Full Moon In Capricorn: Systems Shut Down Create Fortress Effect

capricornI am going to see my daughter today and when I glanced at the chart of time of the meeting it struck me what a serious day this is. It’s Jupiter in Capricorn with the Moon heading to full in the sign tomorrow and the Mars Saturn conjunction that tells this story.

The opposition of Moon Jupiter in Capricorn to the Sun in Cancer indicates we are talking about relationships here rather than something you are experiencing or enjoying (more likely enduring) alone.

Personally, I have significant emphasis on the late degrees of the Cardinal signs and I find myself very defended at the moment. I’ve just got my boundaries up like some sort of fortress. Even the people closest to me are not close to me at the moment and I can’t say much besides it’s the way that I want it.

Not that this will last. My boundaries will dissolve (Saturn Neptune), they always do but right now safety seems to trump everything and I don’t think I am the only one.

I see others out there acting with caution. I’d even call it extreme caution and I don’t really blame them. “Better safe than sorry” seems to be the words of the day. Thank God this is only transitory (for most) because it’s a hell of a way to live.

How are you feeling today?

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Full Moon In Capricorn: Systems Shut Down Create Fortress Effect — 17 Comments

  1. ha ha, guess i’ll be the first to comment. just got off the phone with a friend, and told him, “I woke up today and it was like a combat zone.”

    everyone is *soooooo* needy right now. good god.

    a friend called to say, sure we’re still going on vacation next month?

    a client who i had to turn down b/c i’m just too booked right now was like, “nooo….. i want to work with youuuuuuu.”

    huh? are you five?

    it’s just been stunning.

  2. I’m feeling strangely empowered today, kind of an “okay, let’s get down to business” sort of feeling. I would say my boundaries are good, but not overly fortified.

  3. I actually woke up pretty good, feeling optimistic…but I also think I am trying to detach a bit from a relationship that makes me feel needy.

  4. I have saturn, pluto, jupiter, mercury and the sun all in the very late degrees of the cardinal signs and this full moon will be in my 8th house. What’s been on my mind the last couple of days is that I need a more balanced relationship, specifically, more freedom for me and more responsibility for my husband. Emotionally, I just seem to be pissed off way out of proportion. The fact that my husband is a “lying Gemini” seems to be making it worse.

  5. I’m suffering from work diarrhea today, as can be seen from some of my comments… it’s because I’m running on a combination of stimulants, dense food, and not nearly enough sleep. After a week of abuse, my body is crap, but my assignments are all turned in. Finals are next week. My brain is in a dreamy state that is particularly well-fitted to either sitting for hours and reading, or sitting for hours and writing. But I can’t see past the end of my nose right now.

    Please, lord, let me get some sleep this weekend. Stuck in own head. Can’t think in here.

  6. Wow..glad I read you today..Feeling the same as you with personal relating Elsa,and so emotional.. also dealing with an incredible number of needy folk having tough times, feeling so wee and humble,and yes, a bit overwhelmed, but doing my best, so aware it’s pathetically little. Having a Chiron transit over Ascendant explains my wounded healer issues mind you!!

  7. better than yesterday.
    apparently my tactic of letting things roll out on their own and speak for themselves is doing all right, so far. i’m a lot more confident than i was two days ago.
    maybe it helps that i worked 11 hours yesterday and immediately upon waking up this morning and now i just have so mop up to do and tomorrow i have some _fun_ planned. good serious fun, ’cause what other kind is there with a capricorn fifth house? (batman opens, there’s something dark and difficult to chew on….)

  8. I am waiting for the police to come. OMG what is going on. the last two days have been horrible and super aggressive and I had just wrttin a long thing about anger under this post and deleted it before submit, changed it, got up I go in the other room and my bedroom was all pushed around and my jewelry was robbed and i remember when I came home the key opened the door easy like it was open and now I guess it was. OMG either i didn’t lock it this am and someone saw it (a neighbor) or what? Do people randomly try to see if doors are open? So I was robbed OMG. My favorite ring which is big was in the kitchen so they did not get it. But other ones are gone, and other jewelry. OMG I want to move.

  9. Thanks guys. So listen to this–don’t mean to hijack but this is weird. Almost all of my jewelry is gone–but he/they did leave some things and one of them was the wedding band that belonged to my father that I wrote about on here the other day, saying I should get rid of it.

    Anyway, now this is psychological and perhaps not astrological, but the other day I met my brother at his apt. to take our kids to the shore, and in the rush I left my car in the parking lot, car off but keys in the ignition and drivers side open. I returned that evening to a dead battery. Then it looks like I may have left my door unlocked this morning and that’s how entry was made in my house, although who knows who it could be.

    So I have two unlocked doors in my life; this is all on the cusp of my deciding to stay here and do some home improvements; in fact i have the people coming for closet organization installation Monday, a painter to paint almost all the rooms the middle of next week, i was going to install window boxes with my boyfriend and buy a new bed with him this weekend. Does it make sense that maybe I actually want to move and have somehow manifested a reason to leave? I know it sounds weird. I also really want a new car, and have kind of decided against it because it’s more practical to keep the one I have. Also my job has a kind of “social/cultural” aspect and being more upwardly mobile has been on my mind a lot.

    I know it’s rambling but I am trying to see what kind of message this might be. Seems like there might be one.

    Thanks again.

  10. Maybe so, Pixie, but I’m notoriously bad at seeing these kinds of patterns.
    Some things we do certainly seem to be subconciously motivated but it looks to me like you’ve got a good, conscious grasp on this can o’ worms. So the real question is, what do you think? And does it make enough impact that you to want to take action?

  11. That sucks that you got robbed Pixie, I am sorry to hear it. Even if the stuff hadn’t mattered much, it is still such a violation, an emotional violation.

    Well, I have tons of late mutable energy, all four angles, with the parental axis (AC/DC) being aspected by Pluto (conjunct MC and NN), opposite IC south node, and square the AC/DC.

    I talk about worrying about my mother, and things do keep happening. What happened on this date was the death of my mothers older sisters husband. He was a wonderful man, a judge, and he lived to be very old (my mother, almost 80, still has three older siblings who have spouses, and this uncle is the first of the lot to die.

    It was not a big shock, he’s been ill for a while. My mother will be going up to Alabama to be with her sister for the funeral. My mother and her sister are extremely close, and the sister was married to the man who died for 60 years. We are a very close family, so something like this is quite a big deal.

    I won’t be attending the funeral because, as my Aunt knows, I can’t tolerate crowds like the one that the judge is going to get for this funeral. I sent her some money and I will go see her in a few months, after all the crowds have backed off, because it is then that she may be most lonely anyway.

  12. PixieDust, I am might be a different creature in the world altogether, but I would go. Sun opposed Uranus: when changes in my life happen, I like to change circumstances. Might be a different house, or whatever…My SO and I have moved 6 times in 7 years of being together (he has 4th House Pluto); I’ve moved about 25 times as an adult and I’m only 31.

    You feel like moving? Move. And to quote my beloved SO ‘There are no moving police to stop you from moving any time you fuckig want.’

  13. Well I am getting laid off in two weeks. Landlord wants me to move out of my rented room by months end. No car – bad credit – and not a whole lot of money not great time to have to move.

    I have been having massive issues with new roommate lady no matter what I do she causes issues. I hate moving – really hate it. Really hard to esp when you have no car.

    But I know staying with how she has been it will only get worse with time. There is something not right with her in a way I can not describe. Before I concretely knew she had made complaint about me – I felt she had – she came up and handed me back free pass I had given her to local museum and she said she and her daughter wouldn’t be going any time soon so she wanted to give it back – she felt wrong – oh so wrong and I thought lady what have you set into motion. I felt like burning the pass when she handed it back to me. Then I found out about all her complaints. Oh shit oh shit.

    And I am 4 weeks away from my 40th B-day. Massive changes must be in the planets…

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