Astrology Consultations By Phone Or Email

mercury trickster godI just got a message on facebook, someone said they’d read me for years. They wondered if I did consultations. I had a couple of people on my mailing list ask the same thing, recently.  The internet is so weird.  I’m a disembodied entity for many.

Yes, I do consultations! I have done them for decades!

Click to schedule a phone consultation and get general info.
Click for information specific to email consultations.
Click here for client testimonials.

I also do phone consultations on extremely short notice (immediately, in many cases) if someone asks. This is to accommodate people with emergencies, unpredictable schedules or Aries in their chart.

If you’re in a situation, and you want this service, just email (as*****@gm***.com). Nine times out of ten, I will be able to accommodate you.

That’s the long and short of. I love talking to people. Don’t be shy!


Astrology Consultations By Phone Or Email — 12 Comments

  1. Ha ha ha. Disembodied entity. I have Aries and I would like to know if I could talk to you and Satori both. . . like at the same time asap. I need some serious help with making up my mind. Im probably being greedy to ask for both of you but i can’t choose. sorry . I have t. jupiter on my ascendant.

    • Its crazy how help only helps when you know it will. . . because you’re ready for it. . . you’re clear enough already ya know. I don’t believe I could have been helped until now. But (this jupiter uranus is annoying as hell) Im getting on my own nerves . . . pisces hate this crude loud, un graceful behavior. . . . . but anyway uhmm. lol. I will be in contact soon. too much to do…

  2. It is good that you mention this.
    I was thinking of getting a natal chart report for a friend, but there is no hurry at all.
    No Aries here, ruler groping in 12th & Saturn’s gives the tempo…:)
    Could you at some later date, when things are easier for you, give a GO sign, like you did when you encouraged people to write in with questions?
    Thanks in advance.

    • We’ve set a move date, 3rd week of March. I’ll be working, normally for the next three weeks, give or take. Consults, this is. I doubt I will be able to post daily, and maintain the newsletter.

      Once were moving, I will probably block out two weeks. I may be some days without an internet connection for one thing.

  3. ….yup- I am one of those aries – and can testify it’s all true !! from the other side of the globe-quick great consultation too -declares the Ram ( Acs)

    love to you elsa- thanks 🙂 much appreciated!

  4. “I’m a disembodied entity for many.” haha so true and funny put. I miss doing a consultation with you I gotta do one soon!

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