Astrology, Movies And My Secret Life

mary poppins“You watched movies?” I asked the soldier this morning on the phone.

“Yeah, I saw 3 of them. Fell asleep for the last of them.”

“What movies?”

“Christmas-y ones.” He named two movies. I can’t remember which but both rated G. “And then I started watching Mary Poppins but I fell asleep for that one.”

“I watched movies too,” I said. “Not Christmas type – movies from my secret life instead.”

“Secret life?”

“Yeah, I was thinking about that last night. How most my life is secret from my blog and how my movies are secret from you. I sure hide a lot from people.”

“Why is that, P? Why do you keep your movies secret from me?”

“You don’t want to see what I want to see.”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t. How do you know? You don’t know what I’m watching here.”

“Well what are you watching?”

“My kind of movies. I like your movies too but I also like other stuff. It’s not weird or anything just the regular psycho-social stuff I like. The things I am interested in.”

brokeback mountain“I am interested in… what did you say? Psycho-social stuff. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You are not going to want to watch this stuff,” I said. You are not watching a movie that is focused on gay men for example where I am going to want to see something like that.”

“Like Brokeback Mountain? Yeah, I would not want to see that.”

‘Exactly. I like that kind of thing and I like other stuff too. I like lots of double cross and betrayal type movies. I love movies that are tricky and intricate and maybe dark but I can’t see watching one of them with you. It’s just not your thing. I could just hear your comments and I guess that’s the thing. I don’t want to hear comments. I just want to watch the movie so this is what I am doing. I am watching all the movies I want to see but will never see with you and I don’t think this is a problem.”

“You don’t?”

“No. There are things you want to watch I am not interested in like that sticky whatever. Those fighting videos you were scanning awhile back. I am not interested in watching something like that and there are other things you might be interested in that I would never be interested in. For example, you may in your life shoot a deer. You may hunt but am I going to shoot a deer and gut it?”

“Probably not. Okay, P. You watch your secret movies and your gay movies and your whatever movies you want to watch but I’ll watch the sappy ones with you, okay? I do want to see those.”

“Yeah okay, sounds good. War and sappy for you.”

“Yeah. War and sappy for me.”

“And buffet for me.”

What kind of movies do you like? Can you see the preference in your chart?

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Astrology, Movies And My Secret Life — 22 Comments

  1. Pan’s Labriynth, Communion, Stargate, Lady Jane, Lion In Winter, Born Into the Brothels, Water, Maria Full of Grace, The Killing Fields, Amazing Grace, Dragonfly, Mothman Prophecies,The Messenger, Tsunami(Part 1&2) and if I’m honest (even though I abhor even the idea of war) Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Behind Enemy Lines and Platoon.

    Mars in Leo on the Midheaven. Valor through conflict. Slaying Metaphoric “dragons”. Fighting other people’s battles. Truth and Integrity.(Mars in Leo Opposition Saturn in Aquarius).
    Then I have a Venus/Moon/Neptune smash up in Scorpio that is drawn to intense personal drama and an unquenchable desire for life experience in it’s purest form.

    Good question, Elsa. I never really thought about the Astrology of my preferences in entertainment.

  2. My all time favorite movies are a Quebecois called ‘Possible Wolds’ (about alternate Universes, also a murder mystery) and The Wizard of Oz. (Venus trine Neptune).
    I really enjoy movies that are set anywhere foreign (ie. not North America, though I don’t count Mexico in this). Must be my Sagittarius ASC and 9th House signature.
    I love betrayal types with complicated emotional issues–nuanced is best, not overt emotionalism. (Scorpio MC opposed Taurus Sun)The Lives of Others–German movie that won the Oscar for best foreign movie) fit this bill perfectly, as did Lust Caution.

    I have to admit, for a Neptunian type like myself, just being in a theatre is a thrill and I’ve thought plenty of movies were great just by virtue of my seeing it in the theatre!

  3. Wizard of Oz! That was one of the movies the soldier watched last night that I’d forgotten. It struck me all the movies were highly fantasy / escape. 🙂

  4. I like fantasy movies, historical dramas (especially adaptations of Jane Austen novels), old swashbucklers with lots of sword fighting, and old comedies with lots of snappy banter. I like some action thrillers, but others are too stupid. Can’t stand most of what passes for comedy these days.

  5. Ohhh, I love movies, you shouldn’t have gotten me started. I recently had to cancel my Netflix subscription due to money issues and it near broke my damn heart! I especially like that ones that eff you up inside, the ones that are about dark things, twisted things, the things that make you uncomfortable and make you think. I’ve found that Asian films really satisfy that desire in me (Audition or Oldboy anyone?), but I love all foreign films. European films are the kinds that make you think and are more subtle. I LOVE silents and Golden Age Hollywood. Charlie Chaplin is still one of my obsessions and TCM is constantly on my TV. However, Sound of Music is my all time favorite movie which is so freaking Pisces it makes me barf in my mouth. I cry every time. And sing the songs. And mouth along with the dialog. And swoon over Captain Von Trapp. *sigh* Fantasy will always be my favorite, any kind of escapism or “dreams”. But then the next day I’m watching Eraserhead of Cannibal Holocaust…so go figure.

    I’m not sure where to look for my varied taste in films but I think Pluto in the third may have something to do with it. Mercury square Uranus also says to me the seeking out of the unconventional and challenging the “rules” of what is acceptable. I’ve also heard that those of us with Virgo moons have a slightly perverted streak which could explain my penchant for “darker” films.

  6. I like fun loud science fiction adventure movies, thrillers, mystery and suspense. I like British farces, unconventional romances (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), stylized hipster films (The Royal Tenenbaums), and even the occasional romantic comedy (Reese Witherspoon is a weakness, because she excels at verbal sparring — moon trine Mars?). I won’t watch horror films (The Ring) because they spook the hell out of me.

    I avoid anything that fails to challenge me or seems too conventional (Aquarius rising) — I think Adam Sandler is a hack and so is Will Ferrell. I don’t understand why Rob Schneider has a career. And I don’t enjoy films that treat women as pretty, tolerant, inoffensive plot devices — which many of these “frat boy” films seem to do (I don’t know where that, astrologically, comes from. I’m a feminist and I think it’s bad for the culture as a whole, especially female adolescents. Oh, that must be Aquarius again).

    Errr, sorry about the laundry list. Mainly, I seem to be drawn to original, interesting, involving stories with layers (Blade Runner), rather than purely visuals or environments (I don’t respond to artsy films in which nothing happens and nobody solves anything. I’m sorry, French cinema).

  7. I definitely noticed your keeping your life secret from the blog, Elsa. You keep saying that difficult things are going on in your life but never really talk about them. Plus you keep your music tastes secret. I remember the reason you gave for that. It’s because it’s precious to you right?
    I know it’s kind of trivial and unfeeling to say it but.. I’m curious about what you’re keeping secret! 🙂 I’m especially curious about your past and your book.

    I notice that a lot of people mention movie topics that they like. I wonder if they’ve gotten over the whole “what you should like/watch” thing. I really want to see a lot of classic (Golden Age of Hollywood/silent) movies and other types of classics (i.e. bone up on the Italian/French New Wave, Kurosawa, Bergman, Tarkovsky..), basically I long to start auditing film history courses again. I want to swallow up/gain a solid footing in all of what I “should” see. And I mean EVERYTHING I should see or the complete history of any movie I research. Even old Bollywood films. Nonetheless, for some reason I procrastinate/balk at watching “serious” movies particularly those of Ingmar Bergman and feel like I have to be forced to. This is partly because when I contemplate seeing them, I feel so bad that I haven’t started getting a background in them earlier and have only cracked a dent so I refrain from doing it. That’s part of it anyway. I even had to force myself to see Annie Hall. In that case, the movie was sacred to me.

    I’ve made some friends that are discriminating film snobs. It makes me embarrassed because I like some of the indie lite movies that are getting popularized now like Amelie, Cyclo, L’Auberge Espagnole, Chacun Cherche Son Chat (I am kind of addicted to Cedric Klapisch, even if I think that the movie is dumb when I watch it all over again). I also watch a lot of romantic comedies on tv from the very crappy to the decent. I worry that I will like anything dumb that has mass appeal (to women), especially series television like Sex and the City which I consider poorly done/written.

    I am really sensitive to color scheme (particularly reds and greens) and cinematography, I like the movie’s environment. Sometimes in the case of liking Amelie, Delicatessen..I worry that my sense of color is cheap. The movies I rewatch usually have an environment that opens up to a vision of the world that I like and have a color scheme that I like to immerse myself in. I also love movies with a beautiful sense of history/culture. Particularly ones that portray rock or youth culture and the seedy life. I am completely attracted to darkness/seediness: drugs, drag queens, suicide, sex crimes, crime in general (postsecret simultaneously repels and attracts me).. I loved seeing the drag queen’s room in Kinky Boots even though it was a bad movie.

  8. love this topic!
    the cancer/merc retro in cancer part of me loves historical dramas, especially english
    i once went through a Fassbinder ‘bender’ I called it, and saw every film at a festival….hopelessness, darkness, secret lives….it’s all there.
    platoon is one of my favorite movies. pluto sq. moon draws me to holocaust drama, i think….mostly documentaries. I love to see people in extreme situations.
    also, there was a time when I watched GWTW every day for like two months — then I moved home to the South. after the movie, I like to start over and see everyone fresh and Scarlett blissfully unaware, and watch the culture be destroyed again…maybe it was healing for my southern soul to see this, even though it’s a charicature, i still love the movie.
    ghost stories like the Others feed my neptune scorpio in 9th, moon on IC. pisces rising loves baraka, microcosmos.
    but I’m a huge jim carrey fan. i’m all over the map, just like my chart….but go in mostly for drama.
    Happy Holidays, Elsa!

  9. My favorite movie of all time is Vita ¨ bella, La (Life is beautiful). The triumph of romantic and familial love amidst Nazi horror. Capricorn sun/mars/venus trine virgo pluto and sextile scorpio neptune. A close second is what at first glance seems to be a silly Bill Murray movie, Ground Hog Day. But for me it is a cleverly disguised metaphor for life on this earth. Living the same day over and over until we get it right…loving each other, developing our individual gifts and offering them up.

  10. High Plains Drifter is my favorite movie. I like spaghetti westerns. I chalk this up to my Aries Moon/Jupiter, 7th house Mars. I like the idea of defending honor, taking care of business, and riding off into the sunset. And Clint Eastwood rides the most magnificent horse in High Plains Drifter.

  11. heh, my Aries likes all the same movies as the Soldier . . . sappy! He like musicals like South Pacific and I don’t.

    My tastes are more eclectic and darker. Fantasy, SciFi, murder mysteries, some Westerns (the Lonesome Dove series is one we both liked). Oh, I do love a great horse movie like Seabiscuit – must be my Venus in Sagittarius. 🙂

  12. The soldier like Lonesome Dove. he thinks he is Gus and I am the Anjelica Huston character who he loves. We actually caught the end of that movie in the ice storm, couple weeks ago and Anjelica goes up to the other ranger and starts cussing him for taking Gus’s body.

    “Here comes Elsa to bitch him out,” the soldier said.

    She says, “I despise you!”

    “Listen to her<" the soldier said. "And look at him. Nobody talks to a ranger like that but she just did...' A few minutes later, that show ended and the "Nanny" came on. "Here comes the Jewish Elsa P," he said. I just shake my head at this stuff.

  13. That’s funny, Elsa. I’d like to see what you two would wear to a costume ball or come-as-you-were party.

    As for favorite movies: for the longest time mine was _Lawrence of Arabia_, which probably relates to my Leo Mars/Venus squaring Scorpio Neptune and Sag descendent. Exotic setting! Derring-do! Cast of thousands! And a seriously gorgeous Leo man….both Peter O’Toole and TE Lawrence, interestingly.

  14. Ooooh I love this question!

    I have venus in libra so I like a little bit of eveything but I my venus is conjunct pluto and saturn in the 8th trine my mars neptune conjunction.

    I love undertones, I love scary movies, I love psycho thrillers (Perfect Stranger, Dejuv’, Gothika, Gossip)real life dramas (Crash, American Beauty) I am a hopeless romantic but I love romantic tradgey, someone has to die for love,an all consuming transcendent love (Romeo & Juliet, Tristan and Isolt, Titantic, Cruel Intentions)I have a packed 8th house…I just love dark undertones and I love a good hero (braveheart, spiderman, harry potter)

  15. Does no one like sports movies? I like movies with underdogs who overcome the odds and/or where people compete fiercely. Anyone else?

  16. Oh, my man loves sports movies! Anything about the underdog winning in the end, that’s his thing. Although, I have to admit, I like it too: The Sandlot, Longest Yard, Drumline, Lean on Me… it’s all good. 🙂 My favorites, though, are the ones that keep you guessing and if the end isn’t “pretty” I’m hooked! E.g. Fallen, 16 Blocks, Frailty, The Ring, We Own the Night, No Country for Old Men. *le sigh*
    I keep wanting to see the movie that you wrote about for a long time, E, that the AMF (I think?) recommended to you. Moon Dogs, maybe? *shrug* I remember you writing about how everyone who watched it identified you with a different female character. Now that I have Netflix, I’d like to find it. 🙂

  17. SaDiablo, “Lawn Dogs” was one but the one you are talking about is “Bagdad Cafe”. Astrologer cf perez and the AMF thought I was the pissed off marsy woman, Scott thought I was the ethereal / sad / happy / magic woman in that movie.

    All three of them were right… but it sure was a shock when Scott came up with that.

    Both movies are great (I think). In Lawn Dogs I would be the little girl (Mischa Barton when she was ten or so, i was told and yeah. I could totally see how the comparison was made. The gal in lawn dogs is also very marsy… and er… various other sundries. 😉

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