Astrology And Men’s Fashion: Aquarius

That man in red pants and black shirt over there is certainly an Aquarius dresser! Aiming for being unique, that man that dresses just a bit “off” is the Aquarius dressing man who cares about his own taste and not what is fashionable to anyone else! If he could design his own clothes he would, and often they do if they can sew or know someone who does!

The man who dresses for Aquarius is the one that mixes the strangest colors and makes it work or wears the tie dye long after it is “over” and until it comes back into style! A rich vein of Aquarius is running though each and every one of the men who do tie dye clothing or those that wear homemade shirts out of fabric they choose! If they are partnered with someone who sews they are in their element because they can make their dreams come true!

A man who marches to his own drum, the Aquarius often wears ethnic clothing that is not of his origin or clothing made for one occupation while working in another. There is a method to their madness as well: They wear what works best in their creative mind to make their jobs easier! They are the nurse that wears homemade funky scrubs and the casual dresser that wears colored jeans! Color being a great friend to Aquarius women, Aquarius men also love their colors and are not afraid of showing them off like the peacock! Only wishing to express himself, the man who dresses for Aquarius will get color into his wardrobe one way or the other! Men that are not afraid of color are refreshing and the trick with Aquarius men is that they don’t go overboard with their love of being unique!

Many Aquarius men dress for sub-groups they belong to, for example, biker groups, scooter groups, religious groups, groups formed at where they work and any group that has it’s “look” that is identified easily by looking at them. Some sport some outrageous tattoos or piercings and consider body art a very serious thing. The Aquarius man will decorate himself to say who he is and will not spare the change if it is about defining himself. He loves his groups and again, will dress the part and often hold “office” within these groups causing him to have to have costumes that reflect his office.

If the Aquarius man has to wear a tie he will choose unique ties that set him apart and sometimes collect ties in a certain style. If he must wear a suit he will often wear a bright colored shirt with his suit to bring up the color and increase the interest. Defining who he is by his clothing is something the man who dresses for Aquarius understands. He will be the first to try the new colored jeans or slacks that are printed or colored as well. He will want color in his shirts and not be satisfied with a uniform unless he has to wear one at work and if he is trapped in a uniform at work he will find a way to show himself a bit different in that uniform or show his unique spirit when off work. The man who dresses for Aquarius must be able to show his own point of view with this clothing and they do so with a flair that is uniquely Aquarius!

Some Aquarius men find women’s clothing that suits them in the way of T’s and even some shirts even though they may button on the wrong side traditionally. An Aquarius won’t mind wearing that woman’s shirt if it works on him especially if the style is androgynous and is worn by both sexes. He likes to be open to others and likes to show his open mind by what he wears. Often the Aquarius man goes over board when he is upset or worried and acts out with clothing by making himself quite the picture of strangeness but this is just a way of coping and he will come out of it!

The best way for an Aquarius to show their personal style is to work with prints in men’s shirts and even hit boutiques and specialty stores while keeping in mind thrift shops which they love. The retro shops hold promise for an Aquarius man for he can find things like bowling shirts and old sports shirts that are very unique and will help him find his individual style. Not to rain on his parade, he should indulge his love of the unique and colorful while balancing it out with some “normal” looking pants or a “normal” shirt with parachute pants if he needs a lot of pockets or any other pant made for those who work with their hands. An Aquarius is not above accessorizing with a “man bag” either and they suit him well.

Often the Aquarius likes pockets in his clothing for his electronics, keys and other things that he carries with him. The Aquarius man, because he so hates a uniform, does best in careers that allow for some expression of freedom in dress. If he does not get his “ya ya’s” out with his work clothing he can find a way in his off hours. I recommend him shopping for crayon colors that will bring the light into the room and complex prints as well as ethnic designed shirts from other cultures. He may find himself loving African colors or Asian looks and can pull of the men’s version of these looks very, very well. Having an open mind, he can mine other cultures for unique looks to this country and show his style in that way. Printed men’s shirts are always of great interest to the Aquarius man and I like the bolder prints on them because they can pull them off without a problem. Again, crayon colors in prints work well to express their love of color and pairing them with pants that are a bit neutral is best because two bold colors on top and bottom can look like one got carried away by the fashion monster. Pants with pockets are good for Aquarius men because again, they allow them to carry their “stuff” of which they usually have plenty. They also do well to carry a change of clothing in their car in case they have to dress a certain way for work and want to be themselves after work.

The “cowboy” look works for Aquarius if they are so inclined because the costume looks good on Aquarius and they tend not to wear clothing that does not mean something to them personally. The very worst thing they can do is dress in things that do not express that they are unique so being a slave to a uniform is their idea of hell. There is a certain type of Aquarius who can get away with wearing anything or damned near anything and he is the type that will wear the oldest, baggiest jeans and T.’s shirts from twenty years ago while still thinking the look works. The old look from his past may still be his identity now and if he is stuck in a time warp sooner or later his wardrobe will come back in style, ha ha! This type of free wheeling Aquarius that can be anything from a nudist to an “older” or “newer” hippie is always fun to watch and even more fun to be around. If they are this type of Aquarius dresser they will rarely throw away any clothes and wear them until they fall apart. The Aquarius man will change his whole look if his life changes and he remarries or joins a different sub-group. Often we will see an Aquarius man replace his whole wardrobe after joining some sort of club, or sport, for example, so don’t be surprised if he revamps himself on the outside to match his new life! I’m sure that if your partner is an Aquarius you have seen him change his look at bit when he changes his lifestyle. This keeping up of his lifestyle and embracing change we have to love him for and respect that he will have the personal strength to change it all up to belong and represent something he believes in!

The Aquarius dresser buys shoes that are unique or that match his unique lifestyle. Rarely does he wear the shoes that are “in style” or “on trend” and most of the time he has a reason for the shoes he loves. He loves shoes that are comfortable and that make a statement. The guy with the colored shoes often has Aquarius working in his chart and this means shoes of every color or shoes of two colors at once! I’ve seen them wear patterned shoes that look like Vans in patterns such as plaid and the like. An Aquarius also will work the “cowboy boot” if it suits his life or a pair of biker boots if he rides a motor cycle. The shoes, again, have a reason for being on his feet and he is not shy about them. Often an Aquarius dressing man will fall in love with a pair of shoes and wear them to death so they should know a cobbler so they can get their shoes repaired since they can’t give them up so often! If you take an Aquarius to a thrift store or a vintage shop they might find a pair of shoes they like as well because if they are different the Aquarius loves them! Very often the retro looks inspire the man who dresses for Aquarius because they are tried and true and look different from the shoe that is on trend for men at the time. I’ve seen Aquarius men wear their boots completely out and wear dress shoes with their better clothes that look like they were inherited!

Shoes that have been worn in also appeal to them because they are comfy so again, the thrift stores are great shopping for the man who dresses for Aquarius! I like to see them in shoes that slip on because they are so easy to wear and if they have to wear a shoe that is nice they should look for one that slides on or if it ties it should have a wide toe bed to keep their feet comfy. They look great in styles that have been around for awhile so sticking with classics is best when shopping for shoes. The key is to not let their favorite shoes get worn down too far before they are re-soled or are cleaned so they look nice all the time. Watch the feet if you are an Aquarius man because you often go a bit off center with your shoe choices and you should make sure they work with all your clothing. Retro styles like loafers or oxfords work well as long as you have room in the toes and you can wear a pointed toe so long as they are cut wide in the toe. Brown/black shoes look great with everything so try a pair of shoes that are dark brown with black soles that show for a casual look that will work with all your “looks.” Yes, the Aquarius dressing man has “looks” he puts together and he should remember to match the shoes in this effort he makes to look unique. If shoes that he loves are hard to find I suggest he look online for vintage or thrift that is also vintage so he can find very unique styles that will be only his when he is out and about. The trick is not to forget the shoes and to remember that they are important to the outfit when you are dressing Aquarius. Sometimes the Aquarius thinks any ol’ shoe will do even if it’s very strange and this can lead to some funky looks! The great shoes that are pointed and out right now look great for Aquarius that wear thinner pant legs so he may want to try that look. A skinny pant with a pointed toe shoe is a great look for unique Aquarius.

Men who dress for Aquarius love unique hair as well as clothes. They are the type that if they want long hair will grow what is left on their head if it’s balding and tie that back in a pony tail! An Aquarius will often wear a ponytail if they have the hair or not and tend to cut their own hair often enough! Wanting an original style, they are often the type to try to cut it themselves even if they are going just by what they see! An Aquarius loves long hair if they can wear it but if their job causes them to be more “clean cut, ” they will find a way to have their hair look different even if it’s by not combing it often! Lovers of free expression, they often have partners that have wild hair because they can’t wear it themselves. If you have a partner that dresses for Aquarius you can bet he will love your hair if it’s done in a unique way! Aquarius looks great in long cuts that fly a bit free if they have the hair to do so and if they are balding they should cut their hair very short or even go for the shaved head look. Often an Aquarius will shave their own hair on a whim just to see how they look or try a style they see on someone else just to see how they can pull it off.

The younger Aquarius-dressing male will often use colors in his hair or try a “Goth” look! The older Aquarius male will often try coloring his hair once he sees gray and if he likes it he will keep it up. An Aquarius male likes to look like he does not work at his look but will put in the effort if he thinks it will make him look the way he wants to look. Not liking the idea of gray hair in the beginning they often dye their own hair and do it so funny that they don’t ever do it again but if they use a stylist they could get a look that would be very good for them. The Aquarius man does not like going to the stylist though so he will find something he can wear or that a barber can cut to avoid going through the process that a hairstylist would require.

Short hair with long bangs is a look that suits the child inside of every man who dresses for Aquarius and also if they will visit a stylist they can loose a bit of the gray and keep some! More often than not they will let their hair grow until it has to be cut and then give in and cut it. The man who dresses for Aquarius is also the man who has strange looks like “comb overs” and the like! Wanting to keep the childlike innocence they so love they will wear their hair the same way for years and years if they can without changing the style. The Aquarius dressing man may have the side part and grown out look of a boy’s cut going on as well. If he has to dress for work he will reluctantly get his hair cut in a style that is acceptable but not without trying to find a way to make it look different and unique! If he has long hair and does not want to have short hair he should have it styled by a stylist to keep it current so guide him along those lines if you have a partner who dresses for Aquarius. If he is younger he may have a style that sticks up in the middle or the latest thing going on because, again, he loves something unique. There is always something about the Aquarius dressing man’s hair that is different if he has to do it himself! The new hair care is great for Aquarius men so if you know one you could help him understand how to use product to get a hairstyle that is of his own making thus cheering him up! Again, if he does not like gray hair and is having a hard time with it he can get it tinted partially and leave some gray which is what looks best on men with gray hair! Gray hair on an Aquarius man that is older might be long, for example, to be a bit different!

Facial hair is another way that the Aquarius dressing man has to play with his hair and find something unique. Often the Aquarius man will grow out his facial hair if he has a lot and style it in one way and then the other when he is bored with his last look! Being able to play with mustaches and beards in all sorts of ways is a fashion outlet for Aquarius men and they will take great advantage of this. There is no telling how they will wear their beards and mustaches because they so often go for a change until they find the one style they feel suits them. Aquarius-dressing men see facial hair as an accessory and don’t use it to cover up but to decorate. Some other signs dislike facial hair being out of control but the Aquarius male is bound to do one thing and then the other while he looks for his “look.” He will let his facial hair grow a bit longer than other men because “wild” is a word he understands and wants to convey!

One thing that defines the style of the Aquarius male or a man who dresses for Aquarius is the fact that it will be unique. He may show his unique style with clothing, hair or even shoes but he will have a signature look that is his own by the time he has “grown up” or grown into his style. Allowing the Aquarius dressing man his fun by letting him look his “wild” way is best while helping him find things that are fitting his style but that are not socially unacceptable! Let your “freak flag” fly if you are a man who dresses for Aquarius but clean your look up enough to get that raise or promotion that you might want! You will attract the right person for you if you go ahead and dress in the way you want so be sure to allow yourself that freedom of defining your own “look!”


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  1. Love this! My man is an Aquarian and lets his hair grow, then frustrated, shaves it off on a whim! Great tips and now that he has a toned own look he does appreciate it when I do my hair in crazy ways 😀

  2. mmmm…aquarius<3 Love them.

    There is this one guy I remember , he had to be aquarian. So pretty ..worked for a he wore harem pants, black rocker boots…,white simple low cut t-shirt or wife beater…eh and a asymetrical cut cardigan. Wow…I never wished i could just take someone and go , like that time… I will never forget.He looked gorgeous. I love gutsy aquarian men for dearing to dress as they like …no gender stereotypes in their way.

    Aquarian…Ha, obviously<3,r:17,s:0&biw=1280&bih=961

    Another aquarian

    And Adam lambert <3

    I love tie dye

  3. This is not true. I’m an aquarius and I like uniforms. I like wearing blazers or suits, it doesn’t bother me. Contrary, I enjoy wearing them.

    I don’t use colors in my hair and not even looking for a unique hairstyle, I’m happy with the newest trend.

    With every-day clothes, I personally follow fashion…so nothing extreme.

    However, thanks for the article. It was an interesting reading.

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