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I am still writing the double Scorp that popped up, taking full advantage to speak openly, with total candor. It occurred to me today I have heard people say, “I don’t have any secrets.”

I doubt this is true, everyone has a skeleton somewhere but I am pretty some of us carry far more secrets than others.


Also do you think there are different qualities of secrets – say a dark secret (Pluto) as compared to something you have obscured (Neptune) or are these the same thing?

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Astrology And Secrets – POLL — 20 Comments

  1. I wrote average number. If I could put a percentage on it…20% of me is secret but the secrets feel like they are taking up 80% of my brain ::laughs::

    I think there is a difference between dark nature/Pluto and obscuring/Neptune.

    However…I have a yod with Neptune/Pluto and the Sun at the apex. I tend to obscure my dark-natured problems because I want my Sun to shine and not be “too dark” in case I fall into a pit somewhere.

  2. I think I should be more secretive due to my Scorpio moon and ascendant (and the fact I’m a freak), but my tenth house Mars and Jupiter/sun like to tell them all. I am selective about who I tell though. I keep 80% of what should be secret secret from 20% of my world. 100% of people who know me think I talk too damn much. 80% of them like me anyway. Or maybe it’s 20%

    I just started an anonymous blog. I want to tell everyone because it’s so clever. *sighs heavily*

  3. I have secrets, but if I say I “have no secrets”, what that means is that no one would care if they found out about them.

    So I have secrets – things I don’t want people to know about me. But they’re not anything that would make a difference to anyone else. (Actually, that’s hard for me to believe, because I don’t want them to know. But I know it’s true, anyway.) I guess that’s my big dividing line. In other people, I can tolerate some secrets, or even lies from them… but only if they are transparent to me (either because I know what they’re up to, or know that their intentions are good), and only if it’s about something that doesn’t really matter (like whether they went to school, …NOT whether they are sleeping with someone else or anything like that!)

    So, why don’t I want people to know my secrets, if they’re not such a big deal? I don’t know!

  4. It makes me really uneasy to have people know my “secrets,” whatever those may be. I’m with Lupa. I’d love to blog personal stories, I’m just scared someone who knows me in real life will come along, read, and judge… and GASP– THEN WHAT?

    I keep thinking I want to change my username, for reasons I cannot disclose here. 😉

    Recently I was reading that schizophrenics display paranoid behavior due to their exaggerated sense of self. Which makes sense, if you think about it.

  5. Always have some secrets tucked away of my own w/Mercury in Scorp in the 12th. It’s other people’s secrets I almost deliberately forget. If someone asks me not to tell, I don’t, ever. And it’s easier on me to just forget them all together!! 😀

    Gotta be all my 12th house planets combining empathy for others and a deeply private nature. Other people’s pain is nobody’s business but theirs IMO.

    Not fond of gossip and all either.

  6. I meant to say that too. I don’t tell other people’s secrets. Unless they want me to. Sometimes people tell me things so they can be broadcast. But that’s different.

  7. “I just started an anonymous blog. I want to tell everyone because it’s so clever. *sighs heavily*”

    HAHAHA! 😆

  8. What is a secret? Stuff you don’t tell? I have plenty of stuff I don’t tell. I’ve had certain friends for years that don’t know about my childhood or some of what I struggle with today. I’m really private and selective. Thinking about this now, yeah…. I’ve got a lot of secrets… 12th house Venus, secret love…

  9. I chose “I have a few”, but I probably have a lot…I will answer any question about myself, no matter how personal, but it is always tempered in a way – I tell you what I want to tell you, and not always to the depth the inquirer may desire 😉 *shrug*

    And there are DEFINITELY different types of secrets…ugly ones, dark ones, ones that exist for the simple fact that you don’t talk about them, ya know…”secrets of omission” 😉 lol

  10. I voted a lot. Pluto hits everything in my chart in one way or another. *lol* I’m a very private individual and there are things that not every Joe Blow needs to know about me, and there are things that I haven’t told anyone, ever and probably never will. In general, though, if you ask you’ll at least get the bare bones of an answer.
    And when it comes to keeping secrets, I keep ’em like a mofo. It will never leave my mouth, which is why I have so many people that confided in me.

  11. thanks for the distinction between Pluto secrets and Neptune ones. I have Neptune in Scorpio on the IC and it is interesting as I have always thought myself totally secretive and the best keeper of others hidden truths – also with Moon Mars conjunction in Scorpio 3rd house – but actually, I guess I obscure my truth more. I omit and end up not really confiding at all….sketching over the detail. Wow, I get my fogginess now.

  12. I have a few secrets but I consider them to be Neptunian rather than Plutonian. They’re only secrets because I simply haven’t told people about them… not really because I want to keep them hidden.

  13. Kashmiri I sent you a message on the boards message system. It really isn’t super secret. I’m just protecting some of our family from our weird ways. Anyone else who is really curious is welcome to private message me. 🙂

    There wasn’t a “I tell all of my own secrets eventually and none of anyone else’s” choice. But that would be me.

  14. My secrets aren’t Neptunian or Plutonian, they’re just Cancerian – what belongs inside the shell because it’s private. Not unusual or particularly shocking, just nobody else’s business… and maybe a few oddities I don’t really want to share 🙂

    And then there are my family’s secrets. They’re much more interesting, but I’ve never discussed them because they’re not mine to share.

  15. i try to avoid secrets. i just don’t talk about some things. in certain context.
    obscuring, i guess.
    it’s not too hard.

    i don’t trust many people.
    but i don’t like lying.
    i just avoid some things in certain environments. don’t open up often.

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