tin foil hatI know some people hate tinfoil but I got in a very brief email exchange with a mundane astrologer and something came of it on my end.

The other astrologer ghosted me. I think it was because of my Mars Mercury, edgy candor.

What I’m saying is I don’t blame him!  When he quit responding, I realized he didn’t know me well. I could easily be seen as rude and cutting? This is because I am rude and cutting but also nice.  😉

Anyway in light of people realizing that a lot of events are contrived, it makes me wonder if events that correlate with the current planetary patterns occur naturally or if the events might be planned to go off in line with the aspects.

This would be like fireworks on July 4th. They don’t occur randomly!

What do you think?


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    • Yes, I know. I read her book. Get this… someone got it for me from a book store. It was on the FREE table with a dime taped to it, indicating they would pay you ten cents to take it.

      The book was all about her techniques which were solid.

  1. 1. I believe he ghosted you because he might deny your views altogether in that they dont fit his way of doing astrology. If you don’t fit their method then your conclusions can’t be true? (I’m just throwing it out there because I’m projecting. this happens to me frequently, both ways, I get denied or deny).
    2. “if events that correlate with the current planetary patterns occur naturally” – they do! it’s in human nature to react unconsciously to the energies around us and prompts by others. BUT, it doesn’t mean the trap hasn’t been set up but someone else in the knowing of the potential energetics!, which leads me to
    3. “if the events might be planned to go off in line with the aspects”. There’s always two sides (at least) to everything… Someone files for divorce intentedly, someone is caught off guard and reacts… or to be more broad and vague, someone turns off a switch in a room full of people; a good few will desperately try to find a switch to turn it back on and in the process trample some feet; some will find a lighter in their pocket and with that get to the door that leads to a lit room; some will be laughing in the other room as they know damn well why some had lighters in their pockets and who would react out of fear.
    I might be digressing but in geopolitics this is a given. If they use astrology I’ll tell you it’s a long conversation, but wasn’t Hitler involved with the vril society? didn’t (don’t) tge CIA and the military in the US work in projects as “weird” as Stargate?
    Lol. Astrology is ancient because it’s been used and developed since ancient times. – By whom? – Who’s got the power to decide where the money and resources for I&D go?
    I find the Jerusalem-Rome (Israel-Vatican/wherever the eagle and is now) axis most interesting for correlation of astrology x events that occur including earthquakes, but I couldn’t use your comment section to venture further into my conjectures 😄

  2. “I believe he ghosted you because he might deny your views altogether in that they dont fit his way of doing astrology.”

    No way to know. He seemed really into what he was doing. When I told him I was wondering this stuff… which I was, before he wrote me out of the blue sky… I never heard back.

    But it might have been the prior email, where I, Mars-Mercury told him I was more into people… which I am.

    But as I see astrology degrading, I am identifying various things I feel are sus. Ten years back, I came to a point where I only use techniques, that I, personally, with my own experience, have seen to be valid.

    • Hmm. it might be a merc station rx glitch too. Perhaps he’s just mulling over. I do understand your need to stick to our guns, especially in that context. I’m a taurus, I like the (personally) tried and true for sure.
      I think the approach to personal and mundane astrologies have to be different anyways because in mundane you have multiple charts for a country, for instance, and the people who rule it are not always the ones we see publicly. Lots of variables and dynamics/dimensions to consider (social, economical, religious, political, geopolitical, even sanitary these days). There must be a level of experimentation in astrology until one finds a method, but interpretation in mundane is not just about psychology of the masses or psychology of leadership. You got a retired green beret at home, so you know how military strategy is most effective in covert ops. The “hidden hand” sure uses astrology that’s all I’m saying… not because there can’t be success without it, but because knowing the energies will potentiate effects. Same with personal, but in this case affecting matters/affairs at a worldly level (outer planets job).

  3. PS: Astrotinfoilology 😆🤣😂 I might use this term in the future, hope you don’t mind! it’s definitely a fit for me (mutual reception between jupiter, Aqua 10H equal/11H plac, sextiling Ura, Sag 8H …)

      • Hi Elsa, I started questioning the origins and intention of astrology after seeing how much is potentially manipulated through world events and history, institutionalized programming or what is commonly called education, etc. I am a deeply curious soul but also skeptical and I don’t like to just accept what people say, no matter how acceptable it is to others. In more recent months I started to wonder who really created astrology technology and what the actual intent was, what is the purpose. It doesn’t have to be nefarious but just because the information got passed along a certain way doesn’t mean that it is all of what it is purported to be. I have some tin foil hat ideas about it but who knows. lol

        • I throw it around as well. I limit techniques to things I know work, which excludes some very popular things I think are sus. Especially now, astrology is getting pretty stupid, but I realize my generation has it wrong too.

          Today, I recalled making videos about how synstry techniques work but not really? Maybe 2006, those vids are on this site and I stand by them. Point is, this is not new to me. To scrutinize, I mean.

          See, astrology is not a game to me. People trust me with they’re lives. I can’t just tell them things because, Susie said. So I stick to what I know, firsthand. After all these years, the charts just don’t talk, they stand up and sing.

          • I appreciate that scrutiny Elsa and I find it fascinating the way that astrology came to you and how long you have been at it, drawing the charts out manually when you and your sister were kids. I’ve only been studying astrology on a deeper level for a few years now so I don’t know what I don’t know, but it has been a helpful tool for self-exploration and understanding others better.

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