Midheaven – How People See You Out In The World?

I was talking to satori about how the computer guys were condescending around my crashed hard drive.

“Maybe it’s my age,” I said. “It’s as if I couldn’t possibly have any data on my computer that would be important to save.”

She said computer guys always treated her very well.

“Well that’s because you look hip,” I said. “I don’t look hip, I’m from the desert. You know that picture where I’m standing in my bare feet, middle of nowhere?”


“Well I still look like that. No matter where I go, I look just like that and I never belong anywhere. I’m like a thing that has landed and people have no idea…”

I have Neptune on the midheaven and almost without fail, whoever people think I am, they’re mistaken. It is as if people don’t talk to me, but a hologram of me.

So what about you? What sign isΒ on your midheaven? Is there a planet conjunct?



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  1. I so wanted to click “I look hip because I’m a Gemini” but my Gemini is trumped by my Scorpio asc. and moon. People definitely keep their distance at first and woe to the ones who don’t respect my boundaries.

    On the other hand, I have Virgo midheaven so maybe I seem self contained and independant.

    Thank you for giving me something to ponder this morning. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m a hip 11 year old w/ a Scorpio rising. I can stare you down!!! But i’m hip ’cause i’m a gemini.

    And proud of it πŸ™‚

  3. I chose ‘hipness’ since the only thing that reliably stands between me and super-stardom is the unpredictable nature of mine hair. If it’s good, it’s good – and stays that way regardless of how long I’ve been sleeping on it and not brushing it. If it’s bad, it’s bad – regardless of the amount of product and accessories used for damage control.

    Which isn’t to say I’ve been hip for all that long. Most of my life I’ve had the face of a baby and the wardrobe of a 40 year old. But then, a few years back, when I realised that I didn’t have The Ugliest Body In the World Which Must Be Kept Covered Up At All Costs Lest The Eyes of Humanity Burn Up In Their Sockets I started to wear the clothes I actually wanted to wear and from then on I was shiny.

    I’m pretty versatile though – don’t feel out of place in any environment where the mood takes me.

    I’m not a Gemini, but I do have Gemini on the Midheaven. Venus is not conjunct but hovers around there 9 degrees away. Also, I’ve got a Scorpio Moon, and if there is one thing my instinctive nature knows how to do, it is to be sexy.

    I think there are two kinds of outcasts/aliens – those who feel excluded, and like they don’t belong or those who give off the vibe as being too cool to be pinned down to any one thing/place.

    But I also think a lot of it is to do with the dynamics of others. I’m very aware of how who I was with influenced what I dressed and looked like. I’m pretty versatile when it comes to styles and can carry off a number of them without feeling uncomfortable.

    When I was with a dreamy Pisces I grew my hair long, and wore flowing things. When I was with Leos I either went ‘shiny sparkles’ or ‘mysterious drama’ direction. The Aquarians brough out my ‘cool and funky’ side. On the other hand my husband of the Great Whopping Aries Stellium oozes coolness when separated from tracksuits and he in turn has revived my stylish and fiery side.

    I suppose it’s the Venus in Gemini thing – looking good together is important, but beauty is a versatile thing and open to experiementation.

  4. Scorpio midheaven, uranus conjunct. I chose Alien, because that’s how i feel most of the time. I’m not really sure how other people perceive me… two days ago a couple of friends said I’m AnaÆ’

  5. Hi Elsa,

    I just recently found your site and am loving it!

    I also feel misunderstood. I am a Pisces with Libra on my MC conjunct Neptune as well. Pisces is on my third cusp and many times I get the feeling that people don’t believe what I say, but I consider myself very truthful unless it’s something that may hurt someone.

    Anyway Neptune/MC makes it hard for me to focus on a direction for career as well.

  6. My midheaven is in Pisces. Since I was a tiny kid, people (grownups) have been telling me all their deepest darkest secrets and confessing all manner of misdemeanors.

    Evidently, I look like a confessional box. πŸ˜€

  7. Ha ha! Viviana I am also Scorpio MC conjunct Uranus…but I chose the superstar option. I guess that is because my MC is squared Saturn, which is in Leo. And Saturn is trine Neptune, which is the the 12th house.

    Okay, it’s official. I am an alien posing as a superstar!

  8. BTW Elsa,

    That picture of you is amazing! It reminds me of those super-imposed fairy photos from the 20s.
    The computer dudes were sooo obviously intimidated by your now-I’m-here-now-I’m-not vibe!

  9. I am very much a hologram to the general public, and I’ve been told as much by new people I meet, once they get past the exterior and actually talk to me. It’s interesting, since I am not out to be so easily misunderstood, but it seems to happen on a regular basis.

    Well, less so now. I’m less paranoid (or maybe just better at hiding it ;-)) nowadays, or maybe I’ve finally decided not to give a shit about what other people think of me.

    Very interesting, Elsa!

  10. ARIES in the 9th house, Mars just before the
    MC, Saturn/Uranus just after. I checked “alien”, people tell me I come across cranky and cold, but “real sweet” once they get to know me.

  11. Capricorn midheaven. People keep their distance. It’s true! No-one ever invades my personal space unless they’re unbalanced.

  12. I put “Alien” ’cause that’s what everyone seems to see.. even when I’m trying to “pass.” Even when I dress conservatively, it’s like I’m in normal person drag. Aquarius on the midheaven. I’m a freak.

  13. Ok last time I’ll comment for this post…but I had to think about it…I know! I come off as dramatic..with moon conjunct pluto..conjunct the midheaven…dramatic in an overally emotionally expressible kind of way…=o?

  14. Ok sorry Elsa I lied…bad girl…bad..um..really this is the last time…maybe that’s my sun in the first house coming through as the dramatic factor… ?.? gosh I dunno…could it be possible that you could more up about the midheaven effecting the way other people see you?

  15. uhh. well, i’m a gemini, but i know i don’t come across as ‘hip’. maybe ‘too cool’, at best. people are scared of me, or intimidated by me, or feel the need to argue with me because i’ve once again done something against the status-quo. cancer midheaven. no conjunctions, but it’s aspected by several planets.

    tech geeks love me because i research everything i possibly can with the resources i have before i see them, and then ask a lot of questions, so as not to be financially fucked over or have my time wasted. then again, being a gemini, perhaps i like/need to research everything..?

  16. I have Scorpio in the Midheaven and in the 9th House it seems. Fuck if I know what that means. I come off weird, very friendly, unfocused, and immature but not stylish lately because of my Aquarius Ascendant and Gemini Sun.

  17. Oh, and those computer geeks are almost uniformly condescending, Elsa. It’s not just you-
    Watch Sex and the Shitty, the episode where Carrie’s computer crashes. That’s how most of them treat everyone.
    And I’ve been having computer troubles as well, but mercury isn’t backing up, yet…
    So I can’t explain it with astrology.

  18. I have a Leo Midheaven conjunct my North Node.
    I am 43 and still shop at all the young trendy stores. I consider the GAP too stodgy.
    In my younger days I was always dressed to the 9’s. (I have a Libra ASC). I put an Alien because people say that I am weird. But look at where I live…it is all relative. If I lived on, let’s say, the West or East Coasts I’d probably fit right in….but I don’t so god forbid if you’re not sporting oversized sweats with cartoon characters or big fruits and flowers painted on the front with sparklies outlining them! I think people who wear that stuff are strange.
    Anyhoo, with a Leo MC you could imagine I dress for maximum effect….and I do. I never go in public dressed in sweats. As a matter of fact I own one trendy sweatsuit and hate wearing it. ( My husband has an Aries Moon and lives in them!)
    Cool topic, Elsa:)

  19. gemini rising. aquarius midheaven. I feel like a hologram. I can talk and I can “fit-in” ie dress to the occasion and talk the talk of the group but I don’t fit. I am very misperceived on a regular basis. When I have to correct those close to me as to what I’m feeling it’s frustrating. I’ve started to learn, as I get older that I *should* correct people. Othwerwise the situation will spin out of control because they think that I’m angry when I’m not, when I just want downtime or time to myself. It’s fascinating who mispercieves me and who doesn’t. There are a rare few who listen. Maybe it’s coming from a different culture that I watch things go by in this culture that seem so nonsensical to me that I don’t “hook” in. Maybe.

  20. Yeh but Elsa looks way cool on a motorcycle while I look like a Victorian virgin wondering what all the thrumming is between my legs! OH HEAVENS TO BETSY!

    Leo midheaven, with Uranus and Pluto up close in the tenth house. I’m an alien and I’m cool. Depends on the person who is looking at me. Super straight people think I’m a stick of gum on the bottom of their shoe and try to back away, the less uptight think I’m JUST LIKE THEM (oh I don’t want to hear that ever again!) And kindred spirits start grinning at me, so I talk to a lot of strangers.

    But I have to be dressed right or I feel uncomfortable. Preferably “Stylish California Granola Girl”. My clothes are second hand but my shoes are expensive. My purse is pseudo-leather but my cosmetics cost a fortune. And so it goes.

  21. I have Aries on my MC with Mars conjunct my IC in Libra and Leo Rising- I’m left laughing at what people might think of me. πŸ™‚

  22. I have Scorpio on the MC conjunct Uranus (water planet singleton) and NN from the 9th. Thus, I’m intensely alien… or?;) People certainly keep their distance, much to the chagrin of my Libra stellium… Most of the time I try to make a conscious effort to come across as approachable.
    (Even with Sag rising – not Cap, as one might think).
    On a more positive note; I feel very lucky to be able to say that I have a whole bunch of male friends with Sun or Mars in Scorpio who read me like an open book (and it’s apparently one of their favourite books, hah!), and I’m enjoying every minute of it! Female Scorpios? They all stab me in the back in the end!

  23. My MC is Aquarius and have experimented with lots of styles, hair colors etc. Had to laugh at the candour of Ariel – fellow Aquarious MC “Even when I dress conservatively, it’s like I’m in normal person drag. Aquarius on the midheaven. I’m a freak.” Classic comment.

    I have Saturn in Aquarius at MC and am constantly in battle to wear something not too weird today. Saturn says ‘try and fit in’ and ‘be conservative’. Whereas Aquarius says ‘to hell with it – I’ll wear what I bloody well feel like’. Saturn likes status or power dressing ie.collared, tailor fitted jackets, shoulder pads. Aquarius will wear that jacket in purple with pink edging.

    I’ve got Taurus Asc, Sag sun – which can give a friendly, easy on the eye appearance. So I ticked the Girl next door box. But I’m Girl next doot with a Twist of the Freak.

  24. Midheaven in Sadge conjunct Mars and Uranus, but square my sun, moon, and merc.

    Ascendent in Aquarius, sextile Neptune, trine Pluto, and opposite my sun and merc.

    It may all depend whether I open my mouth or not.

    People have told me these things: I seem like a guys girl. I seem like someone who would know how to ride a horse. I put them off at first, I am sweet and they couldn’t imagine me being tough on anyone. I seem serious, reserved

    I’ve been at least 2 years older than I am since I was 15. Nowadays (I just graduated college) I am occasionally asked if I have kids and how old they are…

    I seem “worldly”, I seem like I’ve “been there, done that.” (and apparently I seem like I know all the answers, because people are always asking.) A scorpio told me that I was like a “pool of water”- not easy to discover the depths of, A gemini was trying to teach me self-defense but gave up demonstrating because I wasn’t “threatening enough” close friends say I am cute and harmless seeming but very smart, lots of people call me Mom in a teasing way, some people say I know how to dress up, everyone thinks I’m thinner than I am, I also get easy-going a lot.

    The above are all adapted from actual comments.

    And clothes? well, everything I own is in a flattering colour. I’ve got some outlandish stuff- but mostly my clothes are practical (because I’m abroad, they have to be)- and they bear interesting though unrelated stories, that go, for the most part, “well, when I was in XXXX doing XXXX there was…”

  25. I answered “Something you didn’t think of, Elsa” because I have no idea! Gemini MC, no planets nearby, unless you count the asteriod Juno which is smack dab on top. I guess I could be flighty and chatty with strangers sometimes? Oh, yeah, I have been told I talk very fast and constantly sometimes, but that could be my Merc in Aries. A-ha! This is interesting – I never looked at my Gem MC and Merc in that way. So I talk fast because of Aries and I talk constantly because I can talk about ANYTHING under the sun.

  26. I always wondered why people thought it was ok to tell my good friend that she was ‘disgusting’ for kissing a girl in public, or pick on her for no apparent reason. She seems very vulnerable and gentle and because of that I get very protective of her. She’s 15cm taller than me, but even though I’m short, no-one has EVER said anything like that to my face. I’ll have to look up her MC.

  27. Ruth – I love that your clothes have stories. Mine too. I got this scarf here doing xyz and this surprise here and my cousin I haven’t seen in years dropped by to give me this shirt because it didn’t fit her anymore… etc. etc. LOL The only parts that don’t have stories are the socks, undies and bras…. which all came from regular stores. The rest – have a story.


  28. Little Miss Hermit gave me a clue, I guess I’m an ultimate alien even if I don’t think so. People have told me they thought I was crazy when they first met me and I usually tend to say really weird things by way of introduction, like “you are a green-eyed monster” and it makes sense in my head why I say it. Maybe I appear a weird, eccentric alien when you add the Scorpio midheaven to my Aquarius ascendant or especially intensely sensitive when you add Scorpio to the Cancer in my chart? But I always think people see right through me as a Gemini because I am so damn excited when meeting a lot of people at once. People have guessed that I am an Aquarius, though, but what do they know?

  29. With a Gemini MC sextile my Leo moon, I’m a SUPER STAR. Baby. With Uranus in Taurus at the top of chart conjuct Jupiter, saturn, venus in the ninth house I don’t give a shit what people think about me. If I may quote Terry Cole Whittaker’s wonderful book,” What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business”. My sentiments exactly.

  30. Reading these posts just now got me thinking because I also only thought of the Ascendant in terms of appearance. Having Virgo there doesn’t really match my outward “style”. I have Gemini MC sextile Leo Mars, Aries Sun/Mercury. I don’t necessarily feel like a Super Star (though I am secretly narcissistic) but I KNOW I’ve always been very cool. Looking younger than my years helps (thanks to the Mercury influences I guess).

    I have always gotten noticed, for good or ill, there is nothing stealthy about my presence. I always joked that I could never be a bank robber! I love jewelry that is bold and interesting. I love to enhance my looks with make-up. I abhor anything too trendy or gawdy. In high school it was very in vogue to get a tatoo. Not me. I chose not to thinking, “I’ll be the only one without one!” Besides, I get bored with things so easily, I couldn’t imagine being stuck with a pegasus tattoo on my shoulder for the rest of my life! Back then I opted for piercings before they were de rigueur. To this day I still love them. When Uranus trined my natal Moon a while back I gave in to my secret desire for a labret! I didn’t care what anyone had to say about it and I didn’t care what potential clients might think either. So for the last year I’ve been sporting the coolest little diamond stud under my bottom lip. I’ve had pierced twenty-somethings stop me in public to ask about it – apparently they’d never seen a tiny diamond worn as a labret, most kids wear stainless steel balls or rings I guess.

    I also love to talk! I’m very animated and I’m constantly gesturing with my hands while I talk. I always thought it was an Italian thing, haha.

    One thing I just noticed in my chart is that my MC is conjunct my Venus opposite Uranus midpoint. I’m not sure what that means though I’m merely a “wannabe” astrologer, rarely stick with anything long enough to become an expert. I know just enough to be dangerous πŸ˜€ An astrologer told me that my natal Jupiter was “Oriental” which meant that everything about me would be expansive…out there for all to see…something like that. It fits I suppose. One thing I do know – I’ll never be a bank robber!

  31. Hi Elsa: No idea how I got here. I just wrote down “saturn conjunct moon and pluto” and the only answer was your site. Lucky me. Mars 0 aquarius in the midheaven, wondering about Saturn getting pretty soon, (although backwards right now) to my powerful pluto 26 leo moon 4 virgo conjuction in the 5 house. Born in Caracas, venezuela the 21 of October 1954. 6.05 pm. Leave a comment If you want to. Love your picture. Life as it is. Bare and beutiful.
    Luisa Beatriz

  32. This is true i guess… SOme people can’t really ride on with my humour, yet find it interesting(they think?) unless he/she is an aquarian, and i have many aquarian friends. This is due to my Merc in Aquarius, and I can’t stop talking since i do have a Gemini Midheaven and i have stomach problems due to my Virgo, which rules the digestive system, Ascendant….

    Sometimes I have trouble digesting a simple chip, and going to the bathroom twice a day has been a routine to me…. The horror! ugh!

    Oh, btw…I am a Third Decan Pisces Sun.

    PS: I like pink.

  33. Yeah, i’ve Scorpio AC, Virgo MC with Pluto & Mercury (sextile AC) there. I’ve been told before that I appear self contained and independant (as poster above mentioned for theirs). I’ve also Neptune & Jupiter conjunct AC in Sag. so have definately been told by EVERYONE that i’m hard to figure out – lol.

  34. I’m definitely hologram’ish…but then, I also have Neptune conj the midheaven…I was recently told that I appear to exist “just outside the circle” and that I seem perfectly happy there. I think that was the most accurate description of me…ever!

  35. This is a great post as I am pondering through the internet about my MC. I have a few contacts to my MC one is Neptune and Mars trining it. Because of my double cancer ascendant in combination of it all people see me as the vulnerable and naive child. I’m 30, but look and sound 16. So a lot of people see me as for who I am not, but what they want to see me as and people love to take advantage of me too. But when my Gemini Sun comes out after having being taken advantage of, people resent it. I’m not a doormat people!!! But sometimes I must admit I let people go a little too far before I say something.

  36. Pisces MC…….i’m with you on this one. Not from the desert, but i’m the barefoot person till this day. People for the most part do seem to keep their distance, but also see me too as a hologram.

  37. It’s fun to see what I posted before…which was ‘I’m a superstar’ and this time around I voted ‘people keep their distance.’

    And naturally, I think both. There’s Uranus conjunct MC for you. Total effen weirdo.

  38. I have Scorpio MC conjunct Pluto from the 9th. I attract people even when I want to be alone, friendly, spiritual people fortunately. My Pluto MC is trined by Sun from the 6th/7th, sextiles Neptune from the 12th and quincunxes Venus in Gemini 5th.

    When I was younger I thought that others could read me like an open book, as a fellow Scorp MC put it here. Somehow I’ve come to master that and am now able to come of as sincere and caring and actually be that way :] I’ve actually been described as ruthless and domineering because of my lack of tolerance for nonsense and inconsistency on others part. Those others might be represented by my 4th house Jupiter.

  39. Capricorn. I have to agree with Toni. People, unless unbalanced, keep their distance. For some reason after they talk to me, they say I’m nothing like they thought I might be

  40. It always suprises me when I see old comments of mine. I never say the same thing twice. Today I’m a hip Gemini with a slightly murderous side.

  41. Oh I’m so late to comment…

    Capricorn MC conj.Mercury – I’m a young-wise person, people keep their distance yeah (they’d better, I’m secretive). Maybe one day I’ll be an old, young-looking person, or an old adolescent. Who knows? I’m definitely an alien as well, though…

  42. Aquarius midheaven and Venus in Gemini – I’m never the same way twice. I like to change my look, my style, my dress. I do everything from fluffy to punk depending on my mood. I do 18th century reenactments in dresses with big hoops or bustles. I shop at the thrift store so my wardrobe is eclectic. My hair is down to my waist at almost 60. I have never felt like I “fit in” anywhere, but I have never minded that.

    I don’t feel like a hologram, though – but that may be because with all the air in my chart I really don’t care what most people think.

  43. jupiter in gemini on the midheaven. (and neptune opposed midheaven but not jupiter.) but i don’t think i look hip. i don’t think i even know what i look like, except out of place. i almost picked alien, but i don’t think i’m coherent enough for that.

    i’m trying to be a sixties hipster sometimes. sometimes 20s flapper. or an 1860s girl. or a 2030 goth/industrial chick. it depends.

  44. I’m a hologram too. Pisces on my midheaven. Funny, I did not make one bit of connection to your Neptune/midheaven experiences until you posted this poll. I don’t think I have as bad a case as you (no planets conjunct).

    But people always think I’m: some person’s mom/sister/wife/girlfriend (mistaken); think I grew up wealthy when the opposite is true; think my name is Jennifer; think I’m not the type to have a Ph.D., etc, etc. I kind of agree– I don’t think I “look” much like any of the things that are true about me.

    Side note, throughout my life strangers have approached me to tell me I look like Drew Barrymore (a Pisces!)

  45. i voted alien. i have tauras on the midheaven, lots of trines and some oppositions but no conjuncts.

    some people seem to think i’m hip, and it always kinda surprises me. others act afraid of me. neighbors have dubbed me “the crazy cat lady” without ever having spoken to me. but i suppose i have to take some credit for that. i’ve been known to go to the store in my sock monkey pj pants, too, and my hair is pink in the heart of the midwest. so what do i expect?

  46. I’ve been told moody, pissed off, intelligent, and daunting–yes, all 4 at the same time. I’m not that at all and have nothing conjunct the MC (Capricorn), but the Moon (Libra) squares it and Mercury (Virgo) trines it. Makes sense.

  47. well thanks elsa! i’ll remember that the next time i’m getting the “alien” looks.

    elsa thinks i’m hip, so fuck you, you boring, conformist motherfuckers! *snort*

  48. Virgo MC . . . closest aspect is a semi-sextile from Pluto. Huh, no wonder others see me as competent in the workplace but very low key. Never thought about it before . . . thanks, Elsa! πŸ™‚

  49. I’m a Gemini with Midheaven in Taurus. I put people at their ease if they’re shy, or demand their respect if they’re not, or know the reason why. Rawr. πŸ™‚

    Gemini doesn’t so much make me hip as give me that aura of always knowing what I’m talking about (even when I don’t, which is most of the time).

  50. I’m hip because I’m a gemini – aquarius midheaven, no planets though. Gemini ascendant, too – here I am, chattering away.

  51. when I go out I am invisible….I don’t know what is in my midheaven….sorry. Oct.31,1970 Colo. Springs, Co…for those that are interested and want to find out.

  52. Cancer MC, with Sun & Saturn conjunct MC. I have no idea how this plays out except I think people see me as somewhat abrupt or aloof when I’m out in the world. I think the Saturn comes across more than the Sun.

  53. Aries AC, with the Taurus Sun near the MC in the 10th. Definite superstar! Ruler of MC (Mars in Leo) in the 1st house conjunct Jupiter & north node. Any thoughts anyone??

  54. Ariel and C. I totally relate. Aquarius MC here too. I took so long to read all the comments I forgot whether I checked alien or hologram. Both apply. It depends upon the day of the week.

    That whole fitting in thing just doesn’t seem to work though.

    As for computer geeks – Elsa you almost have to feel sorry for them. They don’t know how to talk to you unless you talk computer. Many are borderline if not full blown Asperger’s and often haven’t been socialized. I know, I live with a household full of them. Basic basic things escape their notice. But if you tell them “x is a nicer way to behave in this situation” They will fall all over themselves to act like that.

    That is, unless you are talking about the Geeks at the Apple store. They’re just plain rude – especially if you’re a woman. I know, I speak geek and they’ve been rude to me even though I speak their language. Sad really, customer service means something in my world.

  55. Another Gemini MC here. My Sun also conjuncts Mercury and I am Virgo rising…People never stop telling me that i leave the impression that i have something on my mind or that i am sly and slippery. Also immature and charming.Or charmingly immature, i don’t know πŸ˜› And not responsible.At all…Not looking friendly,though, maybe because of my mars,pluto and a bunch of asteroids in scorpio, 3rd house. But as you may have noticed, i really don’t mind talking.

  56. [Jessica says on 3/7/08 at 11:16 am]

    My mom and other people have said i resmble Drew Barrymore also. But, I also look like Susan Sarandon and Wynona Ryder too…hey they see it, not me.

  57. huge issue for me. I have a cancer mc with uranus in leo 13 degrees away. My mc ruler is in the 12th house in virgo. I am a serious introvert and I work a tech job – with machines – people trust me to fix stuff and I give them a sense of security when I am around because they think I can fix anything. I am popular with my kids but most people don’t notice me and my co-workers avoid me. I don’t know why – I am good to them but they don’t include me in stuff –

  58. Baaaaaahahaha! Mudlikesubstance, you hilarious! But I have to agree, computer geeks are patronising. That’s their schtick- they have very little else in life that makes them feel good about themselves. They were even like that to Carrie on Sex&TC so it MUST be true…

  59. Jilly, I’m with you. I don’t really know how people see me anymore, and with a mask on … people just stare or get out of the way!

    Libra mid-heaven with Neptune … that might be why I LOVE ZORRO!

  60. Moon, Jupiter and Saturn trine my MH in Scorpio + Aquarius rising + Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Uranus in the 9th house.
    I feel like a backpacker hologram.

  61. I put something else because I’ve always considered myself a chameleon. I have Neptune conjunct the MC. In my experience, I am never what people thought I was. Sometimes I’m delighted to hear that. I also have Aquarius on the AC. I tend to be outside the group. If I’m with conservatives, I’m the odd one; if I’m with freaks, then I’m the conservative one. We all have a role to play.

  62. So why the midheaven vs the ascendant? I have uranus conjunct my Scorpio midheaven and I feel like I never know how people will see me! Sometimes they think i’m distant or unhappy or ambitious (cap asc maybe?), sometimes they think i’m naive or dumb, and sometimes they see the real me and they’re pleasant. No effin clue elsa!

  63. People do occasionally have inexplicably strong reactions to me. A fitness club rep (who I neverhad more than a passing hello with) told me I make her feel stupid! This stuff happens to me once every couple of years. People who I hardly notice go berserk! Maybe that’s uranus.

  64. I already answered, but Aquarius midheaven, Gemini sun/rising. And yes, I answered I look hip cuz I am a Gemini. As if there is any other option?

  65. I have MC in Leo and people keep their distance – presumably because Leo is ruled by sun in Scorp conjunct Neptune. It’s odd, I dunno how to explain it.

    As for the computer geeks, well, it’s their job to save your data no matter what, so I don’t know where they get off.

    [‘I should smile more.’]

  66. Cappy MC ,conjunct south node and BML also square my sun and merc venus (if I’m recalling correctly).

    I chose the last one because I kind of do not know for sure either.Everything I can think of could relate to my Aries asc more than a Cappy MC lol

  67. Aquarius midheaven with Moon conjunct,and Uranus opposing in the 4th house. I suspect alot of people perceive me as being some aloof,distant, and stuck up. But, then I am a Virgo with Mars conjunct Sun so they are probably not far off.

  68. This is my first time commenting on this blog.

    I picked I’m a superstar, baby!

    But, I’m a pisces midheaven, cancer ascendant.

    So why do people in halls, back when I was at school, in libraries, or etc., all seem to notice me? Does my stellium in Leo have something to do with that? I always thought your ASC was what you appeared to others, when you stepped into a room, and the MC is what you appear to others, at a distant, societal level. Neither the cancer ASC or pisces MC seem to point to my getting attention.

    If anybody wants to comment, or hypothesize, I’d love to read your thoughts. πŸ™‚

  69. Sorry, as a continuation of the above,

    no planets conjunct the MC – nor the ASC, for that matter. No planets in the 1st, nor the 10th house.

    Yet, without a doubt, “I’m a superstar, baby!” seems most applicable to me – in public at least. Privately, to friends, I confess that I do not feel like this with people, with strangers, but they tend to, unanimously, express that it is a fact that many seem to like me, and boys, especially, seem to like noticing me.

    Sorry for the redundancy. I’m not sure if the case i’ve presented here and the above post are applicable to Elsa’s initial question, in the above.

  70. Haha Thanks Elsa. You’re probably extremely busy – but if you want, would you comment? You’d probably be very qualified to comment (this site and your name – it appears to me more than a mere coincidence. ;)).

  71. I have similar to William up there… Aquarius midheaven with Moon conjunct and Uranus opposing in the 4th house. Mine is a little odd in that my MC is early degrees Aquarius but my moon is late degrees Capricorn. I put that I’m the girl next door… Pisces warmth with Aquarius friendliness.

  72. I think I have no idea. I am here, then there, then somewhere else.

    Gemini MC, Jupiter (opp. Lilith) nearby in Gemini but not conjunct. Pluto/Uranus 1st, opp. Saturn and Chiron. It’s a hodgepodge, to be certain.

    One thing I have noticed is that I can “fit in” with pretty much any group. I can morph and adapt to their way of communicating and if I hang out with them long enough, even their style. Young, old, rich, poor, straight and freaks – I’ve got friends in each group. They don’t mix well, but I am like a common denominator.

    I think maybe that just makes me a freak.

  73. my sign on the MC is Scorpio in Placidus system, which I used for years, until I found equal houses on this blog. I use that now and it makes a lot more sense to me, in just about all the charts I look at, of people I know. So in equal houses my MC is Libra, but people keep their distance until I allow them close, as I am reserved at first with Cap ASC.

  74. I’m not sure how people see me. It depends on the person I guess.I’ve been told by people that they see me as sweet and kind and then the next minute they see a warrior type side to my personality.
    I’m not sure where that comes from, it usually happens with people who push my buttons though. I also hear that I’m wierd alot and I’ve just started apologizing and telling people that wierd is normal for me and that they shouldn’t try to catagorize me and/or put me in a box.

    Also, Elsa and Satori,I haven’t met a computer repair person who didn’t behave condecendingly. I’m beginning to think that the power has gone to there head. lol!

    My MC is Pisces in my 9th house ruled by Aquarius and I have Gemini Rising. Plus I have these aspects to my MC with nothing in my 1st/12th/9th/10th houses.

    Moon (Vir 08Β°36’) Midheaven (Pis 11Β°21’) sep. opposition

    Venus (Cap 02Β°01’) Midheaven (Pis 11Β°21’) wax. app. quintile

    Jupiter (Tau 26Β°26’) Midheaven (Pis 11Β°21’) wan. app. quintile

    Uranus (Sco 08Β°30’) Midheaven (Pis 11Β°21’) wax. sep. trine

    Neptune (Sag 12Β°58’) Midheaven (Pis 11Β°21’) wax. app. square

    Pluto (Lib 13Β°09’) Midheaven (Pis 11Β°21’) wax. app.inconjunction

    North Node (Sco 03Β°23’) Midheaven (Pis 11Β°21’) wax. sep. trine

    South Node (Tau 03Β°23’) Midheaven (Pis 11Β°21’) wan. app. septile

    Black Moon (Tau 12Β°22’) Midheaven (Pis 11Β°21’) wan. app. sextile

  75. A little late here but Libra on the MC conjunct Venus and sextile Jupiter. I have heard that people forget how small I really am (physically…I’m 5-3, 115-120 lbs). It also appears that I have a reputation for being attractive and men seem to get in trouble with their wives/girlfriends for talking to me. Maybe moon in Scorpio adds to that. I have 5 planets in Sag (including Sun and Asc) so I really just think I’m friendly and don’t often realize that people see me any other way.

  76. Elsa, I’m confused — I thought people saw you as your ascendant & planets conjunct. Or is the ascendant how you WANT to be perceived – the mask you are hiding in — but you don’t fool them at all because people really see the MC?

    I have Libra Neptune, Mercury and ascendant conjunct within minutes, with a first house Sun in Scorpio. So would people first notice the Cancer MC, the Libra ascendant or the Scorpio sun, or would they be deceived by the Neptune/Mercury conjunction? This seems complicated.

  77. I have my sun and pluto conjunct my mc in libra. I think people think I’m pretty but scary. Ive been told I look Iike a bitch. I don’t know what a bitch looks like but I guess it’s a combo of pretty and scary. Some people go on the defensive right away with me. Some people kiss my ass. Some are just stunned and freaked out. What I really appreciate is when I’m treated like everyone else. Usually that comes from people who are comfortable with themselves.

  78. I find that photograph interesting.
    To me you don’t look like a ‘desert girl’ at all. You look like a pretty, dainty child that goes to ballet classes and keeps her bedroom very tidy. Like someone dropped you there just for the photograph.

  79. Taurus MC squares my Aquarius sun to the degree. Saturn in Gemini is more than ten degrees away but I’ve always been told to lighten up, cheer up, smile more. And I wear too much black. MC also trines my Jupiter in Capricorn. Tight.

  80. Pluto in scorpio but I don’t really consider the conjunction to the MC because it’s 10 degrees. Probably unholy attributes. That’s a beautiful picture, Elsa! I was about to ask if you’ve ever seen a sand cat but they are in another desert. ?

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