Astrology And Lifestyle: Decorating And Design Around The Zodiac – Cancer, Leo And Virgo

Cancer: Cushy, comfy, and homey are words to live by! Frame photos of your family or of the family you have created of your own out of friends you love so much. You are so good at making people feel at home that having a place you can invite that “family,” for tea, real tea, that is the tea that takes a few steps to brew would be yummy for you. Or coffee, of course! Have space for your note paper and address book for you should use snail mail from time to time to put the personal touches on things, which you do so well. Crafty? Well, many Cancer people are crafty and having a place to do your own thing with craft is a MUST for you. Make sure you have slippers there and warm wraps, shawls, etc, to dress in when you are indulging your senses. Aromatherapy works for you too and you can make your recipes sing here in your area if you make it on the side of your kitchen. You may love to cook to show love so this little place of your own might be perfect next to your kitchen but apart by using some sort of space divider! Cute little note cards and sticky notes to go in your cards would be fun and don’t forget to be able to wrap your body in the best of fabric when you are curling up making yourself or anyone else at home!

Leo: You also need room for your clothing. You go for drama when you dress and there needs to be room for your costumes that flatter your face and hair as well as room for your making up because you rarely forget to accent your face as well as your body. Decorate in jewel colors and play with “royal,” accents, unafraid to go with what reaches your heart and not thinking about what other’s think. There is a nobility about you and you deserve a space that holds all your props and those items that inspire your creativity. You love drama so make your space dramatic in color and content. Include full length mirrors and extra mirrors without fearing what others will think. On the other side of yourself you are a thinker and most don’t see that side of you so have room for those things that inspire your mind as well. Use gold touches and when having a choice of styles for your space chose those “royal colors,” that make you go “boom,” to truly feel at home. Light your mirror with light bulbs and don’t be afraid to go for it in every big way you imagine. A good light for reading and stimulating yourself with books designed to inspire with art work and photographs is a good idea as well.

You need a comfortable, ergonomic office space that holds all you are studying or working on with such obsession to make perfect. You need a perfect chair that supports your back and your neck. You need book shelves or shelves, depending on what you are working on so hard so you can neatly arrange your work in pockets that delight. Food is important to you so have a nice little fridge there at your disposal and if you are into coffee or tea, buy yourself a small pot to use in your area so that you don’t have to go near the kitchen to make yourself comfy in the area of your stomach! Fill a Virgo’s tummy and give them something to study and they are in heaven so think of office devises that make your life easier and don’t spare the change because you like what you are working at to be worth something to someone and I’m sure it is. Try decorating your space with wall paper because the neat look of wall paper could be appealing to you and it is so “old world,” and you love the wisdom of the ages around you. A couple of antiques might be nice as well. If you’ve never thought of wall paper think of it now and while you are at it, get a few plants to take care of when you are doing your thing. If you have a lot of light, try tropicals no matter where you live. If you are so inclined, try a fish tank as well to keep those silent and calming creatures near you so you remember to space out now and again to renew your amazing thoughts!

– Annalisa

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Astrology And Lifestyle: Decorating And Design Around The Zodiac – Cancer, Leo And Virgo — 5 Comments

  1. I love this so much! Royal red and gold are my favorite decor colors. Also have a taste for large gothic mansions and castles, so brown and white fit too.

    That picture is really an ideal home for me.

    Thanks Annalisa!

    Quad Leo

  2. Okay e went from two living rooms to what looks like an efficiency for the Virgo. What’s with that. Funny thing is the cancer ex looks a dead ringer for the Cancer man-friend’s digs, and I do indeed have a gazillion books with built-in shelves on my staircase. Also the Leo closet thing– my Leo Ma does indeed have three double-closets full of clothes. The doors on them used to be painted gold when she moved in until Virgo husband painted over them.I think we need to repaint them gold since he’s now gone.(To another dimension.After 50+ years of marriage)

  3. Denny, the photos are at random. They are not meant to depict any certain sign… They are just to give ideas to anyone who can relate.

  4. I like Victorian inspired, menage of different antique/vintage styles, furniture. Quirky. Warmth, dust, and clutter. Need books all over the floor. The Cancer type needs to live in a warm cave, it can be funky and edgy as long as it’s warm and comforting. They get a bad rap for being conservative and cheesy, they can be funky and edgy too. I like Anthropologie quilts and home furnishings. And moroccan lanterns, Chinese decor, etc.

  5. Dina, I think Cancer types or those influenced by Cancer often have the most comfy homes. They also seem to have just about everything I forget to get because of my Cap rising!
    Nice style, thanks.

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