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  1. I have Mars un Libra, in 12th – pretty lame, I guess. Although I am capble of big bursts of pent-up anger, usually out-of-sync and prportion. But not with clients!
    If social climbing is working hard and being polite and diplomatic, yes. (Sun conj Saturn in 10th and Libra asc)
    If it’s stepping over people and/or “fake-it-til you make it” (great expression), no. Just not my style and don’t have those talents. Also tend to think those things are dishonest, but that’s probably Saturn frowning down.
    As for bringing a knife to the party… looks like I’m out of the loop. I think this has more to do with provocation, something Uranus might like to do?

  2. I’d like to learn more about developing my NN in House 2. It is conjunct my Pluto exactly as well as my Part of Fortune. My PoF is conjunct my Moon, and is 10 degrees away from NN/Pluto.

    I really think this is significant–but have no idea how to develop NN in H2…ideas from others with this placement?

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