August Horoscopes are Live!

kids costume partyHoroscopes for August are ready! This month should be a very welcome breath of fresh air after the Cardinal crush we’ve been dealing with for most of the summer. The stellium in Leo will encourage us all to get out and have some much-needed fun! On top of that, Jupiter goes direct in its home sign, Sagittarius, supporting the planets in Leo and helping us all to get moving in the direction of our dreams. And later in the month, we’ll have a stellium in Virgo, which will help us do the work to make those big dreams a reality.

While there are still challenges (you didn’t forget about Pluto and Saturn, did you?), there really should be something for everyone this month. Check out the horoscopes to see how you can make the most of what August has to offer.

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Midara has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, personal growth, tough transits, or whatever else, she’s here to help.


August Horoscopes are Live! — 6 Comments

  1. I feel like distracting from my challenges (Saturn Pluto conjuncting my Mars and opposing my Venus, etc.) and I’m having a Neptune transit which makes it hard to address my challenges (and I have planets in the late degrees of cardinals so the universe has been tapping its fingers waiting for me to act for a while).. and yeah I’m doomed but..

    I’m also pretty randy and lonely cause Venus in Leo will hit my DC.. but no cosmic love for me that doesn’t smell of failure anyway..

    Apropos of nothing.. Midara, you don’t mention your musical taste much.. but I felt like mentioning something random (sorry)..

    Along with a bunch of other transits, I’ve been having my Sun square Neptune transit, but I think it also aspects my natal Jupiter, which is good and bad.. I was listening to “Real Love Baby” by Father John Misty (he’s sooo brilliant and has like practically all his planets in Taurus, I Love You Honeybear is the best love album I’ve ever heard if you like honest self examination and great songwriting :p ).. anyway, I think it’s a perfect Jupiter Neptune song. (“Our hearts are free, so tell me what’s wrong with the feeling, I’m the flower you’re the bee.. it’s much older than you and me”) eh reading the lyrics idk why I think it is like this. But I think Jupiter Neptune is so momentary, it hits us in a moment, the fact that we’re alive and have to observe our surroundings and be mindful.

  2. Thank you Midara. This SAg rising is so looking forward to some play time. I am having a lot of drama at home with grandson but was able to go out and enjoy the evening Friday night with a great venue . music and food. Enjoyment that I have not experienced in a very long time. I hope it stays that way this Leo season.

  3. What a cute clown! Ta-dah!

    Though I enjoy Leo energy, it squares my NN this month and conjuncts Uranus in my 9th House and I tend to get sick during fire sign months. But after Im better, we are going on a trip to find a new area to live. We will be camping watching the meteorites- Show time in the Big Sky! Looking forward to it and hope we find the town of our dreams.

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