Workshop For Beginners: “Super Leo” – Leo Rising, Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon

Workshop for BeginnersToday’s Key Concept – The Sun
When someone asks you “What’s your sign?” They are referring to the sign your SUN is in. The Sun is the first thing we learn in astrology. One reason for that is it’s the easiest part of the chart to look up without an ephemeris. Just look in any newspaper. You can easily determine “your sign.” from the short list of dates provided in the horoscope section. Another more important reason is the Sun represents the core self, the ego, the identity. When looking at a chart for the first time, the best place to start is by locating the Sun. The SIGN tells us about our natural capabilities and HOW we shine. The HOUSE tells us WHERE we express ourselves. The glyph for the Sun is a circle with a dot in the center. The dot is the heart.

So now, lets take a look at today’s chart. Just try to follow along for now. We’ve got ten charts to do, so more will get explained eventually.

Chart 1CHART I (click on chart for a larger image)

First let’s look at the placements of the Ascendant, Sun and Moon individually.

Ascendant (aka “the Rising Sign”) – 11 degrees Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun. So we say that this is a Sun ruled chart. This gives this person an overall warm-hearted, glowing energy. Leo Rising people tend to have fantastic hair. They look good in sunglasses and can rock dramatically arched eyebrows.

The Sun – Leo in the 1st House
Wow! More Leo. This person is very dramatic. Leo has a HUGE HEART and a HUGE EGO. What determines their character is which one they allow to dominate. The 1st house is the most straight forward, what-you-see-is-what-you-get house. It is also, the self image. So this person really IDENTIFIES with descriptions of Leo.

The Moon – Aquarius 7th House
This is a Moon that NEEDS space and freedom to experiment. The 7th house represents YOU in RELATION to your partner. It does not represent your partner. To see your partner, look at your partner’s chart. This is YOUR chart. This applies to all types of relationships, not just romantic. So, an Aquarius Moon here seeks a nurturing relationship but one that does not confine and allows freedom to be an individual.

Hey, Can you Guess who else has this Combination of Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Leo Ascendant?

Rita PavoneItalian rock n’ roll icon Rita Pavone! Here’s she is singing the can’t get it out of your head diddy “My Name is Potato.”

Now I’m going to hand it over to Satori whose going to show you how to mash it all together into a single astrological portrait…

Once you’ve identified and investigated the sign and house placement of the Sun, Moon and rising you will have a feel for the person’s general overall flavor. Here the Sun in Leo and the ruler of the chart are the same. Not only does this mean this person will express their ego and outer personlity in a very Leo manner, regal, dramatic, generous, fun-loving, but they agree! That kind of harmony is no small blessing.

Having identified the primary qualities of the 7th house Aquarius Moon, expressing a need for innovation, quirk and electric emotional intelligence through partnering, you look for ways in which to connect the three to create a unified portrait of a unique individual.

Here you have a warm, Leo-weighted expression of self, balanced in opposition to a cool, intellectual heart that needs the other. What you’re seeing here is an opposition. The aspect is called an opposition because the qualities of each planet are at odds. With the weight on the Leo side and the outer expression it’s likely this person will openly express their Leo.

Expression of planets in the 7th is often projected onto the other, the partner, particularly when that planet is involved in an opposition where the other planet is more easily embraced. Extra attention should be paid to this moon. Its needs are valid and if not consciously internalized and equally satisfied could easily upset the apple cart of this person’s life.

And now, heeeeeeeeere’s Dixie with a special tarot reading for this chart.

Knight of Wands Reversed

With all your center stage Leo, you are a fire that burns bright! People are drawn to your light, but at times it’s tiring for you and others dealing with the heat you generate. Step back to share the stage–others won’t manage it as deftly, but it’s generous (Leo) and amplifies the impact of your energy like a light being bounced off multiple mirrors. Do some ensemble pieces. Your Aquarius moon will appreciate the freedom from having to carry the whole show, and you’ll be rewarded with more creative ideas as a result of balancing your own energy with diverse sources.

Now it’s your turn. Got a question? Ask away. Anything in common with this chart? Tells us all about it. Itching to show off your skills? Give us your reading. This is your workshop. Have fun!


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  1. @denise serafini

    “I’d say this person is very strong willed, independent and likes to shine.”

    Yes, that’s a good description of me. 🙂 Although as I’ve gotten older I tend to avoid the limelight unless I’m certain it will be positive. There’s is nothing I hate more than negative attention.

  2. Swooner, the Sun’s natural house is the 5th house, so you would get a playful fun loving expression of whatever the ruling planet is. The sun in the natural house of the ruling planet would illuminate that area for that person even more.

  3. @shakti

    re: “(Venus conjunct Pluto –are your moves big ones like cross country-continent and/or changes of lifestyle or more like moving across the street?)”

    I lived in seven states in nine years, at 12 different addresses. That’s just since grad school, so all up to me. (Also many moves between birth and age 11 via my parents and then quite a few between 18 and 24 but probably typical for a college age person).

    However, three years ago I moved to a city close to where I grew up and I’d be thrilled to never move again. I guess I finally found home!

  4. @Nota

    Thank you. This is really helpful to me in trying to understand house and planet energies a bit better.

    I think that moon glyph in the 5th for this chart is Lilith? Would that give the person a more playful fun loving Lilith expression? Would it give another layer to the ASC due to the Sun being in the 1st conjunct ASC by being in the Sun’s natural house or would you need an aspect between them to get that?

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