Anorexia: Destiny, Deprivation and Privilege

hondurasI was talking to a friend today and anorexia came up. He is particularly sensitive around all these girls starving themselves…it distresses him greatly. He has a Taurus Moon and I wonder if this has something to do with it. The Moon is concerned with food of course and Taurus wants to be comfortable. But anyway, he spoke with me about this some years ago and it got me thinking. Thinking in astrology that is, because this is what I do.

I thought about people who grow up starving. And obviously this deprivation would show up in their chart. So what if there is something in your chart indicating this sort of experience, but you are born to privilege? Would you create the experience anyway? It seemed to me – yes. It seemed to me that this is exactly what is happening with these pro-ana-types.

And once on this bead I saw evidence everywhere. The chart WILL manifest.

For example, I thought of an old boyfriend of mine, from back when I was a very young. He grew up in Nicaragua, and he told me stories. He explained how terrifically poor people were there, but that he and his family were privileged. He attended a private school for example, a sanctuary in the middle of all this violence…all this fighting.

And one day, a little girl desperate for her life, tried to climb the fence of school to take refuge but she didn’t make it. Halfway up, she was shot and she fell dead on her side of the fence as he witnessed this. So just think about that. And compare to my own story.

I grew up starving, in America at a time when no one was going hungry. What the fuck? So he’s got everything he needs in a country that’s impoverished and I’ve got no breakfast, lunch or dinner in the richest country in the world.

And I look at these girls (and boys) who won’t eat…and I think of the children around the world who can’t eat and I can’t help but think they are simpatico. Starving is starving, yes? You are starving when you can’t eat and these girls can’t eat and it doesn’t really matter why. And I don’t have the charts of 100 anorexic girls but I bet they don’t have Taurus Moons with easy aspects, you know?

So what do you think? Why is anorexia so prevalent these days?



Anorexia: Destiny, Deprivation and Privilege — 11 Comments

  1. Hi there,

    Lovely blog.

    Re anorexia, it’s not so much about food, as about control and will – and so, for me, the fixed signs make more sense. And yes, Taurus moons can indeed be in charts of anorexics, because the need for control can, under stress, take over the need for the good, simple things in life. The person can fall into the shadow, and be consumed by a dark need will to exert control over one’s emotions and those around you. (Taurus Moon here, BTW!)

  2. Why is anorexia so prevalent these days? probably gonna piss someone off – but its real simple – we dont love our children – and for that matter we dont love ourselves either – in a deep and profound way – so it is all about love.
    ( taurus moon here as well)

  3. I agree with Dermod. It’s a control issue. When I lose control of much of my life,I can control what i put into my body. No one else can do this. Forcefeeding is impossible long term. Logic won’t work because control is most important.

    And they want to look like the models, actresses that are held up to them, not the female athletes or professional women.

    I don’t think it is a lack of love. I’ve seen anorexia in the most loving households.

  4. I don’t think it is a lack of love. It is a control thing as well as the way a brain is wired. My cousin says she always sees about 20lbs too much on her body. She is rail thin. Is is a chemical imbalance for some like her. As long as she takes her meds she is fine.

  5. Hi,
    I have a dear friend whose 15 year old daughter is battling this right now and she has 5 planets in Cap….she thinks she doesn’t deserve to eat…too many other people more worthy in the world. So I think the reasons may vary, but I’m with you Elsa, I’m thinking no easy aspects in their charts around this issue.

  6. I’ve had an episode of anorexia that lasted 2 weeks, and it began because i felt unworthy and it gave me a sense of being in control of my life. it happened at a very stressful time in my life, my father was having saturn conjunct his moon in the 8th house and his problems rubbed off in me, i don’t know what transits i had at the time except for saturn transiting the 6th house.
    i have a well aspected moon in sag (sextile mars and trine pluto), except for a conjunction to neptune. I have battled with excess weight all my life. So at this point i went to the other extreme. I think it goes alot deeper then the issues of confort that the taurus moon suggests.
    Usually both obesity and anorexia have to do with insecurities about becoming an adult and facing life. It makes more sense to me to connect these issues with saturn, fear, control, need for structure… anorexic girls are typically highly perfecionist, another saturn trait.

  7. One of my friends was anorexic for a while. She said that her life, because she was having multiple problems in home and school, was spiralling out of control and that this was something she could control.

  8. From what I’ve seen of it, anorexia seems often associated with issues of control – as others pointed out sometimes the only thing that can be controlled is the body and its owner becomes a tyrant.

    I’ve worked with people where anorexia followed on the heels of sexual abuse and anorexia was another attempt to put as much distance between that person and any reminders of their body and physicality.

    I’ve also seen anorexia frequently be related to issues with the mother – I think symbolically anorexia can be an attempt to get free of the mother and independent of her influence by rejecting food.

    I haven’t really made an in-depth study about it, but a few charts with powerful links between Moon-Saturn and/or Uranus and Pluto spring to mind.

    And hunger showing up in the chart is interesting. A few of the charts where I’ve seen it, Saturn seemed to be quite prominent (most frequently on the Ascendant).

    I’m curious about what kind of hunger signatures you have observed.

  9. I’m a litle late on this, but what the hell.

    I’ve personally noticed a lot of negative or strong pluto-moon aspects with women who have digestive/food issues. Sometimes I notice a venus connection, such as moon square venus or venus square pluto in the case of a couple of binge/purge type eaters. I’ve also noticed saturn in cancer (including stressful aspects to it) in people who are heavy but are incredibly afraid of food and seem to need to “control” their food intake as well as everyone else’s.

    My thoughts on anorexia is that it’s stupid. I live in america, the land of opportunity and all things done in excess. It’s one thing to have an allergy or to be disgusted by certain types of food or to attempt to be healthy or to simply not eat well because it takes too much time to make food (hey, sometimes you just get lazy), but to literally starve yourself… um, WHY? I don’t understand it in the least. There are much more constructive ways to control yourself and your environment. (said the scorpio moon conjunct jupiter conjunct pluto, all opposite venus in taurus). Yep…

    Projection, much?

  10. I know a -76 Sagittarius who’s been anorexic since around 1992. I believe she has a packed 2nd house. I also know a bulimic and suicidal drama-addict; she’s a -78 Cancer, and an -82 Cancer (Sun-Saturn square) who’s also an anorexic.

  11. recently a scientist studying brain patterns said that the left side brain seems overly active when anorexics are criticisng eitherr their own bodies or other peoples. they onlt seen the bits of the body they dislike and not the overall body which is a right brain function. L-R mind balancing techniques will help.

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