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 Frederick WoodruffYesterday was a lot of fun. I was talking to, Mr. Frederick Woodruff, about men and women and astrology.  We’re both career astrologers, with practices we’ve sustained for decades.

Mr. Woodruff crafted an article around our conversation. If you’re not familiar with his work, I know you’ll like it. His voice is unique. His writing is elevated but easily accessible.

If you’re interested in men and women, sexuality, astrology consulting and conferences, it doesn’t get better than this…

Thanks, Frederick!


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  1. Laughing my head off. Linda Goodman;s “Sun Signs” is not actually that far off base, it is just filtered through a very American middle-class midcentury lens, which makes it seem very fusty and musty nowadays.

    Women do have Mars energy, and it is not by any means to be sniffed at. Mars is Mars. I will bet my Mars in Scorpio against all comers. I will win. 🙂

    • Right, you def have to read Goodman through the lens of her cultural moment.

      Still, her insights into each sign were groundbreaking; there wasn’t much detailed psychological interpretation happening in popular astrology. Most delineation was colored by old school rules and markers.

      She changed that by introducing nuance, variation and personal observations into the mix.

      • Excuse me sir. Are all human beings born with “free will” and have complete control of their actions and Destiny? Please allow Frederick to answer this.

        • That’s an odd non sequitor, not sure what it’s in ref to—uhm, I have no idea if people have free will (as being an ultimate absolute authority)

          In my experience there is no such thing ultimately as free will as there are no separate objects or ‘cause and effect’ events within the totality of existence — but that’s simply my opinion.

          • On your website, you identify yourself as an expert on Fourth Way Gurdjieff work. Could I repost my question asking you to wear that that?

            • That’s your word: “expert” — not mine.

              I’ve never presented myself as being other than a long-time student of Gurdjieff. Not sure anyone other than Gurdjieff was an expert of his system.

              Don’t understand the question, asking me to “wear that that”…

              • Maurice Nicoll is the most renown expert on the Gurdjieff work. In fact, I have just taken delivery of Dr Nicoll’s complete set of commentaries on the work. It was a very expensive set of European imported books. Any, nice to meet you online Mr Woodruff.

  2. Great article!

    This was personally very timely in reminding me how men and women are wired differently.

    “…heterosexual men, are often trained to be ‘fixers’” is exactly what my SO has been trying to do with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that hit on the work front – modern male’s competing ground [insert eye roll emoji here!]. So when I read this, I realized that amidst the aftermath of last week’s chaos I had forgotten about his Mars – surprise, surprise Mars Return is around the corner. I can’t wait for this because the old Mars Return seems to be having a hard time with Saturn-Pluto, while the new one looks to transform the energy into a useful building block – fix it!

    p.s. I loved the caftan’s subtle statement of a Y-chromosome, and the rather provocative looking Virgo painting.

  3. The Sun and the Black Moon now seem more significant than Mars and Venus when it comes to integrating Male and Female energies.

    • I also feel that 2020 is an important year in the ever evolving process of “integrating Male and Female energies” as you pointed out, largely because Venus, Mars and Lilith have significant journeys this year;

      Venus – retrogrades in Gemini and unlike the last time in 2012 and 2004 this time she will exact conjunct the Sun – I believe this is a rare occurrence in the Pentagram Cycle(?) and all the while t.North Node will be at a critical degree, 29 Gemini.

      Mars – retrogrades in Aries, spending 6 months in this sign from July-Dec, the last time Mars spent this amount of time in his home sign was in 1988.

      Lilith – will reach the end of her 9 year cycle later this month when she hits 29 Pisces. In Aries perhaps she will become more visible, maybe less of an enigma and more active. There are several times during the year when Lilith conjuncts BML, but when Lilith/BML conjunct Mars in Aries at 22 degrees in August, this should be a very interesting time. We are all familiar with 22 degrees – I’m not talking about the Numerology significance, but rather the recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn. Also in August, Pluto will be minutes away in a tight square to the Lilith/BML/Mars consortium.

  4. I have always wondered about what Linda Goodman meant about Aquarius male when she writes at the end of the description of Aquarius male in Sun Signs “Be careful, you can get lost out there in Wonderland.”

    She doesn’t explain what this means. I’ve pondered it for years!

    I’d love Elsa’s or anyone’s opinion on this!

    Thank you

      • Thank you for replying Osiris wife. Sorry to be obtuse, but what would going down a rabbit hole with an Aquarius male mean? How would it manifest? I’ve thought about it a lot but I can’t work it out.

        If one was in a relationship with an Aquarius male, how would going down a rabbit hole manifest?

        Would we shut the doors, never see people or socialise? Or does it mean I would follow the Aquarius male to strange places at my detriment?


        • It could be all of those things, more or none.

          It’s Uranian energy so it’s likely that there will be different twists and turns, surprises, new endeavors, fast past developments, excitement, sudden independence, changes, an entry into the unknown aka “down a rabbit hole” etc. I think whether any of this is specifically to your “detriment” would depend on your chart and/or how the Aquarian male’s chart interacts with yours.

          • Hi – thank you. I mentioned the word ‘detriment’ because Linda Goodman said it as if it were a warning. She says life with an Aquarian man can be exciting and fun etc, but to ‘be careful’.

            I’m just wondering – careful of what? Getting lost in Wonderland sounds more serious than going down a rabbit hole of twists and turns (to me)…

            • …but then again she is referring to Alice so maybe it does just mean a relationship with an Aquarius man is full of twists and turns…

        • I think because aquarius is also Saturn ruled, be careful of the “mean” streak. Saturn is not benefic, like Jupiter, venus and Neptune? Maybe down the rabbit hole, because you may go through some crazy situations: they LOVE to create drama but don’t like drama. I know it’s strange. but that makes more sense than anything. They love their family and friends, so be good to their friends and family, because it may seem like you come 2nd place to them when in the romantic department. that’s my observation in a few of them. or those with very significant aquarius in their chart. it seems to be consistent.

          • Absolutely spot on – I’m married to one and he’s just as you describe! It’s a constant lesson in learning how to be detached and not take things personally!

            • aww I admire your strength to keep going^^
              you gotta detach, come back down, detach, but stay with them. be kind and sweet, because they react sweetly to that a lot; and it’s odd but if they create the drama, they might call you the “drama queen” too. thus their opposition (Leo) drama ;D

              • Ah yes, so true! Luckily my stellium in Sagittarius gives my Aquarius husband a taste of his own medicine now and then when necessary! 😉

      • Until I began actually living with wild rabbits my interpretation of “going down the rabbit hole” would have continued to take an Alice view. But my experience changes now as I live with how Rabbit, Hare and the mythological messages of an Aquarius male might mean. I don’t identify as male, but have a Progressed Aquarius Sun, at 72. I think the twists and turns of a ‘rabbit hole’ in my personal myth is nuanced and multiplicity is more than possible.

        Love this Elsa and Frederick. A great added twist for 2020! Thanks.

  5. Hi Elsa,

    Just read the article where you mention an example where you once had transiting Mars stuck in your natal 7th house for months due to retrograde motion. This year I will have the same thing happen to me but Mars is my 7th house ruler. Is that supposed to be a good thing for me considering I am single and would like to meet somebody? Thank you

  6. What a pleasant read!. I remember when I was a kid discovering Linda Goodman sun signs on my parents book shelf. Needless to say, I couldn’t put it down. Considering it only covered our sun it was very comprehensive and a great introduction.

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