Astrology And The Swine Flu

“Do you think there is any connection between this swine flu stuff and Saturn in Virgo?”

Any health scare would be related to Saturn in Virgo but the swine flu is better described by the Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron conjunction in Aquarius.  It’s airborne (Aquarius), international (Jupiter) but most telling is it’s confusing (Neptune) particularly around what is being published (Jupiter).

Now I read there were 149 dead one day, only to see that number shrink to 7 the next day. A few hours later, WHO raised the threat alert to level 5 of 6 which does not really compute.

I read the flu is genetically engineered (a major threat) and a few hours later read 500,000 people die from the flu each year anyway (there is no threat) and I don’t know what is real.

Could it be an attack?  Absolutely. Release a virus in Mexico during Spring Break? Sounds like a pretty crafty way to introduce it into the US.

Might that thinking be paranoid?  Of course.

Are we going to know what is real? I doubt it.

I read yesterday that the CDC had released 12 millions doses of Tamiflu to the various states. I told a friend I could imagine lining up to get one and she said she would not line up to get one because they would not know if they were getting an antidote or the live flu. Such is level of trust of the government.

There are people who think a pandemic would solve a lot of (economic) problems and the government(s) doesn’t care if there is a wave of death.

Pluto in Capricorn…

Your opinion?

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Astrology And The Swine Flu — 28 Comments

  1. I should have added that Mercury(information) is square the Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron conjunction so the confusing / obscured info is shown, plus Mercury is about to go retrograde so I doubt this situation clarifies anytime soon.

  2. I have no trust in the government OR the media. I’ve thought from the beginning this is a big to-do because it gives people something to switch their focus from the economy to a different kind of fear.

    It’s working. Just like it always worked.


    Always someone who booms as other things go bust isn’t there?

    A friend of mine said she thought about the 1976 film Logan’s Run when she thought about Pluto in Capricorn.. to much pressure on the economy to sustain us all, especially as we age, so off they went at age 30.

    We used to die off naturally a lot earlier. Now we’re thriving in old age. Is this Novel Flu as we are now to call it, the cosmos/Mother Earth trying to get the balance back.. or is is Big Brother at work in some secret, Machiavellian plot?

    Flu is with us over in Scotland a lot.. and over the winter into the spring there have been and still are so many people still coughing away after a seasonal respiratory flu like virus has kept mutating and coming back, actually since late December and ongoing, it’s floored me and my hubby too a couple of times. We’re still coughing two months later.

    Yes, isn’t the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron connection highly descriptive of the situation, and of course Pluto is linked to viruses, just about to complete the square with Venus in Aries, well out of her comfort zone there.

    Don’t know why but I don’t feel anxious about the longer term, global, bigger picture, but my heart so goes out to anyone who’s suffered a loss or been ill, and flu of any kind is a killer of immuno suppressed folk, so take care of yourself if that’s you xx

  4. Look at this:

    “GENEVA, Switzerland (CNN) — The number of confirmed swine flu cases worldwide has risen to 154, with six additional cases reported in Spain, the World Health Organization said Thursday.//”

    Deaths or cases?

    And check this: Report says 8 deaths and 176 deaths in the same paragraph!

    “Lab tests have shown eight deaths caused by the virus out of 99 confirmed cases of infection, up from seven and 49 respectively at the previous count, Health Minister Jose Cordova told reporters late yesterday in Mexico City. Cordova said there were 17 new deaths from suspected swine flu, raising the total to 176.”


    and then we have this:

    “There have been close to 160 deaths and nearly 2,500 infections in Mexico’s flu outbreak. Of these, more than 1,300 people remain in hospital, but most have not yet been identified as swine flu cases.”

  5. i’m usually pretty smart about news analysis but can’t get my mind around the idea with these relatively small numbers of people sick (or dead) that there’s warnings of global pandemic — what do they know that we don’t about how quickly this illness is predicted to move through populations. think you are so right with your analysis — jupiter (expanding) neptune (confusing) chiron (wounding or ‘getting us where we live’) with aquarius –airborne (and news spread electronically)

  6. And I think the journalists should get some saturn in virgo education on doing their research properly. I really hate the fast superficial news- it has no useful purpose and makes every disaster worse.

  7. What’s unsettling to me all of these decisions that are being made in ‘crisis’ mode(as with the economy)…while the general population is without all of the facts and really just confused. I find it quite coincidental that an extremely controversial candidate for Health and Human Services Secretary was rushed through the normal approval process that would usually take days, if not weeks of vetting and questioning and would usually allow her credentials and history etc…to become public knowledge, but because of this swine flu pandemic crisis this system of checks and balances was set aside.

  8. The contrasting numbers of deaths are and contaminations are due to the fact that while the Mexican authorities now report ALL the suspicious cases, WHO and the US only count the case where tests have been run and the cause of death is, undeniably an influenza caused by the H1N1 mutation we’ve come to know as the Swine flu virus. Which, it seems, possibly isn’t that lethal after all, but could mutate into something far more dangerous. The Health Authorities everywhere are now practically trying to slow the contamination down, so that there’ll be time to produce the vaccination. Seems all perfectly clear and sensible to me (I’m a Rising and Mercury Virgo and a Capricorn Moon… always gathering as much information as possibile when I’m concerned of something).

  9. kvk, i’m usually totally adverse to conspiracy theory, but it’s hard to disagree with your point about the health sect’y.

  10. Boy oh boy, do I feel for the people on Biden’s PR staff:):) But I don’t understand if the threat is so high, why would closing the border be like closing the barn door after the animals have gotten out? I just seems so unconcerned. I realize (and I don’t think it would be a good idea) the HUGE implications, cost etc…but to me, that’s like one child showing up sick at a daycare and getting another child sick and instead of having those 2 children stay home in order to contain the infection, the daycare just says ‘oh, well just come on in, the virus is already here’…the more the merrier.

  11. I know elsie, I generally roll my eyes at a conspiracy theory(after I’ve done a little research into it). But it just seems like so many red flags that it would be kind of silly to not at least entertain the thought.

  12. And really, if it’s a big enough crisis to push through a new HH Secretary then why is closing the borders or maybe limiting non-essential travel from Mexico to here at the parts of the border that we do monitor, at least not an option that is still on the table.

  13. haha joe biden cracks me up.

    I have that Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron on my progressed asc – no wonder I’m so confused lately.

  14. Ah Jilly..the spaced out Magic Roundabout feeling is odd isn’t it! Wishing you a happy return to clarity.That trio has been around my natal asc. Can’t watch sad or harsh things on news without dripping eyes

  15. Something’s up. I think the WHO raised the level because the threat is the mutation…with other viruses, environments etc. So far everything outside of Mexico has seemed rather mild but what if swine flu meets bird flu and turns into a hardcore lethal dino flu or something? This is a very real possibility. In Canada two of our major airlines have cancelled flights into and out of resort areas for awhile, but they are still flying to and from Mexico City. WTF?

  16. i thinkt he issue is where the deaths are.
    i also think the quality of reporting has degraded significantly in the last fifteen years with the internet and peple don’t remember to check their facts as well as they should.

    we’re overdue for a major flu pandemic anyway. the last one was the spanish flu during WWI.

    kids were sent home yesterday with notes telling parents to make plans in case they have to shut down the schools.

  17. people often feel more comfortable if they can blame someone rather than leave causality up to the uncertain whims of the universe.

    thus, conspiracy theories.

    and, seriously, the kind of devastation a pandemic would wreak in the order of business could only hurt the economy. not that there wouldn’t be corpse robbers. there always are.

  18. oh, the data conflict there is the difference between suspected and confirmed cases. its still new enough that it’s difficult for them to test for it.

  19. I’m just trying to keep in mind that this is very much like bird flu and SARS. We can’t go a year in this country without a scare like this. I spent most of yesterday reading every Wikipedia article on flu epidemics and all major pandemics throughout history. An interesting thing I read is that at it’s height the Spanish flu (thought to be related to both bird and swine flus) had a mortality rate of about 2.5-5%. Meaning that was your chance of dying if you contracted it. That seemed very low to me but I’m no less concerned being in the historically most endangered demographic (young, healthy).

    Also in regards to WHO’s upping the level. In the past it seems the most effective flu prevention methods have been over-reaction and inciting fear. When you hear it’s one level from “pandemic status” you start to pay attention, you start to take precautions. Even Egypt has recommended a “no kissing” policy. It’s the mutation they’re worried about, if this zoonotic strain does the horizontal rumba with human flu strains, we could be in deep doo-doo. This leap though is a large one. All in all though, fear is a great protector. It’s a terrible way to live though.

  20. I think Togi’s hitting on it. The “threat” right now is that this is a new strain, and as it spreads, it mutates with other viruses. Plus, it began as animal to human contact, but now they’re not entirely sure if some of the newly suspected cases are human to human, which again, raises the threat level. Plus, there’s no vaccine for it yet (racing to make one available in the fall, from what I’ve read). Each time this new strain is confirmed to have popped up in a new country, the WHO raises the threat level. The all-over-the-place numbers drive me crazy too. It’s lousy writing and sloppy fact checking. From what I understand, 150 or so in Mexico are believed to have died from this, but they’ve only *confirmed* (based on autopsies, tissue testing, etc.) a fraction of that number. The confirming part takes time, longer than the blood-thirsty media would like. Public health officials are scrambling to understand/treat a potentially fatal illness that is suddenly cropping up all
    over the place. It reminds me of AIDS. I was in NYC in 1980…when it was THE mystery illness. It didn’t take long for it to become a pandemic.

  21. Right now I’m too confused to have an opinion, lol. But I do fear that major cities just shut (sp?) down to deal with it and its citiziens won’t be able to go to work, school, etc… that I fear.

  22. Well said Maureen. I’m useless at figuring out how to feel or analyze this sort of thing. %110 useless.

    I usually just keep washing my hands and hoping that it doesn’t happen to me. I’m not one for vaccines. This could be to my detriment but I’m just not into it. I’m a fatalist. I’ve tried to change this about myself but I can’t.

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