Astrology Is Not Therapy, Plus There Is No Retainer… Hooray!

Lots of comments on today’s provocative consultation testimonial. I added mine and I wanted to elaborate. From the comments..

One thing, is if you are the type that intimidates people (not that she is, this is not personal to Dina) or someone who routinely dominates all interactions, I will stand up to you which can be shocking. However if I don’t do it the client will get nothing from the consultation and that is not acceptable to me.

I learned this by consulting astrologers myself. I would pay them – do all the talking / dominate and then get off the phone thinking it was all a waste of time… not only mine but theirs too.

Based on this, I go out of my way to get real information to a person that will impact and assist them and there are times I have to fight to do it. But as for being brutal in my communications… I don’t think this is the case.

I am built for intimacy and partnering and have a different persona 1 on 1 then I do on my public blog. I am actually what you might call… nice.

I want to point out that astrology is NOT therapy at least not in my view. I went to therapy on a weekly basis for 3 years, 20 years ago. I had an excellent experience however the astrology consultation is a different animal.

The pace is the main difference. In therapy there is typically a commitment over months or years where a relationships forms, trust is built and so forth. You can trust your astrologer too but it is more like going to see a wizard.

Typically, I have 30 minutes to get something across. People have a problem or they have a question and they want it solved – NOW. They want a keen eye, or an objective point of view. They want an edge or some kind of insight and if you are me then you deliver.

Sometimes I get to be very reassuring but other times I am required to communicate something difficult and unlike a therapist I cannot break it to you over a matter or weeks or months. My job is to answer the question the best I can in the time you allow me and at this I am very good.

This does not mean I do not build relationships or work with people in depth because I do that as well. But a large portion of my work is this hot shot kind of stuff and I LOVE IT.

I love it because I would like this service myself. I would love to be able to pay an attorney for 45 minutes of their best expertise rather than be asked for a $2500 retainer!! I would love to be able to pay for just what I want or feel I need without any extraneous crap. I actually bill by the minute, do you all know that? I am sure are regulars who will attest.

For example some gal (and there is more than one) calls because she is into with her lover and if I don’t get her calmed down she is going to blow their whole romantic weekend. 9 minutes later her head is on straight… tell me that is not priceless.

I will save your job, your marriage, your weekend and your mind… if it is at all possible and I will do it swiftly. I will never tell you any crap – ever – . I will not waste your time or do anything but try to support your happiness and independence which means you will never get a “you need me” message from me and that in itself is empowering.

I know people are afraid of me but I am not sure why. The attorney trying to sign you up for a fat fee should make you nervous. The one willing meet with you for 15 minutes, no strings attached should reassure provided they have experience and a reputation which I have in spades.

Last, I just want to say I have a happy time working with people. I see them go from perennially single to having a baby. I see them start university… and finish. I see them face hardship, survive and thrive. I see them go from no hope to hope, from all knotted up to loose as a goose and I am just going to keep doing this – that is all.

Same with this blog. I am going to keep the lights on here to the best of my ability for as long as I can. Little Match Girl, I think she is real.



Astrology Is Not Therapy, Plus There Is No Retainer… Hooray! — 12 Comments

  1. “I know people are afraid of me but I am not sure why.”

    Because you’re real, Elsa. This can be pretty confronting to a person who believes she is like the velveteen rabbit before he was loved into being real.

    Everything you said about your style and ability as an astrologer (or human being) is true. I want to reflect my authentic self, too. The good news is I have a friend and teacher who’s willing to speak the truth which then inspires me to resolve or avoid my own self defeating dramas. Invaluable!

    Personal freedom is not for the faint of heart.

    Thanks again.

  2. “I know people are afraid of me but I am not sure why.”

    I was afraid of you and had to read here for awhile just to make sure that the bluntness was sincere and helpful not mean. Because everyday out in the world someone has something blunt and mean to say. Hope that makes sense.

  3. Cherie – thanks. Tam – I understand. This blog is 2 dimensional and a person picks up the mars Mercury in my chart big time. It’s my way of communicating, not my heart. If I post without a pic – forget about it. The videos save the day because it’s pretty clear I am human in them.

    I am glad you posted. It’s a reminder how important it is I put up those vids…

    Just another thing to do. Damn Saturn in Virgo, I think I better put up a song!

  4. re: you will never t a “you need me” message from me

    I think the keyboard ate a couple of letters 😉

  5. There’s no wonder why you’ve been my side-bar link right from the get go. I’ve been counseled by very caring women (never shrinks!) and one of them has been you. The long term and the quick shot/continuing blog cons round out my support net. What really works today is to read your descriptive self and feel the vibe that gets at my git-along. My counselor wrote to ME today asking for a way to read my latest book. Now that makes a therapeutic relationship feel really good. Hahaha … Elsa you are a wizard and DITTO “I think the Match Girl is real”, too.


  6. Eh, it’s not so much afraid so much as having huge doubts about the problem being fixable. I mean, if the #1 thing that is going to “fix” me is getting a man and I can’t find one on my own, that’s pretty well beyond the scope of an astrological consultation anyway. Now, if I was in a relationship, yeah, I think Elsa could help fix that. But I think some problems aren’t really fixable via consultation. Sigh.

  7. I work much better without bullshit. Just get to the point – that’s me in real life. It’s amazing how many people are threatened by that… that seem to like wading in bs. Just get in, get it resolved, get out. I’ve always loved your style. 🙂

  8. “One thing, is if you are the type that intimidates people (not that she is, this is not personal to Dina)”

    Did I miss something? Where is this from?

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