’s even more sad that his dad let her get away with it.

  12. shoveling whole wheelbarrowloads out at the moment. Let the mess sit too long before I realized it stunk.

    that’s a relic of the time when they think all children were born into the world exactly the same and empty of personality. ergo, if something went wrong, it must have been the mother’s fault…

  13. Pluto through my 12th was when I woke up to my intuitive nature. Thinking back I can definitely relate to that tapped in feeling and it has stayed with me to a large degree.

    On the subject of blaming the mother, it was also common to blame the mother for making their children gay.

  14. Blame Mom? What a crutch!!

    I can remember being in my early 20’s bitching about something my Mom said or did and this VERY WISE woman asked me very nonchalantly “How long are you going to carry that crutch?”

    WHAM!! Right between the eyes she got me!! I’m careful what crutches I pick up these days.

  15. Have I been sold a load of crap? Sure.

    The Easter Bunny
    The tooth fairy
    Prince Charming
    White Knight
    Eyes Crossed Will Stay that way
    Masturbate and go blind

    Every woman who’s ever read a romance novel, told she couldn’t do or be something…the list could get quite long, couldn’t it?

  16. “It took a case of hives, but I figured it out.” LOL, Cherie. That reminds me of a novel I read where the protagonist’s body broke out in a big rash all over her butt, ‘cuz her subconscious knew her husband was having an affair even though the rest of her wasn’t willing to see it, yet. Heh.

  17. Have you ever been sold a load of crap and discovered it later?

    pretty much everything cherie wrote and I’d add:

    being suckered into thinking a college education was an instant ticket to a middle class lifestyle

    I recently read that a postgraduate education is one of the worst investments a person can make! mainly because there are NO JOBS for them!

    Me and a lot of people might have been better off, at least financially and maybe socially/psychologically/spiritually, by learning a useful trade!

  18. That Psychotrophic meds are safe and effective! Even for children. Is your child hyper and can’t sit still? Give em a pill. That’ll solve the problem! Are you sad? Take this pill and you will be happy!! Bunch of baloney.

  19. I’m reading a book from that period. I used to be annoyed at blame the parents psychology until my transit. Plus I’ve met a mess of people who carry a complex burden from their childhood.
    I think the blaming the parents thing is a popular American concept. We tend to not have a built in system for respecting our elders. For whatever reason interpreting Freud in a blame the parents way was popular during Pluto in Virgo I think.

    I notice lies I was taught. Deliberate simplification.
    American history as being a narrative of progress. The American hero in historical movies always being styled as the David against a Goliath. Memorizing facts related to native Americans like how many tribes there were rather than igniting kids imaginations about the slaughter and culpability
    The narrative of progress also makes it hard for kids to empathize about slavery and think that we’ve solved racism.

    The way information is arranged is very powerful. I think kids in current times are flooded with certain images and risk underdeveloped empathy like I may have. Basically unless I clearly know who the good guy is or the story isn’t dripping in melodrama, I won’t empathize.
    I learned this to my shame watching the movie platform. Mr Zhangke does not make clear cut moral scenarios.

    I notice public radio citing numbers in foreign atrocities but not taking even moments to detail historical background. The extended stories are usually something stupid with a narrative of progress like a state working on fixing a pipe system.

  20. One thing that makes me feel better that someone understands my specific problem is Louis ck sayin sometimes you just have a shitty kid.

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