Making Generalizations When Reading Charts

StarGirl wrote about making generalizations when it comes to astrology.  This is a provocative topic. It triggers a PC alert.

All Virgos are this. All Aries are that.

But signs do have characteristics which are well defined.  You can’t read a chart without thinking in stereotypes at least to an extent. What is the use of looking at a chart if you are not going to factor in what you know about “Gemini”?

This means the skill of an astrologer is going to depend on other factors. If I were shopping an astrologer I’d get one who’d had some therapy or the equivalent and I’ll tell you why:

If an astrologer has poor boundaries or needs a therapist themselves, they’re going to take what they know about the Aquarian guy they used to date and equate it to the Aquarian guy you are dating now. This will mess you up, any way you turn it.

A good astrologer has total acceptance of all the signs and has developed an appreciation for each of them.  If you hear an astrologer say that they can do without “Aries” or “Pisces”, I would consider that a problem. But if you are going to deny commonality between people with certain planets in certain signs then I see no reason to pick up a chart in the first place.

“Mars in Scorpio” either gives information or it doesn’t. I think it does but nuance is everything. Do you know how many shades of black hair there are?


Making Generalizations When Reading Charts — 10 Comments

  1. This is a stunning post, Elsa. You have a way of writing so that a really penetrating observation appears to be pure common sense. I think this is akin to a great architect designing a very complex building so that it appears to belong in its surroundings, or to have always been there.

    Oh and in the last week, I’ve learned that two of my coworkers, a good friend, and me, all share a 1-degree Gemini moon. Believe me, you can make generalizations about us. 🙂

  2. I noticed all Scorpios have this intense energy about them. ALL the the ones that I met have this!

    Even the nice, open, and friendly ones.

    And no, I am not being bias. 90% of people who have this intense energy, I find out later to be a Scorpio.

  3. I think you should keep in mind that MOST of the traits applying to a sign will apply to the person, but there’s gonna be the occasional exception. (I am a Taurus and have a black thumb and hate cooking and am not jealous, for example.)

  4. Very well said Elsa. I was going to have a reading done by an astrologer, and then changed my mind when I discovered an article he’d written on Plutonians where he basically paints us like we are absolute monsters and says we are to be avoided at all costs (he actually advises people to ignore Plutonians). I thought ‘What would this guy’s reaction be if he saw I had all this Pluto in my chart?’ He’d already made up his mind about people with strong Plutonian influences, which made me think he’d been stung pretty badly in the past.

  5. i went once and he prescribed me some pills (antianxiety meds, when i was struggling with ptsd ), even after I firmly expressed that i didn’t want to take any medication.. I threw away the prescription & I didn’t go back ( I know not all therapists are like this. he was also an MD though. ) i did have a mentor-type person in my life at that time though which was much better ( My mom’s friend )

  6. and i dislike generalizations in astrology too. especially if the author paints it in a way where it seems like there’s a black cloud hovering over…. and good call about the shades of black. pluto energy can be extreme, prone to jealousy, but can also be incredibly self-aware and plumb depths that you didn’t know you had, as well as heal the body by purging out (amputating) toxic influences. It all depends on how you use it.

  7. I think we might dislike generalizations because we don’t want to be one more but someone “special”… but in the end, almost all of us have 2 hands – and a brain too – but what makes us special is what we do with them, right? So, two people can share all the traits of a Sun sign (or a Mars sign) but use them in a different way, thus be a unique individual with a unique life. Not to mention the combination of planets, positions and aspects in a personal chart, as well as the interaction with other people. If there are two twins and one lives in New York while the other one gets to live somewhere in a cave, their charts will certainly manifest as two different lives.

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