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Green vintage zodiac plateIf you’re in the market for a report, I hope you’ll consider buying it here.I deliver quickly and these sales help support the site.

The Natal Chart Report is a great introduction to astrology and your personal chart. It’s an excellent study tool for beginners. It shows you what you should be considering in your chart.  You can read your report and also google the aspects for more info and really advance your understanding. See a sample report and order here – Natal Chart Report

The Progressed Chart report is great! It includes interpretation of your progressed ascendant along with the sign on each cusp and the placement of each planet. It also includes interpretation of the aspects between your natal and your progressed chart. You really can’t go wrong! See a sample report and order here – Progressed Chart Report

We continue to offer Solar and Lunar Return Reports and the popular Deluxe Transit Report, which provides a year of year of transit interpretation, personalized to your chart.

For people interested in synastry (the astrological study of relationships), we offer a Compatibility Report or a Composite Chart Report. You can also buy both these reports at a discount – Relationship Package.

We also offer an asteroid report. It includes interpretation of the twelve major asteroids in the chart, along Hekate, Flora and Chiron. See a sample of this exceptional report and buy yours here – Deluxe Asteroid Report.

Last, I’ve combined put two popular reports to come up with the Birthday Report Package.  It includes the Deluxe Transit Report and your Solar Return Report available together at a significant discount.

Thanks! We appreciate your business!


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