Workshop For Beginners: “Super Leo” – Leo Rising, Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon

Workshop for BeginnersToday’s Key Concept – The Sun
When someone asks you “What’s your sign?” They are referring to the sign your SUN is in. The Sun is the first thing we learn in astrology. One reason for that is it’s the easiest part of the chart to look up without an ephemeris. Just look in any newspaper. You can easily determine “your sign.” from the short list of dates provided in the horoscope section. Another more important reason is the Sun represents the core self, the ego, the identity. When looking at a chart for the first time, the best place to start is by locating the Sun. The SIGN tells us about our natural capabilities and HOW we shine. The HOUSE tells us WHERE we express ourselves. The glyph for the Sun is a circle with a dot in the center. The dot is the heart.

So now, lets take a look at today’s chart. Just try to follow along for now. We’ve got ten charts to do, so more will get explained eventually.

Chart 1CHART I (click on chart for a larger image)

First let’s look at the placements of the Ascendant, Sun and Moon individually.

Ascendant (aka “the Rising Sign”) – 11 degrees Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun. So we say that this is a Sun ruled chart. This gives this person an overall warm-hearted, glowing energy. Leo Rising people tend to have fantastic hair. They look good in sunglasses and can rock dramatically arched eyebrows.

The Sun – Leo in the 1st House
Wow! More Leo. This person is very dramatic. Leo has a HUGE HEART and a HUGE EGO. What determines their character is which one they allow to dominate. The 1st house is the most straight forward, what-you-see-is-what-you-get house. It is also, the self image. So this person really IDENTIFIES with descriptions of Leo.

The Moon – Aquarius 7th House
This is a Moon that NEEDS space and freedom to experiment. The 7th house represents YOU in RELATION to your partner. It does not represent your partner. To see your partner, look at your partner’s chart. This is YOUR chart. This applies to all types of relationships, not just romantic. So, an Aquarius Moon here seeks a nurturing relationship but one that does not confine and allows freedom to be an individual.

Hey, Can you Guess who else has this Combination of Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Leo Ascendant?

Rita PavoneItalian rock n’ roll icon Rita Pavone! Here’s she is singing the can’t get it out of your head diddy “My Name is Potato.”

Now I’m going to hand it over to Satori whose going to show you how to mash it all together into a single astrological portrait…

Once you’ve identified and investigated the sign and house placement of the Sun, Moon and rising you will have a feel for the person’s general overall flavor. Here the Sun in Leo and the ruler of the chart are the same. Not only does this mean this person will express their ego and outer personlity in a very Leo manner, regal, dramatic, generous, fun-loving, but they agree! That kind of harmony is no small blessing.

Having identified the primary qualities of the 7th house Aquarius Moon, expressing a need for innovation, quirk and electric emotional intelligence through partnering, you look for ways in which to connect the three to create a unified portrait of a unique individual.

Here you have a warm, Leo-weighted expression of self, balanced in opposition to a cool, intellectual heart that needs the other. What you’re seeing here is an opposition. The aspect is called an opposition because the qualities of each planet are at odds. With the weight on the Leo side and the outer expression it’s likely this person will openly express their Leo.

Expression of planets in the 7th is often projected onto the other, the partner, particularly when that planet is involved in an opposition where the other planet is more easily embraced. Extra attention should be paid to this moon. Its needs are valid and if not consciously internalized and equally satisfied could easily upset the apple cart of this person’s life.

And now, heeeeeeeeere’s Dixie with a special tarot reading for this chart.

Knight of Wands Reversed

With all your center stage Leo, you are a fire that burns bright! People are drawn to your light, but at times it’s tiring for you and others dealing with the heat you generate. Step back to share the stage–others won’t manage it as deftly, but it’s generous (Leo) and amplifies the impact of your energy like a light being bounced off multiple mirrors. Do some ensemble pieces. Your Aquarius moon will appreciate the freedom from having to carry the whole show, and you’ll be rewarded with more creative ideas as a result of balancing your own energy with diverse sources.

Now it’s your turn. Got a question? Ask away. Anything in common with this chart? Tells us all about it. Itching to show off your skills? Give us your reading. This is your workshop. Have fun!



Workshop For Beginners: “Super Leo” – Leo Rising, Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon — 106 Comments

  1. It seems to me there is alot of lingo and jargon that overlaps and can be used to mean the same things. Maybe you guys could touch on that a bit over the next 10 charts. I know that is part of where I get hung up.

  2. I get very confused with 1st house and ASC.

    When I read in general the characteristics of a house – I never understand where I am supposed to start from.

    How does house characteristics realate –

    For example, I am Leo, with ASC Scorp.

    Leo is the 5th house – but in chart reading it says my Leo is in the 10th house ??

  3. ok, inner transition-
    Leo is the “natural sign ruler” of the fifth house. This is a general association to give an idea of what type of energy is associated with that house.

    Not everyone has that as the cusp of their fifth. The signs of the houses are different for everyone depending on where thr ascendant is.

    So, In your chart, Start in Scorpio and count around to ten and you get Leo.

  4. Oki so then If say someones (hypothetical) chart started at say 0 or 1 degree Aries. (this would as far as I understand would be the “beginning” of the natural chart)
    Since all the houses are falling in the natural order for that hypotheitical person, would their chart expression be easier on them.

    (does this question make sense outside my head?)

  5. The Ascendant, aka “rising sign” is marked by the horizontal line on the left side of the chart.

    That line is the beginning of the 1st house.

    The next line (going counter clockwise) is the beginning of the 2nd house. The houses are marked around the chart counter clockwise. 2, 3, 4 …etc.

  6. Is this a bit like two halves.

    The charateristics of 5th house which represents Leo(like flowing hair and big eyes) as one half

    and then other half – as where my ASC started Leo gets shoved to the 10th house

    For example, I look like a Leo, but do tend to have an awful lot a Scorpio (ASC). But with Leo now in the 10th – I am very business minded

    I am the sort to learn by example, so looking forward to see what Q&A come forward to explain the chart you are using …

  7. nota would this extent to how the persons life actually played out

    hypothetically… what I mean to say is if Aries naturally wants to be in the first house, but say the individual chart says Aries is the 8th house, is there a “tug” that the planets would play out in the individual life? (more so than would play out in an Aries first house “natural” setup?)

  8. momma, yes and no…
    This is one reason we look at the rising sign, to determine the layout of the houses, which YES gives the individual a specific energy pattern.

    But I wouldn’t say Aries “wants” to be the first house. Having a chart closer to what we call “the natural chart” does not predispose an individual to an easier life or anything like that.

    The “Natural Chart” where the Signs and Houses match up is just a concept.

  9. Momma and Inner, what you’re getting into is actually pretty advanced. If you want to understand the houses, begin at the beginning. Get a solid understanding of what the Rising sign means.

    When you know the Rising sign, you can calibrate the whole chart from there.

  10. I think this is my chart. 🙂

    Very interesting. I look forward to learning more and it is fun to start with my own chart (is that my Leo showing?)

    As an aside, my hair is possibly my worst physical feature. 🙁 It’s naturally very blond so I guess that makes it unique, but no one would ever describe it as fantastic. In fact, I was once told that a guy I liked had said about me: “she’d be cute if only she had better hair.” Anyway… Even astrology can’t overcome genetics…

  11. Something I’ve noticed, Leo rising people do have a cat like quality. Sometimes its in the face, like the nose is short and cute or its in the walk, very prancy.
    I have Leo rising too, I feel like this a lot.

  12. Ah yes, I am definitely “crazy haired” but I will save that for the beauty forum!

    I have a question about degrees. You mention Ascendant at 11 degrees Leo. What impact do the degrees have?

  13. Well, if you’re using equal houses, like we are here, than 11 is your magic number. The cusp of all your subsequent houses will be at 11 degrees of whatever sign.

  14. First consider the sign. This is going to tell you the most about the nature of the Sun. Then consider the house. Then look at any aspects to the Sun.

    I think aspects can tell more than just the house, but its easier to understand if you know the house first, because you can see WHERE the energy is likely to manifest.

  15. Is the Sun in the 1st house because it is the same sign as the Ascendant? If Ascendant was Leo and Sun was Virgo would Sun be in the 2nd house (Libra 3rd, etc.)?

  16. This is weir4ed because I’m pretty sure the Man in my life (form whom I’m currently yet again detaching) has exactly this set of major planets. so I’ve been studying this particular combination very hard for the last two months, trying to make sense of the way he is.

    I can’t be certain of his Asc but by spending hours inputting all feasible combinations I think it’s most likely he is double Leo. He is certainly Leo Sun / Aquarius moon, and this is a very tricky mix even without any further difficult placings… When younger he did have terrific hair! – Dark blond with highlights, very thick and glossy and manelike, growing back from a ‘widow’s peak’

    I have to say Nota that maybe because I’m so used to looking at Astrodienst charts now, I find this one very schematic and difficult to ‘visualise’ – it’s not easy for a novice to get a feel off it. Can you give us a link to an Astrodienst version please?

  17. Jennifer,
    The sun is in the first house because it falls between the ascendant and the cusp of the 2nd house.

    Remember that 11 degrees is the magic number for the cusps in this chart. The Sun is 20 degrees Leo. So that is in the 1st house.

    So if the Sun was, for example 4 degrees Virgo it would still be in the first house. If it was 20 degrees Virgo it would fall in the second.

  18. Hi there, I’m confused by this statement:

    Here the Sun in Leo and the ruler of the chart are the same.

    okay the person’s sun is in Leo, and that’s the ruler of the chart because they are a Leo… so the chart ruler is in their natural home, is that what you mean?

    So say a person’s sun was in Taurus, the chart ruler would be Venus, and Venus might be anywhere, say in Virgo, which would not be Venus’ natural home…? So the ruler of the chart is not at home…??


  19. mebeme,
    The chart ruler is actually determined by the rising sign.
    So this person’s rising sign is Leo, which makes the ruler the sun. It just so happens the sun is in the same sign.

    So your example is close, but its the rising sign to consider, not the sun.

  20. If the rising sign is…
    Aries, the ruler is Mars.
    Taurus, the ruler is Venus.
    Gemini, the ruler is Mercury.
    Cancer, the ruler is the Moon.
    Leo, the ruler is the Sun.
    Virgo, the ruler is Mercury.
    Libra, the ruler is Venus.
    Scorpio, the ruler is Pluto (with Mars as co-ruler)
    Sagittarius, the ruler is Jupiter.
    Capricorn, the ruler is Saturn.
    Aquarius, the ruler is Uranus (with Saturn as the co-ruler)
    Pisces, the ruler is Neptune (with Jupiter as the co-ruler)

  21. The chart ruler gives the chart an overall flavor.
    So this chart had an overall solar type of energy. with the ruling planet in its home sign, that feeling is reinforced.

    If the chart ruler were in a different sign, you would still have the overall feel of the rising sign but with some undertones of the sign/house the ruler is in.

  22. What sticks out to me about this chart is that all the three major points (Sun, Moon and Rising) are in fixed signs. With Mars also in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius too, I would expect it to manifest quite strongly. Someone who’s quite stable and not prone to sudden changes and changing their opinion on things. I probably noticed it because I have the same, all three major points in fixed signs and Venus in Taurus too, so majority of the personal planets in fixed signs.

  23. Example, Dixie has Leo rising. That makes her ruling planet the Sun. Her sun is in Virgo.
    So she has an overall sunny type of disposition but it is one that is exacting, analytical, discriminating. She can spot that smudge on your face, and she’ll wipe it off for you with a big silly smile. Get it?

  24. Scorpiomoongirl, Great point.
    Looking for patterns like a predominance of a certain “quality” (cardinal, fixed or mutable) helps to get a feel for the chart.

  25. ScorpioMoonGirl, interesting observation. I have changed my location numerous times, and am only now going on three years in the same house – a record since I lived with my parents in high school (I’m 37). However, I’ve held the same opinion on many things – political and social issues, for example – for over 30 years. Yes, I had opinions on national and world events at 5 years old. 🙂

  26. as we just passed the full moon, here’s an interesting thing for beginners to note: when you see the sun and moon in opposition like this it tells you the person was born at the full moon. when they are in conjunction (close to each other) they were born at the new moon!

  27. Request – could someone please list what signs are fixed, what mutable and so on? I get very very confused on that stuff too. And thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a million thanks!

  28. The cardinal signs are – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

    The fixed signs are – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

    The mutable signs are – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

    These meaning of these will be treated more in depth in later posts.

  29. yes, Jennifer aspects will be treated as a key topic in upcoming lessons.

    But for now…

    Conjunct means two planets are very close to each other. The energy of these planets blend and form a unit in the chart.

    Trine means two planets are 120 degrees apart. If you draw a line between them, they make one side of a triangle. This is known as an “easy” aspect. it means the energies of the two planets involved flow freely. Sometimes this is good, other times it can exacerbate a situation.

    Square means two planets are 90 degrees apart. If you draw a line between them, it makes one side of a square. This is known as a “hard” aspect. the energy of the planets involved are grinding against each other. This creates friction, but sometimes you need friction if you want to make a fire.

  30. this is so wonderful! thanks for your patience with all these questions. Astrology has always been confusing to me and this helps a lot! will check back later!

  31. Example, you have a conjunction in your chart between the moon and Jupiter. See how they are close together.

    Jupiter gives the moon emotional buoyancy. You may also tend to exaggerate when your in a mood.

    And the moon gives Jupiter a sensitive side making you generous toward those in need.

  32. What exactly does the rising sign SAY? I’ve heard it described as “what people see you as” (but I’ve heard that for the midheaven too), “how you start things”, “your mask” and “your physical appearance”.

    Is the Ascendant/beginning of the house like a brick wall with a checkpoint and a forcefield or an itty bitty fence with a short moving sidewalk?

    For example: Are you counting the Sun being conjunct the ascendant, and if so, are you interpreting Mercury as being conjunct the ascendant in this chart to get a super vocal super Leo with a Leo mask?

  33. I learned to remember which signs were what when I figured out they’re in fours, a square for each set. Three sets of squares in order.

    here’s a mnemonic device for remembering the order of Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable… CFM, Care For Me. If you remember the zodiac starts with Aries, you can figure out the property of any sign, Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable… repeat.

  34. Great reading Shakti!

    The Ascendant is how people see up UP CLOSE. Like you say, “your mask.”

    The Midheaven is how people see you from FAR AWAY. It is what you are famous for or your career. It is “your flag.”

  35. Related to music4am’s question, in an equal house system, what, if any, significance is attached to the fact that the MC sometimes appears in the 9th house or 11th house, and often doesn’t match the cusp of the 10th house?
    In this chart the MC is in the 9th house.

  36. opposition is the name of the “aspect” (a term for a specific relation, governed by degrees). the aspect of opposition is 180 degrees (give or take a few, how few or how many varies from astrologer to astrologer). so literally it is opposite.

    figuratively, if the planets are in opposition across signs that oppose each other (you could have examples where this is not true, given planets at the beginning or ending of signs) opposing signs are characterized by qualities which are the flip side of each other. for example, Aries focuses on the self while Libra focuses on the other: opposite, yet related in their opposition.

    personally, I allow up to ten degrees for aspects with the sun and moon, seven degrees for slower moving planets. I have subsets of rules for my rules, but that gets too complicated for a general explanation.

  37. Thanks Dixie :o),
    I’ll look into the links and the various others I will no doubt find and “springboard” to from there.

  38. On a personal note regarding house systems…
    I have used Placidus for years. I find a lot of significance in intercepted houses. I like the idea that people born at extreme latitudes have differently balanced lives.
    However, in the past couple of years, I have started pulling equal house charts in addition to placidus, especially to look at the MC/IC.

    I think that house systems are a very PERSONAL choice. It is like when you go to the optometrist and they say “A or B? which is clearer?” These things are just lenses to view the chart through, so you need to tinker around with them and figure out for yourself which one is clearer.

  39. With Jupiter conjunct the moon in the 7th, does this mean this person would also project a 6th house flavored Jupiter on the partner? Also, does the moon need to be active in the 6th house as well? I.e. The moon needs to serve others?

    What about planets conjunct the descendant but in the 6th? Do they blend with the ruler of the 7th house cusp when looking at the 7th house?

    Haha, I have a lot of questions :P. Thanks the the awesome series! :]
    Haha, I have a lot of questions :P. Thanks for the awesome series. :]

  40. Wow! I’m finding some great info on the house systems, will definitely need more time to keep researching this. I’m am also very interested in the answer to Shakti’s question in post #69 (about how the mc works when it’s no on the 10th cusp in equal houses).

  41. This is fun!!! Thanks for doing this class;-)
    My question has to do with the placement of the Sun on the Descendant…how does that manifest?

    If the Sun is who we are at our core and it’s opposing how the world sees us, then does that mean we would be at odds with ourself somehow??

    In relation, I’ve read that opposite signs can be considered each other’s “compliment”, so I assume this also plays into the meaning as well?

  42. It’s neat seeing the Sun sextile Uranus here, it sort of supports the Moon in Aquarius flavor. To me it’s as if it adds some more Aquarian sprinkles to the personality.

    The fixed t-square also stood out to me (to those who can’t see it, Mars in Taurus in 9th is square both Mercury in Leo in 12th and Jupiter in Aquarius in 6th; Those two planets being squared, Mercury and Jupiter, are also in opposition to each other). Neat how the apex (Mars) is right in a house with the sign it rules on the cusp!

  43. @brem0036: I don’t know if this will help to illuminate for you the sun on the dsc but here goes.. I have an Aries friend and she has asc in libra and her sun is conjunct the descendant. Her nature is very contradictory as I have observed. ie. she is always trying to find her identity but she feels that she can never form an opinion about ANYTHING without talking to another person (though i think she is quite opinionated. She is extremely self-sufficient and capable but doesn’t like to be alone because she feels “lost” otherwise. I think with the sun on the dsc, you have to look at the pair of opposite signs and what each sign means in relation to the other. In my friend’s case, i feel that she identifies herself through others. The external world is extremely important (ie. beings outside and other than her own self) in the development of her self identity. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a self identity (even though it’s what she feels and claims), in fact, her need to identify her self is extremely important to her. So in her case, what people see from her asc is a very talkative individual that loves to share her personal stories with complete strangers! But she is not doing it to please others, she’s doing it to make sense and realize her own identity.
    Hope this helped!

  44. I see the nodes in the 5th and 11th house. leo-aquarius energy repeated!

    With the moon in aquarius conjunct jupiter, would she have an easier time bouncing back and detaching from whatever leo issues that may exert a stress on the moon from her sun? Though on second thought, that may be the exact reason her sun might get upset lol…

  45. nota, satori and dixie! thanks for the awesome post!!!

    with the asc. and sun both in leo… would you say that the “mask” is more like… maybelline flawless foundation? XD

  46. I have a question Nota. With Pisces as my rising, two ruling planets are given, Neptune and Jupiter as the co-ruler. Can you explain how that would play out to me? My Jupiter is in Leo in the 6th. (I use Placidus with intercepted signs, whole houses didn’t really seem to fit me) This is a personal question, but Pisces isn’t the only sign with a co-ruler, so maybe others could use the information too.

  47. My best friend is the exact opposite of this chart in that her Sun/ASC are in Aquarius and Moon in Leo and I’ve noticed that she can never make a decision. She’s worse than a Libra, but it’s not about fairness, she just can’t make up her mind about what she wants which is very frustrating for everyone around her. I’m wondering if this person has felt the same.

  48. Wow! Trying to keep up here. What is Placidus? And if the sun and rising are same sign this means what u see is what u get? So this person is Leo inside and outside? With Aquarius moon it’s like a trinity of fixed signs. And I think both are masculine energy. So just jumping in here, I’d say this person is very strong willed, independent and likes to shine.

  49. @mebeme

    “So say a person’s sun was in Taurus, the chart ruler would be Venus, and Venus might be anywhere, say in Virgo, which would not be Venus’ natural home…? So the ruler of the chart is not at home…??”

    I just wanted to point out that venus cant’t be just anywhere. venus is never more than 48 degrees from the sun,.. So it would be impossible to have a taurus sun with a venus in virgo, they are too far apart.

    @lotion: ah that describes me puuurfectly. I have leo rising(same degree as this chart actually) and sun in aquarius conjunct the descendant. Who am I!?!?? is a constant issue for me and it reallyyy doesnt help that I have a libra moon. Mirror reflecting mirror reflecting… ?

    Thank you guys for doing this. I’m learning a lot just by seeing the chart in a non-astrodienst style. usually when its not in that format i just give up lol.

  50. Ohhh, I have more questions.

    Would planets in aspect with the chart ruler give undertones to the overall chart too?

    Also, would planets in aspect with the ascendant give undertones to the overall chart?

  51. I thought I’d give some examples to make the questions and answers clearer for everyone…

    The Sun is the chart-ruler with Uranus sextile, would this give the chart a Uranian undertone?

    The chart is solar-ruled, but would it have a mercurial undertone because Mercury conjuncts the Ascendant?

  52. @Jennifer:
    “I have changed my location numerous times, and am only now going on three years in the same house – a record since I lived with my parents in high school (I’m 37). However, I’ve held the same opinion on many things – political and social issues, for example – for over 30 years. Yes, I had opinions on national and world events at 5 years old.”

    That’s exactly what I mean. My best friend once told another person who was trying to convince me about something: “Don’t bother! She has made up her mind, and that means she will keep her opinion, you’re wasting your time. She has decided already.”

    That’s what I meant – your core beliefs and values and opinions are mostly set, and you’re not likely to change them just because someone tries to change your mind. Especially so with the Sun in your first house. You are who you are and nothing will easily sway that.

    As for the frequent changes of residence, I don’t know… Scorpio on the cusp of 4th house is also fixed but the house contains Sag Neptune, so maybe that means some restlessness and confusion over where you want to live. I am not sure, maybe someone more experienced can comment on it.

  53. The fixed t-square also stood out to me (to those who can’t see it, Mars in Taurus in 9th is square both Mercury in Leo in 12th and Jupiter in Aquarius in 6th; Those two planets being squared, Mercury and Jupiter, are also in opposition to each other). Neat how the apex (Mars) is right in a house with the sign it rules on the cusp!

    Sometime I hear people say a certain transit will activate their t square. Does the t square ever remain dormant or is it always active due to faster moving planets aspecting one of planets involved even in harmonious aspect?

    And does the intensity of the reaction of the t square change depending on the transit that one of the planets gets. so is it more severe if the t square is activated by venus or by pluto.
    This workshop is great! Thanks all 🙂

  54. @Jennifer, @Scorpiomoongirl

    Here’s where what you decide is the cusp of the 4th house matters. The 4th house rules your home, early life and beginnings. Is 4th house cusp 11 degrees Scorpio, or is it opposite the MC (the IC at 26 Libra?) I looked at the planets in the house and the aspects to the ruler of the house but I couldn’t find anything which said –“Moves a lot!” I see some intensity about your roots either way. (Venus conjunct Pluto –are your moves big ones like cross country-continent and/or changes of lifestyle or more like moving across the street?) However, using the orbs for conjunctions, Uranus is within orb to conjunct the IC. Uranus conjuncting the IC can mean unusual circumstances growing up, or lots of moves.

  55. Wow, ok we got a bunch of questions since I last checked so I’m going to go through and try to answer as many as I can tonight.

    Please don’t take it personally if your gets missed. There’s a lot to cover here. Keep in mind we have 9 more charts to go in this series, so there will be plenty of time to address a wide variety of topics.

  56. Teresina (comment 77,

    Yes, you could expect to see qualities of a sixth house Jupiter projected.
    However, I would read the moon as still 7th house-y. It does not dip down into the 6th house like that.

    Planets in conjunction that straddle a house cusp are significant. They are like having a storefront on a corner. You get traffic from two streets.

  57. Eccentric Virgo, Yes. More “Aquarius Sprinkles” I like that. That sort of associative thinking is exactly what you need to synthesize chart reading.

    For everyone, Even if you don’t know exactly what something means, letting your eyes flow all over the chart, look at patterns and make associations will help you. The more charts you look at, the patterns you start to recognize. “oh hey, Bob and Dan both have X, Y and Z, Steve has X and Y but with Q thrown in.”

    Things will start to stand out to you, just like Eccentric Virgo said the T-squre “stood out.”

  58. Vahcombusta, Nice catch. Yes, thats right Venus cannot be that far from the Sun.

    Something to consider when you meet someone and they tell you their sign. You can mentally narrow down their possible Venus position to two signs before or after their Sun.

    Same goes for Mercury. Mercury is either the sign before, the same sign or the sign after the Sun.

  59. @Nota – thanks for the reply! 🙂 I’m at the point in my astrology knowledge where I’m ready to synthesize charts – I’ve had all the pieces now for a few years! 🙂 I’m glad me pointing out patterns is handy to teaching others too, it’s my fave part when I first see a chart.

  60. Oh, what have I been missing while I was away! This is great!!

    I have a question regarding the Sun and AC.

    If the chart ruler is decided by what you have on the AC and the AC is how others see you (or your mask) what kind of effect would you get if the Sun is in the ruling planets natural house and the ruling planet is in the Suns natural house?

  61. @denise serafini

    “I’d say this person is very strong willed, independent and likes to shine.”

    Yes, that’s a good description of me. 🙂 Although as I’ve gotten older I tend to avoid the limelight unless I’m certain it will be positive. There’s is nothing I hate more than negative attention.

  62. Swooner, the Sun’s natural house is the 5th house, so you would get a playful fun loving expression of whatever the ruling planet is. The sun in the natural house of the ruling planet would illuminate that area for that person even more.

  63. @shakti

    re: “(Venus conjunct Pluto –are your moves big ones like cross country-continent and/or changes of lifestyle or more like moving across the street?)”

    I lived in seven states in nine years, at 12 different addresses. That’s just since grad school, so all up to me. (Also many moves between birth and age 11 via my parents and then quite a few between 18 and 24 but probably typical for a college age person).

    However, three years ago I moved to a city close to where I grew up and I’d be thrilled to never move again. I guess I finally found home!

  64. @Nota

    Thank you. This is really helpful to me in trying to understand house and planet energies a bit better.

    I think that moon glyph in the 5th for this chart is Lilith? Would that give the person a more playful fun loving Lilith expression? Would it give another layer to the ASC due to the Sun being in the 1st conjunct ASC by being in the Sun’s natural house or would you need an aspect between them to get that?

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