What If There Is Nothing In My 7th House?

projector oldI was working with a client this morning. Saturn is transiting her 7th house. She’s learning about projection. It brought this series to mind. Enjoy!

There were a lot of questions on the 1 Minute Video: Astrology – Psychology, The 7th House And Projection In Relationship where I talked about the phenomena of how the 7th house gets projected in love relationships. I want to address these in a series.

jamie asks:

“What if you don’t have any in the 7th, Elsa? Aries is on my Desc. (I married an Aries Moon.)

If you don’t have anything in the seventh house you consider the sign on the cusp. Aries on the cusp of the seventh is akin to have Mars in the seventh house… PERIOD.

If you want more information you can look to the condition of Mars in your chart and so on. But to keep this simple, Aries on the cusp of the seventh = Mars in the seventh. Once you can understand and assimilate that, then go looking for more.

As an example, I am a Capricorn rising which puts Cancer on the seventh house cusp. This is akin to having the Moon in the seventh. My partner is emotional, needy, dependent. That’s not me or anything…

What sign is on the cusp of your 7th house? Can you see how you project these qualities onto the other?

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What If There Is Nothing In My 7th House? — 81 Comments

  1. Okay, now I’m dying to find out what’s in my 7th house . . . how can I? (Elsa, I’m sure you already told me . . . but how can I find out what qualities are specifically there)?

  2. Aries on my 7th house cusp. I always project this. I always see my partner as being brash, bold, impatient, a fighter. Whenever things are peaceful in the relationship, I do or say something to stir things up. I’m a “nice” Libra rising with a knack for instigating.
    It doesn’t help to have Aries on the 7th house cusp, and Mars in the 7th…
    I know I am projecting, because my BF hates fighting and wants peace. I’m the one who wants to spar. I think I need to take up some sort of martial activity so I don’t have to live this out in my relationships.

  3. The cusp of my 7th house is in Leo, so I love having dramatic and creative people around me. Also my partners are always seeking my attention, and I do love to stroke their egos and shower them with praise. The sun is in my first house though. Which I kind of still don’t always understand. So I think I need a partner who I can see myself in and they become the center of my life?

    What do you think? 7th house in Leo, natal sun in the 1st house in aquarius?

    Also my dad is a Leo and maybe I’d end up with someone like my father? It’s not uncommon.

  4. Also Elsa, what do you think about Juno signs? Do they really determine the type of person you might possibly marry? My Juno is square my sun, they say it’s not a likely chance with that placement, being opposed to marriage and all XD.

  5. Lord have mercy! I have an aggressive nature when it comes to relationships. I have been known to be the pursuer of one or two of them.LOL

    Most of my relationships, though, I have been the pursued. Soooooooooo, I actively pursue OR I am passive aggressive in relationships. Rather than OWN that energy I project it onto others which INVARIABLY leads to arguments, physical fisticuffs, and eventually seperation!!!
    So, I literally stir the “shit” if I do not own my 7th H Mars!
    Now let’s see where my Natal Mars is. AHH HA! IT is in the 10th H and in Leo. To me this says that I need to exert this energy through a career dealing with “creativity” or literally the act (Mars) of creating.
    Saturn in the 4th is oppossing my Mars so I am learning all about responsibility through creationism. Yep.

    The condition of me Mars is tragic; to say the least. He is squared and oppossed from all angles.

    Does this mean I’m repressing this energy and possibly allowing it to manifest in abhorrent ways? Hmmmmm….this is very interesting.

    It is a no brainer here. I have NEVER owned my Martian energy and have allowed, instead, for it to own me. ( 3 attempts on my life by ex husbands and my mother..oh, and not to mention that the medical community has made a “frankenstein” of me)….oh good lord!!! EPIPHANY TIME!!

    So 1+1 DOES really = 2! Oh, how obvious the “signs” are.

    Own my Mars and I can stop attracting it by projecting it?? Is this the answer to the equation?

    Elsa, you sly fox you. I love how you hand out shovels and picks (not to mention the occasional jackhammer!) here for free. Thank you. Love you!

  6. I have Scorpio on my 7th house cusp – no planets in my 7th house – so I guess I have Pluto ruling my 7th house. That would mean I like intensely powerful men – yikes!! I have to admit that I do give my power away in relationships. I’m old fashioned in that I like men who truly lead.

    My man has Mars in Scorpio – and I find him very sexy. I wouldn’t categorize our relationship as “intense”, although the sexual aspect is very intense. Unlike you and the soldier, we have never raised our voices or even really disagreed on much of anything in over a year together. I guess we manage to channel all the intensity into the bedroom (or wherever – I’m bad) and outside of that we are a very calm, agreeable couple. But when he kisses me, sparks fly. Are grandparents supposed to act like this??

  7. I have Chiron in the 7th in Taurus. And it’s trine Venus……….so that pretty much leaves me confused as hell. Help anyone?

  8. Hi Elsa, so I looked up my chart and it turns out I have 3 planets in the 7th house (Sag is the sign): Mars conjunct Uranus, and Saturn 6 degrees from the descendant! Other than being attracted to (much) older men, I also seem to have serious trust issues in my relationships…does that have anything to do with uranus here and a sense of uncertainty or insecurity? Oh wait, that might be because I’m a Pisces. Talk about being ridiculously passive aggressive 🙂

    In what ways could you imagine this playing out in my life that I might not even be aware of (since I’d be projecting…)?

  9. As I wrote in a previous comment, I have Pisces ruling my 7th. Neptune squares my Venus but has some supportive sextiles and trines my Mars, if I remember correctly.

    In my past I went for the low vibrational Neptunians, perhaps… I do like a man with spiritual concerns, but mainly I have had intense, more Plutonian couplings. Is this because of my first house moonpluto shooting its energy over to the 7th house? Scaring away that poor Piscean man?

  10. Aries on the 7th for me. First semi-boyfriend was an aries with aries mars who was obsessed with cars and looked like he’d been hit by one. The rest were “fighters”, sometimes needlessly opinionated, hyper or hyper-minded, always busy. The car/transportation theme comes up a lot. A few have been sort of rude, although I find direct rudeness hilarious, so…

    I tend to be the asshole in a pairing, though (not always, but usually). I don’t like to fight but I do like to be confrontational, go against the grain and pave my own way. And I get bored very easily. Though I have a lot of things in my chart suggesting otherwise, meaning I’m emotionally commital, I tend to not stick to anyone.

  11. Aquarius on the 7th house cusp, Mercury and Venus (in Equal houses) in the 7th.

    Yes, my partners tend to be intelligent, charming witty, and goodlooking 🙂

  12. Leo on the 7th. That makes so much sense! I hand over my 1st-house Sun to my men whether they deserve it or not, and my little identity gets quashed and dumped in a dark corner somewhere because Oh Look At Him Shine! Oh, this is so enlightening…

  13. Pisces retrograde (uh, what?) in my 7th. And it’s Saturn, which I thought meant I would marry late, but I was married and divorced twice by 38, so I don’t really get it.
    Maybe my Libra Venus was pushing things along? Anyway, still figuring out the projection thing. Hmm.

  14. Becca, I actually have Sag ASC but my Capricorn/Cancer are intercepted signs, which I can’t even explain except to say I have a Leo Saturn in my 7th…or 8th if you use the Koch system. I was told that by a professional astrologer and it is something I really need to study as the astro.com charts don’t always work for me.

    As for the Cancer on the cusp, that would essentially mean I have the Moon in my 7th…emotional? Needy? Moody?
    What disturbs me is that I have a 1st House Moon–a placement that can indicate a person is in NEED of emotional baby-ing! Furthermore, a 1st House Moon sets me up for all kinds of scenarios where people project onto me and I assume their emotions. It’s a lot better now that I learned astrology, though.

    I’ve had to really fight my ground with people in my life who come at me sideways, completely “out of the blue” asking me why I’m mad, or upset, and then INSISTING I am these things.

    So if the Moon is in my 7th and I am projecting all that? Whoa. I do know I am an extremely nurturing partner, so that part makes sense to me!

  15. Re: Juno (first I have heard of this asteroid — I’m still very new to astrology), it’s in my seventh house, where it joins my sun, Mercury, and Venus. It looks like I was practically born to be married doesn’t it?

  16. Hmm… my descendant is in Capricorn and my Juno is in Aries. For a Capricorn with Venus in Scorpio, I sure don’t like to be tied down very long… wonder why!!

  17. I’m lost on the projection thing, too. I’ve got an empty 7th house, and Pisces on the desc. so it amuses the hell out of me that I’m completely foggy here!

    I’m also finding it interesting that my current partner has Pisces Merc and Venus, and that my last serious partner before him had Pisces sun.

  18. Moon in 7h house Aquarius. I dunno what it means. Oddly enough, my mother had moon in Aquarius, and my oldest child also had 7th house Aquarius moon. My 2 girls and myself are all Leo rising. I remember that you have mentioned that certain patterns run in families.

  19. I still can’t really read my chart; at one point, it looked like I had leo in my 7th house, then it told me I had no planets there . . . hmm . . .

  20. Kashmiri, if you are sag asc then you must have gemini on 7th house cusp no? I have intercepted 1st/7th too so libra takes up most of it but virgo, even though its a late degree, is still the sign on the cusp. Actually saying that i think you may take both into consideration, so you’d have mercury/moon co ruling the 7th. Just to make it more complicated like.. 😉

  21. Ooh, just noticed on the other blog that you said you’ve dated men with a dead parent or sibling..that would fit the merc/moon combo and i think you said you had saturn there too..

  22. That’s interesting Avery that we have the same 7th house ruler and sun in the first house! I’d love to hear your experience with relationships!

    Re: Juno. Mine is in Scorpio in the 9th house. It sounds alot like I’d end up being committed to someone intense and secretive and possibly a foreigner or someone from a totally different background then myself. I’m currently dating a Sagg with a strong scorpio aspect to him, and I can’t seem to stay away. I’ve always been a commitment phobe, but Sun(self) square my Juno(Marriage) wants to rebel against his energy, but I love him to death. For once in my life I’m willing to commit. Those Juno signs are interesting. I need to explore it further.

  23. Lori, I don’t want to hog Elsa’s bandwidth by just yakking about my history, and I don’t know what her policy is on sharing e-mail addresses in the comments, but I would like to hear your experiences, too. Maybe we could find a way to talk about our stuff offline…

  24. Elsa, you said:

    “My partner is emotional, needy, dependent. That’s not me or anything…”

    Were you be facetious here????

    I’m confused now – am I supposed to be looking at what’s IN my 7th House AND what the cusp is?

    If so, how to integrate it is the key to something? WHAT?

  25. I have aries on the descendent, as well as chiron. My own mars is square saturn. My last bf had mars conjunct saturn. He hated to fight and was a cancer. I kind of bated him a lot. Eventually he was acting very arien. I then dated a man with moon in aries – I held back my frustrations with him – I wanted to go do stuff with him and he wanted to do it alone. He bought a motorcycle! He too had libra rising and aries ruling the descendent. Later he told me he just felt he wasn’t the man for me. I had no problem with his aries moon but he had saturn in cancer and I think he had issues with it. I’m communicating now with a man who has his NN in aries, and saturn in aries with jupiter in libra. Since reading this I’m noticing a theme with mars and saturn. But I’m not sure what I should do with it. Just acknowledge I want active men who won’t act? Lol. I also went out with an aries who’s saturn was in aries. For other reasons it didn’t work. But his aries-ness I didn’t mind a bit. He too seemed to end it because we fought. I considered it getting to know each other.

    Is it a good thing to date people who have similar charts to yourself? I’m a late libra rising and I’ve dated another libra rising and am communicating with a scorpio rising. Or is it better to look to people who are opposite rising?

  26. Z–god that does make sense, esp. with the dead sibling thing…According to Placidus I have Gemini in the 5th. I’m planning for a windfall this year and as soon as I do a professional consultation is in order…
    maybe it’s other houses that are intercepted, i’m one confused lady lol

  27. I have Sun in Cap & Capricorn rising, ruler of seventh (moon) in Pisces SQUARE Neptune… all my “relationships” have been either unrequited or “imaginary” (Neptune), that is, I tend to idealize (Pisces/Neptune) the object of my affection and any attempt I DO make at furthering the attachment generally ends up fizzling (Neptune) or I find out the other person is definitely not what they were supposed to be (Pisces/Neptune again!).

    Fortunately, I think I have been saved from entering into truly disastrous relationships by sevral factors:

    Cap sun in 12th trine Saturn in Taurus in the 5th – not exactly a fun, easy time of it, dating-wise, but good for introspection! Saturn also opposes Mars in Scorpio in the 11th… a real tug of war between desire and restraint – but Saturn (my sun & chart ruler) usually wins!

    I have tended to be attracted to men who seem shy and sweet (Cancer) but end up being rather emotionally crippled, if I may use that term.

    I do crave being nurtured (Cancer) or in turn, nurturing someone else, as I haven’t had too much of it in my lifetime.

    Complicating matters further my Uranus in Libra squares both my sun and ASC (and therefore the 7th cusp!). Many men I’m attracted to turn out to be gay or bisexual (Sun/Uranus).

    I also have a stellium in Scorp in the the 11th as well… I think I just value my independence (Uranus/Aquarius/11th) too much to waste my time on anything less than perfect (Pisces/Neptune again)! I can really call B.S. (Scorp) when I see it, even though my Pisces/Neptune energy has really burned me in the past (wishful thinking!).

    My latest “disaster” was a Cancer Man with Virgo rising. Moon in Virgo in the 1st, and Moon square Uranus in Sag. Capricorn Neptune (7th house ruler) in the 5th opposing his Cancer Sun/Mars conjunction in the tenth.

    Saturn in Scorp opposing his Taurus Venus/north node conjunction is a mirror of my own chart –
    Our Saturns are almost exactly conjunct the other’s Venus – and my Saturn/Mars opposition is right on his nodal axis – hellooooo karma…

    His Pluto in Scorp trines his Cancer Sun/Mars conjunction – and it all trines my Pisces MOON, which falls in, and is conjunct, his SEVENTH! His Neptune in Cap is conjunct my Mercury in the 12th (idealization/deception/hidden enemies, anyone?).

    We have/had a rather bizarre, push-pull, unspoken “thing” going on. I also think he is actually gay (see above) but hasn’t come to terms yet… thing is, I’d never minded, as it never felt like a sexual relationship but a deeply bonded one, in all other ways. As you can tell by the Saturn placements, there’s also a 14 year age gap!

    Even though I now know he is unhealthy for me, I still have a hard time completely letting GO. I’ve often wondered which one of us killed the other in a past life!

    Oh, the drama! I’m still alone, but I’m safe… and that’s perfectly okay with me! 🙂

    Thanks for the blog, Elsa, I really enjoy it – and your videos too!

  28. Ok kids. Here is a great key note for a possibly strong relationship.
    Like with Chinese Astrology, the elements are an essential tool for noticeable positive or negative Love Relationship aspects.

    So, lets say you have a sun and venus in cancer a water element sign; then you can have a good love relationship with someone who has their moon in another water sign such as scorpio.

    Better still is if the other person has a fire element sun and venus in Sag. AND your moon is in a fire sign like aries.

    The key is even more pronouncd when the degrees are a more precise trine (withn ten degrees.)

    We all hear about the relationship with mars and venus, sun and moon. But with all my years of experience this is a great combo!

  29. Jamy – If you want to send me your birth data (askelsa at gmail) I will post this question on the front of the blog where it will be seen and you can see what people have to say.. 🙂

  30. I have a moon in scorpio in the 7th house, and I am engaged to a woman who is very unpredictable sometimes. She has sagittarius in the 7th house and she seldom goes back and forth between being independent and being emotionally wrapped in the relationship. Its very hard to follow and very confusing because I feel if your in a relationship it is supposed to be emotionally CONSISTENT!! When I mention this point to her , she says why are you complaining?? This doesn’t happen ALL the time, be a man and get over it. She takes pride in her ability to be independent, and it drives me crazy when this happens. I makes me suspicious when she pushes me away like that, but she’s been pretty loyal and I would hate to accuse her of cheating…. Am I being to sensitive??

  31. huh i’m confused by all this cusp stuff… I don’t have anything in my seventh, sixth fifth or fourth house and four planets (sun, mercury, mars and venus)in my eighth.. Can anybody shed some light on what that means? I can’t really seem to figure it out.

  32. I’m a Cancer descendant, but also have Uranus and Pars Fortuna in the 7th, in Cancer. I’ve never lacked for friends, and sometimes not lacked for lovers. I’m a hopeless romantic, or else totally repulsed by my own poor prospects of finding a lasting relationship. I’ve read a lot about this placement of Uranus, it’s all about revolution and sudden changes, and, as per Elsa, eccentricity (electricity, too) in relationships. If this translates to inconstancy (or alternating current), that’s me AND my partners alright. I don’t know how much projection has to do with it.

  33. I just checked the Juno proposition in the charts of my 8 siblings (me, amateur astrologer). In 3 (4) out of 8, their natal Juno was in the spouse’s sun sign. (times 2 for one who’s been married twice. Counting all of the two time marriers, it brings the odds to 4 out of 12.)

    My Juno is in Leo. I love Leo’s and normally get along with them very well. But I’ve yet to meet one that I got excited about physically. Maybe that’s the spouse versus lover-on-the-side syndrome.

  34. I am a Sagittarius so I have the sun, Mercury and Pluto in my 7th house what does this mean(Gemini asc)?
    And also my girl freind is a Gemini .Does this help in any way?

    • I have Gem on the 7th house cusp (no planets). Same here. Or at least talkative ones. It used to be that because I don’t talk much I preferred people who could fill in the gaps. But now I’m getting very tired of not having space to talk! LOL! (I still don’t talk much, but as Pluto is about to retro over my natal Mercury that may change!)

  35. Brittany, all that 8th house energy means you love the darkside and have loads of resources that others don’t. Reminds me of a sign I saw once – Come on over to the darkside, we have cookies!!

  36. Elsa – I’m confused – help!

    I have “no” Planets in my 7th House. I’m a Libra/My Rising is in Leo….so I have Aquarius in my 7th house cusp? Is that what you mean? Confused…sorry….

    The question I really want to know is “what should I be looking for in my next partner?” If I get one…and does this mean I will never get married…what does it mean to have an empty house?

    I don’t understand this. : o ….yep, confused.

    Thank you.

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