Astrology Short And Sweet – It’s My Fury

fury-of-goths.jpgLast night the soldier and I were going to eat dinner.  I set two wine glasses down on the table.

“See, I am no longer mad at you so these glasses match. Yesterday the glasses did not match. I had a glass independent from yours.” (Uranus in 7th – detaching)

He was stunned. “You have to hit me over the head to make me understand something like that,” he said. (Taurus) “I’d never see something like that.”

“Who wants you to see anything? This is my trick you don’t know about.” (Neptune) “It’s to make me feel better not you.”

He laughed like hell. ‘Oh, P. Well I’m glad you’re not pissed anymore.”

“Me too, I am over my fury now.” (Mars Mercury)

Do you ever feel furious? Where is your Mars?

pictured: The Fury Of The Goths, Paul Ivanovitz


Astrology Short And Sweet – It’s My Fury — 22 Comments

  1. >“Who wants you to see anything? This is my trick you don’t know about.” (Neptune) “It’s to make me feel better not you.”

    ::giggles:: Yeah, I so relate.

  2. Mars in Aries, but square Neptune. I don’t consider myself openly angry. I’m easily frustrated though. I cry when i get angry, if that means anything.

  3. Mars in Gemini – you bet I get furious, and when I do, you WILL HEAR ALL ABOUT IT! hahahaha 😉 It takes a lot to get me THAT angry though…I think my Libra Moon keeps me from exploding too soon, b/c she sees both sides – but if it is deemed “unfair”, all hell breaks loose…

  4. Yep…Mars in Aries. Steamed, but I usually like to keep a lid on it. I’m pretty angry if I get to the point of displaying it. Lol, my Cap moon gets pissed off that I’m pissed off in the first place. How weird is that? Don’t like anyone finding out what makes me angry or that I get angry at all. It feels childish somehow and makes me blush! 🙂

    On the matching wine glasses: that is so funny!!! I’ve noticed when people do this…and I do it myself. Just enough to emphasize a separation, be defiant. Ha

  5. Poor old 12th House Mars. 🙁 Pluto sitting right on top.

    Hubby has a 12th Mars too, so our arguments are interesting.

  6. Mars in Libra, MidHeaven. I’m too busy thinking how my anger is gonna look to get it out. Had an interesting talk with a friend about the usefulness of getting angry. I’m always talking myself out of it (Merc/Cap sq. Saturn/Aries) because I’ve convinced myself that if my toilet is working and I can get hot water on demand, I’m better off than most of the world. So why get angry?

    When really, I should get angry sometimes.

  7. Mars at first degree of Leo in 8th house. One of those ballistic tempers (Irish, so-called) in childhood. You know, “ya hafta learn to control it.” Also, according to one of those old fashioned Astrology thingies, where each degree of the Zod has some specific and cryptic aside comment. I think that Leo 1st degree is “the degree of homicide.” So, you know, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what has made me angry and why. I DO have plenty of planets and aspects to balance all this situation out.

  8. Ana-yup, I have Cap Moon and agree–it doesn’t like being undignified with something as *whoa* as Aries Mars. I like what JJJ said about ‘learning to control it.’ In my case when I start vibrating I try to vacate the area.
    Failing that I go as quiet as I possibly can and wait for the hurricane to pass!!

  9. Mars in Leo. Mercury in Gemini. Gawd I can really let ‘er rip. What I’d like to be able to do is let ‘er rip in the moment, and not wait until I’m done debating the feeling (Libra rising). Cause then my fury usually comes out lopsided and disporportional. I have actually waited so long to acknowledge my fury, that by the time I express it, I’m not really sure what I’m mad at!

  10. Oh man. The most pissed I’ve ever been had such a physiological effect on me. My head LITERALY felt like it was on fire, my ears started ringing, I got dizzy. I mean, my head was burning from the inside out! That has only happened once (to that severity), but I’ll never forget what it felt like. My Mars is in Cancer squared Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. Perhaps my body was fighting to repress it??
    Haha….and I pull little private revenge shenanigans too.

  11. Funny and interesting posts :o)

    I have Mars in the 7th in Virgo, opposite Asc., conjunct Pluto, sq. Midheaven, sextile Sun.

    I really don’t get “that” mad for the most part. If there was anyone that could send me over the edge, though, it would be my ex. Couple of times we really got into it… Man, he must really have an aggressive Mars! (couldn’t have anything to do with me, lol)

  12. pisces/seventh. square a sag neptune 😛 yeah, diana, i sometimes cry when i get furious…
    and once i got a white haze starting to creep over my vision. backed away real fast from that. and sometimes a sense of time slowing down and the world growing _real_ sharp and a kind of weightlessness. (as if gravity just dropped down to moon level…)

    adrenaline’s some weird stuff, i tell ya’

    my father says it’s the celtic berserker ancestors of ours….

  13. yeah, he’s lucky he got your mars.

    my mars scrubbed the toilet with the guy’s toothbrush.

    yes, that’s my mars, scorpio mars (said in james bond voice…).

    it’s in the third house inconjunct my 8th house, aries-point saturn. I keep it under complete control until it’s necessary to bring it out… then BURN baby.

  14. you know when I actually lose control and freak out? when I hurt myself. you should see me losing my shit every time I whack my arm on a door or drop something on my toe. it’s amazingly, freakishly immature.

  15. Mars Aries, and I spent years displacing all that to my shadow/and the men I dated…. lots of enraged guys/pent up anger …. until I got on here. Owned it.


  16. I’ve talked about my fury so much I’m sick of talking about my fury. *sigh*
    Libra Mars (conjunct Venus and Pluto) hits everything in my chart.

  17. I have mars in pisces in the 5th. My energy pattern is a whole lot more consistent with that leo house position than pisces would generally be. With a saturn square to it I spend a lot of time frustrated and I cry when I am mad too. It takes a lot to get me mad but when I go there is no explosion – just quiet grim resolve and complete action. famous for keeping my cool and then one day getting up and saying “I am outta here”!

    but I am totally creative in the intentional manifestation department, Creation in imagination and then “put it over there boys”

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