Astrology Lessons – Get Questions Answered!

Virgo catHow do I know where a transit or a new or full moon lands in my chart? This is by far, the most common question that is asked on this site. I’m just off the phone with a gal. She’s been trying to figure this our and she wanted to understand this once and for all!

We got the phone and I readily taught her to read her chart (and everyone else’s) in just a few minutes. Mystery solved!  You can imagine how this knowledge will catapult her in her studies.

A lot of people have learned astrology me over the last twenty years. Countless people… many have their own practices. I don’t know why I have never offered this before!  If you want to learn astrology and you are stuck and possibly afraid of asking stupid questions; you do not have to stay that way.  I will be happy to get on the phone with you and demystify this process!

I know how hard it is so learn astrology. You’ve got to jam it all in your head and then hope and pray it gels in some way.  Well it does gel. It will gel. And this will happen a lot faster if someone gets you over the blocks that come up along the way.

I live and breathe astrology. I’ve started with it when I was 8 years old. It is completely baked into my being. If you want to take a giant leap in your studies, get on the phone with me.  We’ll each have your chart in hand. The charts will match.  I will answer any question you have and teach you, right there, on the spot, to read your chart!  

You will get off the phone with a clear head, a plan to carry on your learning, and a recording of the call, in case you need to go back. Best of all, you won’t come to this site (or any other) dogged with the questions that bog you down and prevent you from breaking through for months if not years.

You can learn and I can help!  Quit struggling and suffering and breaking your brain! Leap ahead now!



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  1. I love the term ‘stop breaking your brain’ – it’s funny cause it’s true ?

    When you start learning astrology it’s like a learning a new language while at the same time trying to learn math.

    I would not know where my asteo knowledge had been today if I hadn’t found this site as well as had my chart read by different astrologers. Teach you lots, does it!

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