Astrology And Lifestyle: Decorating And Design Around The Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Here are some ideas using astrology to make a space for you to be you while there. Depending on your chart’s ruler, or whatever part of your chart you live in, you can use these ideas to make your life more comfortable and to indulge yourself: something we all need to do.

Aries: You could use an exercise room, yes. Somewhere to use all that physical energy or if you are one to go out and exercise because you love the outdoors, a place to keep all your gear would be a way to go. Aries is happy when putting out energy and that includes their own energy for the sake of happiness within. Your space needs music and you need the high energy music you are usually attracted to. Whether you are into high energy classical or high energy punk, high energy music is your favorite. Find a great way to surround yourself with this music when you need to recharge. You also may consider making your space a space for two. You need people to be deeply happy although you tend to go it alone so make space for another person in your happy place to be truly in your best element.

blankTaurus: You need a space of comfort. Comfy robes, towels, candles which are the aromatherapy type, etc… You are most happy when you are in luxury and luxury can be had for very little money if you are creative about it. If you can’t afford to buy yourself that fluffy robe, try making one or finding someone who sews and does not charge an arm and a leg. Surround yourself in that space with fluffy pillows you can cuddle up in and make sure you can dim the lights or completely illuminate light should you choose to. I know many Tauruses who are comfortable sleeping in pitch dark and who use dark hangings over their windows if they live in a sunny environment.

It must smell nice and you must find your scent, the one that relaxes you and puts you at ease. This takes time and is worth going out and investigating scents until you find those that make the most worthwhile surroundings for you. Use creams and concoctions for your skin because you love to have your skin feeling wonderful and soft. Think soft and supportive and by all means, invest in this space because it will pay off in spades for years to come.

: A space to do your thinking and chatting comes to mind. You love your reading, your learning and your chatting with you group of eclectic friends. You need a space for this where you can be all the characters you love to be in one room. How about space for your wardrobe as well, the wardrobe you twist and turn each time you go out? A room of your own to do the things that stimulate you is perfect and it should be colorful and full of those items that remind you of the good times you’ve had with your friends and those family members you can stand! 😉

Room for books, your computer, your I-Phone, or your Blackberry action. You are the president of group texts and arranging those get togethers that include your friends you so value and you need room to spread out and get it all together. Your clothing is also of value to you in the way that you love to mix it up so instead of putting together outfits and organizing in that way, go for organization by color so you can create colorful expressions of yourself to go out in and meet your friends at those coffee shops that stimulate your mind because you are surrounded by people and caffeine!

To be continued.


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Astrology And Lifestyle: Decorating And Design Around The Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini — 8 Comments

  1. ThankU Annalisa, i must forget about this things sometime but i will start enjoying them it is a purpose for 2010 !!!

    Best Wishes !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great idea for a series! Looking forward to more!

    I’m a semi-reformed slob trying to get organized 🙂 I’d say you summed up my Gemini well. I just recently started redoing my bedroom and putting together all my clothes by color rather than function. I have areas for all my gadgets and electronics as well as 2 ceiling high bookshelves that flank one wall of the room…kinda look like the pillars of the Gemini glyph when viewed from the other side.

    Does your IC sign affect the look of your personal space much? I have Aries there and seemed to have instinctively decked out most things in warm colors even though I prefer blue the most. I didn’t realize how many things I’d collected in bright solid red colors. I also prefer angular, minimal furniture in warm wood tones set up for easy access. Seemed like a no-frills, “grab and go” Aries thing to do but I dunno for sure…

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