Astrology And Fashion: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, one of our most cherished actors, had Sun and Jupiter in Taurus. Although she was seen as one of the most glamorous actresses of our time, Audrey was always down to earth and a huge humanitarian. With Aquarius rising, Audrey came from the most humble and troubled childhood where she suffered, to be the most celebrated actress in her time at the top. Her Aquarius rising coupled with Pisces Moon in the first house led Audrey to remember the hardship of her youth and reach out to others all over the world who were suffering, by understanding their pain, sometimes, firsthand.

A Taurus often suffers from loss of the very basic needs in life at some time and Audrey is no exception. During WWII Audrey would starve and her health would suffer for the rest of her life because of it. Audrey never forgot her humble roots and worked tirelessly with UNICEF, eventually earning the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work. Audrey had Mars and Pluto in Cancer and she especially worked for the wellbeing of children all over the world for the very basic food, water, shelter and clothing.

She would want a family very much as many Cancers do and she broke off an engagement after learning her fiancé had a vasectomy. She would have two children in her life and stop working at one time in order to spend more time with them. Audrey suffered from miscarriages due to her poor health from her childhood and successfully gave birth through bed rest and C-section. With Saturn in its home in Capricorn in the 11th, Audrey was a leader of sorts when it came to her need to take responsibility for others’ needs, and she studied and worked very hard when taking on a role.

Audrey’s Venus and Uranus were in Aries giving her a strong sense of self and a leaning toward athletics that showed itself in her commitment to the study of ballet where she had great success. With Pisces Moon, a person would love the world of ballet and Audrey would have been a prima ballerina had her health held and had she stayed with it. Being a Taurus, however, caused Audrey to learn the value and need of hard work early in her life. She switched her performance goals to acting because it made the most sense and she needed to support her family. Although her father, a Nazi sympathizer, left the family when Audrey was young and stayed cold towards her all his life, she supported him financially. Understanding first the hardships of war and the need for very basic life sustaining things, Audrey would carry the experience of her hardship with her all her life and on her own, in a very Taurus way, she would find success and financial security and go on to try to provide it for others.

Audrey was, perhaps, the most successful when playing roles that were mirrors of her own experience in the way that they were “poor girl finds happiness and security” in such films as “My Fair Lady.” Being a dancer as well as an actor, Audrey often danced her own parts and tried to sing her own songs although the songs would often be done over by a singer. Audrey’s voice would be deemed not strong enough for the screen but some of her vocals remain in the films she did showing Audrey as a hard worker and a hands on type of actor.

Audrey found success first with movies such as “Roman Holiday” and “Sabrina.” She would continue to work toward security and support her family in very memorable films including “Funny Face” and “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.” Again, in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” Audrey would play a poor girl looking for security and success which was a familiar situation for her. With Sun and Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, Audrey was seen as very professional. She bonded with many of her co-stars but was out spoken about the fact that she felt that on-screen romances should be kept on screen. Cary Grant would often say, “All I want for Christmas is another role with Audrey Hepburn.”

Her Aquarius rising helping her dream big and expanded her life. At one point, Audrey would become the third actor to receive 1,000,000,000 for one role. The Academy Award would come to Audrey Hepburn fairly early in her career for the film “Roman Holiday,” but we must remember that her choice of acting was a practical one made because she had spent her life training for performance as a dancer, and she and her family felt acting was the fastest way for her to earn money when they were in bad times.

Often a Taurus will be forced into practical decisions for the purpose of survival and Audrey was no exception. She would always see acting as a job and a way for her to make a living while her heart would be with those who were suffering during war, after war or because they lived in countries that were barely surviving. Audrey’s heart was in helping those suffering with her Pisces Moon and Aquarius rising from the start because she began giving to UNICEF early in her career in 1950. Later in her life she would make a career out of helping those in places such as Asia, Africa and South America. With much Cancer in her chart as well, Audrey would focus many times on the children of these countries that were deprived and her friends say that Audrey was consumed with thoughts of those children who were dying or helpless. No doubt plagued by flashbacks of her youth and wanting to share with others, Audrey, who spoke seven languages, would travel extensively later in her life in her work as a Goodwill Ambassador. She would say, “The “Third World” is a term I don’t like very much, because we’re all one world. I want people to know that the largest part of humanity is suffering.” Given her chart with Saturn in the 10th in Capricorn, Sagittarius Midheaven, Aquarius Rising and placements in Cancer in the 5th, Audrey was born to care about others and saw this as her life’s work in her later years.

Audrey’s style is largely copied and much of her style came from the designer Givenchy with whom she worked closely and as a muse. Audrey was a true Taurus, however, and was quoted as saying she preferred casual and comfortable clothing. Never feeling very beautiful although being considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, Audrey, with the insecurity that can come with a Taurus Sun and Jupiter would say, “you can even say that I hated myself at certain periods. I was too fat, or maybe too tall, or maybe just plain ugly… you can say my definiteness comes from underlying feelings of insecurity and inferiority. I couldn’t conquer these feelings by being indecisive. I found the only way to get the better of them was by adopting a forceful, concentrative drive.” This quote shows us the deep Taurus nature of Audrey as well as the classic Venus in Aries reality of self. Often when one’s chart is full of fixed signs and one is bothered by feelings of inferiority they will adopt a “uniform” style of dressing that they know works very well for them and stay with it which is what Audrey did.

Being petit but tall, Audrey found she could pull off the small-waisted dresses she wore and the column gowns and suits with pencil skirts. Audrey would dress in what was best for her body and take advice from designers whose job it was to know how to best present her. When left to her own devices, Audrey would stay casual as Taurus prefers. We must remember that in Audrey’s time on the screen and in the public eye, actors were highly styled by professionals and went with what was recommended for them most of the time. Being a Taurus, we can assume that Audrey would insist on wearing comfortable clothing that she could move in and that she would not favor the overtly sexual looks that some actresses would wear. Audrey showed a conservative style in her lifetime and one that would work for her in all situations. Later in her life she would favor pencil-legged pants that had flat fronts with short sweaters that would give her freedom of movement in those countries that she visited. We can even find shots of Audrey in the more baggy style pant when working for UNICEF.

Being a trained dancer, Audrey would always carry herself with dignity which, as a dancer myself, I can tell you is the first thing we learn when studying ballet. Audrey wore gowns with great power and carriage which leant to her being on the “best dressed” list for many years. Lessons from Audrey’s style include her hair either being short or up because of her small features in order to show her face in the best way and allow her eyes to take center stage. With dark eyes and a pixie look, Audrey played up her eyes by keeping her eyebrows full and darkened all the time. She often wore her hair up to make the most of her dramatic look, and the Aquarius rising shows in her eyes which are pools and draw a person in.

In an era of a lot of black and white photography, Audrey had dark hair and so sported a look in black often. In doing so she came off as dramatic, which was the look of the times and often the look of the characters she played. Even in a nun’s habit, Audrey’s dark eyes are played up by the stark white and black look. Being a ballet dancer we can see she favored the classic ballet bun on her head when appearing on the red carpet which worked for her when placed high on her head and gave her head a more rounded look while also stretching her face to a better angle. Audrey’s bangs helped to feature her eyes as well. Audrey’s makeup was dramatic as well with liner on the top of her eyes to show their width while keeping her mouth a more natural shade as to not take away from her eyes.

Later, while working for UNICEF Audrey would wear the “Chanel type” suit that would flatter her small frame by having shorter jackets and pencil cut skirts. Always a small woman, she is said to have been starving when growing as a child and this affected her frame. Audrey made her small boned stature work for her by wearing fitted clothing and wearing color that would make her appear more bold and possibly give her confidence. She, herself, said she laced confidence in her look which, again, is common in dancers who are hard on themselves as they slave in front of a mirror trying to perfect their “lines.” Audrey’s styled look is iconic and is still seen today as a way to dress that is in great taste, and the cut of clothing she favored is still worn today in the same way. Audrey was a classic in many senses of the word as she dressed in a classic way and was a very class act!

What is your favorite Hepburn role and what do you like about Audrey’s style? Can you relate?


Astrology And Fashion: Audrey Hepburn — 8 Comments

  1. She was the epitome of grace, class, elegance and beauty. Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffinys were my favourites. She left our world far too soon.

  2. One of my absolute favorites– always wanted to be like her!! The clothes, the big eyes, the speaking different languages, being cute and feminine and able to mix with people high and low on the social scale– socially very much like Princess Diana, another favorite of mine.
    I’m glad we share a Pisces moon 🙂 Always seemed like a crappier moon than most, but I feel better now. (See, Audrey is making another person feel good, even when she’s not here! 🙂 ) I really love her.
    Thank you Annalisa!!

  3. She was the epitome of a Lady imo. I recall seeing her in a Unicef ad, I am not sure what her age would have been at that time, and she was even more beautiful than in her all made up Hollywood studio days. Her sincerity shined like a beacon.

  4. Amazing Lady. I loved all her movies but Roman Holiday is my favorite. Just last week I was watching her be interviewed by Phil Donahue. It’s on You Tube. She also loved animals, especially her dogs and said that walking them kept her slim.
    She talks about her childhood. Really well done. Sorry I don’t know how to send link.

  5. Thank you for this look into Audrey Hepburn! For whatever reason, I have trouble pinning down or understanding her, her style of acting, and her appeal. (Especially where her accent came from because she came from all these different places). I think it might be a synastry thing. My favorite movie of hers is Roman Holiday, it’s very good and she is natural, a close second is My Fair Lady which is a role that I think really hit home. Watching an interview of hers, she is very down to earth.

  6. I agree she is beautiful and incredibly classy. But I don’t understand all the fuss about her. I tried to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s but found it so boring I had to stop. And I like old movies! Cried with The Swan (with Grace Kelly).

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