Astrology Of A Childhood Friend: Mr. Rogers

Mr. RogersLast night on the boards Nota posted a link to Mr. Rogers’ 1969 address to Congress, “Mr. Rogers Defending PBS”. That video always makes me cry as Mr. Rogers was a strong, loving influence in my life. Fred Rogers was a Presbyterian minister as well as a music major before he embarked on his career in television. Minister and musician are two callings closely associated with Pisces. Mr. Rogers was a Pisces sun, with his moon, Mercury and Venus there as well.

His sun-Uranus conjunction in the 11th house is reflective of his ground-breaking message being distributed to the masses through the electronic medium of the day, television. His Pluto and IC in Cancer aspect his Aquarian Mars and Pisces moon. He certainly seemed to have the need and ability to transform the collective in a parental way. With his Taurus rising he appeared a solid and appealing individual.

Many of us intuitively understand why we love Mr. Rogers. I’m just as interested in figuring out why he loved us, so much. The Pisces stellium in outer houses stands out, but I think the salient point may come from the ruler of Pisces, Neptune. From 1963 through 1977, Neptune went from 15 degress Scorpio to 15 degrees Sagittarius, his 7th house, the house ruled by Venus, the house of the other. Neptune is universal love. Venus’ house is where he translated universal love into a one on one experience for each individual child. He told each of us he loved us and asked us to be his neighbor.

Mr. Rogers’ show first aired in 1968. Children under 6, for a very long period, all had Neptune placements falling into Mr. Rogers’ 7th house. He showed us universal love. He loved us.

Did you watch Mr. Rogers as a child, or have chidren who did? How did he affect you? Can you see the astrology?


Astrology Of A Childhood Friend: Mr. Rogers — 20 Comments

  1. I used to tease my lil sister for watching so religiously. She would snap back at me fiercely like I had never seen. I never saw her like that. I knew there must be a reason. So, I watched and got hooked. As I grew into a teen, I admired Mr. Roger’s ability to be unashamedly kind and gentle. I wanted to be that way but knew I would get beat up in my neighborhood.

    So, I always dreamed of living in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. If cool is being totally congruent with how you are being, Mr. Roger’s was cool.

  2. I loved him, and so did my son. Not sure about the astrology – I just remember watching him every day after school, and that he had this calming, peaceful affect.

  3. Mr. Rogers was the first show my daughter watched as a toddler. He could hold her attention even when she was very, very small. She loved him! I will always have a soft spot for the man because of this and because of all the positive messages he gave to children throughout the years. ♥

  4. I loved Mr Rogers and Dr Suess! I still read/watch Dr Suess whenever it comes up. I guess I just always love that Pisces energy, so quirky yet warm and loving. I have my Pisces moon mom to thank for getting me very into those types of things. Also a shout-out to my Pisces mercury dad and Pisces moon lurver =P

  5. For a short time, I did some office work for Don Brockett (yes, that would be Chef Brockett), and Mr. Rogers would call on the phone all the time. It absolutely made my day when I heard his voice! Seriously, it made the whole day better no matter what was going on. He was the best!

  6. Funny that you picked that picture, I used to get mad at the end when he would change his shoes..

    He filled the void I had as a child and spoke directly to my 1st house Neptune & 7th house Venus. <3

  7. I attribute Mr. Roger’s loving communication to large groups of children to his exalted Pisces Venus conjunct Mercury in the 11th house(universality) opposing Neptune in the fifth (house of children and creativity). Neptune and Venus are in mutual reception.

    I adored Mr. Rogers as a child and watched him from when I was about 3 to 10 years old. When I heard that he had died, I started crying instantly. Mr. Rogers has three planets conjuncting three important house cusps or planets in my horoscope. If allow a 1-2 degree orb, he has planets sitting on three of my moon midpoints.

  8. Did you watch Mr. Rogers as a child, or have chidren who did?

    Yes I did, I wish he was still with us.

    How did he affect you?

    My philosophy for life, even though even I may not measure up to it, came allot from Mr Rogers. Of all the people put on the Earth he is probably my favorite.

    Can you see the astrology?

    Absolutely, especially Pisces

  9. I’m another one who cried when I learned Mr. Rogers had passed. I grew up watching him (born 1964, Pisces) and yes, he validated each and every one of us. Liked us just the way we were, and yup, that’s pretty much the only time I heard that, too.

    I am actually tearing up, just thinking about it. He even fed his fish in a caring, loving way!

  10. I’m a Pisces born in ’61 & I adored Mr. Rogers. Satori, if you had not posted this I probably would never confess, BUT… I used to watch the show at my grandmother’s house and I actually kept a sweater and shoes in her closet so I could change clothes when he did! A couple of my siblings, both earth signs and significantly older still tease me to this day about this!!

    Now learning his astrology for the first time, I think….no wonder..resonating with my own Pisces/Aquarius…. I was right on that train to Make-Belive-Land!!

    I think it might have also been my 6th house placements..sometimes a bit at odds with Pisces…that Mr. Rogers blended so well. There was routine, duty, and responsibility…but you could still sing, dream and love.

  11. The first fan letter I ever wrote was to Mr. Rogers. I was 5, and the signed photo and letter he sent is somewhere at my mom’s house. My mom is an early childhood specialist, and she has always said that Mr. Rogers’ pace was exactly right for preschoolers, that they really do think like that, at that speed. I look at the absolute garbage marketed to little kids now, how they’re targeted from infancy to build brand recognition and how the pacing of those “kid’s” shows actually contributes to ADD because it’s so fast that they disconnect from attending to it. It kind of makes me sick. I’m glad that he’s not here to see it. He was a real gift to us. And yes, I still have the Mr. Rogers Songbook!

  12. I was a kid who was mostly around adults and I liked television programs like 60 Minutes and Nova. I was raised in the mid 1970s and I have a memory of being for ed to watch Sesame Street when I was about four years old with the children near my age who belonged to the neighbor lady that was babysitting for me one afternoon while my mom was getting her hair done. I didn’t get it and I already knew how to read and do basic math…. I felt like the characters and human actors were acting weird and kind of…condescending. But whenever Mr. Rogers was on, I was glued to our tv set at home. He had a very unique gift for talking to children gently but not a hint of saccharine or dumbing down. Patient and enthusiastic. Kind. I was raised in the Neighborhood and I cried when he died. If you can find the YouTube video of Mr. Rogers receiving a lifetime achievement award and watch it with your eyes still dry by the end, you are bloodless.

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