Astrology And Fashion: Zodiac Signs And Fashion Trends For Fall 2009

There are some new trends springing up after fashion week in N.Y. and one can guess which signs will hop on which wagons when they shop for fall.

Now it’s true, trends tend to get to the other states a year late at times but with all the inexpensive knock offs we can expect to see some of these trends hit the inexpensive stores right along with the upper line stores!

The Biker Look is back with a vengeance and we can just guess who’s going to get into this look. Our Sag friends will not mind a bomber jacket in black, nor will their Gemini sisters if this is their personal costume. Remember: Gemini’s like costuming and will pick from the trends and decide what costume to bear. Biker jackets, black skinny pants, and chain wear are going to be all over the stores and besides our Sag friends we might see a Leo ramp up with this trend for attention, an Aquarius go for the look if their friends embrace it and even an Aries for the tough look that it is.

The forties are back in the look of suits, pants and tops and we can see the Libra loving this as they match and mix colors to make themselves appear the ladies they are in every way. A Cap loves a good suit too and might give in to the trend even though they dislike trends as a rule.

Scorp on the job will bypass the biker look and go for the power suit in a forties style if it seduces and gives the appearance of power dressing. Mind you, these ideas are with those who dress in life in mind, many of us don’t have to dress for our job in these times of working at home. The forties might appeal to the odd Taurus who love antiques and anything proven. The busty look of the forties will appeal to the Cancer who needs a suit for work. Most forties designs were cut for a bust.

The idea of bedroom dressing is back meaning we will see bras again worn on the outside and Cancer girls will love this idea. Nightgown dresses and low cut tops that show your bra are right up the Cancer’s alley and let’s not forget that the Scorpio might like this look for night. A Leo is a lover of night wear when they go out and don’t mind showing skin so they might find a bedroom look that hits them just so.

Last we have Investment dressing and this means clothing that will last, stay in style, and wear well. The Virgo girl is all over this as is the Cappy. A Libra will buy this idea so long as it’s done in color as a true Libra girl does not like black and white dressing or gray even as investment pieces are usually done in these shades. However, if it’s truly a good buy and they will wear it over and over for years to come, it’s got the earth signs all over it! The Gemini and the Sag will find the idea of wearing the same thing year after year far too boring to indulge even IF it is a good investment.
These are the new trends and expect to see the looking at you when you approach the stores in the coming weeks.

– Annalisa

What are your ideas in buying new clothing if you are going to? What appeals to your chart ruler?

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Astrology And Fashion: Zodiac Signs And Fashion Trends For Fall 2009 — 16 Comments

  1. I won’t be buying anything new, but I’m in the process of making something like this dress with old leather skirts I have accumulated from thrift stores:

    we’ll see how it goes!

  2. kash-that dress is fabulous! you should post a pic when you get it done…

    i just ordered a hippie dress and pants. πŸ™‚ that should please my leo rising and is great costuming for gemini moon. and since i run a new age hosting company, well, virgo sun should be satisified at the practicality of presentation, right?

    (see? i have been paying attention, Annalisa!)

  3. Venus chart..I like the 40’s come back…feminine and classic appeal to a side of me…maybe a cashmere sweater and fitting skirt. I’ll even go for those 40’ish sytle pumps and the seamed stockings….

  4. I so need new clothes- I must say the closest I get to a “biker” look is a very cool black leather jacket. That’s it though – my clothes are always feminine to the max. I have way too many curves to even attempt a “power suit”. The thought of how I would look in one is making me laugh out loud right now – I guess I like the sexy stuff, that would be the scorpio rising. What a great article, thanks!

  5. Kashmiri, that dress is really cool. I agree, do share a pic when you’re done (or progress pics;).

    I have a lot of planets in Pisces. I tend to hit the resale shops. I’ve wondered why and I think it is b/c I like to shop in small “boutiques” but don’t want to spend $100 for a t-shirt. I find that there is usually a really cool vibe in women’s resale shops. Plus, the lower prices let me save my money and feel secure in my path of self discovery.

    Oh, and when I’m working (currently unemployed) I tend to wear power suits. Is this odd for a Pisces? I’ve felt comfortable in suits since my late teens. Odd?

  6. my chart ruler is saturn but i’m coveting booties of all kinds which i somehow see as mercurial. maybe because one of my gem friends has them and they look so fleet footed!

  7. Beautiful dress, Kashmiri! πŸ™‚

    I am actually in the process of losing 20 lbs (8 lbs to go!) and also giving myself a life overhaul. I’m definitely in need of new clothes!

    I am a double Aries (sun and Asc) with a Pisces moon. Mars is in my 5th house in Leo conj. Jupiter and my North Node. I’ve been craving to be seen lately so it seems like I dress to satisfy the Leo Mars and the North Node a lot.

    Much as I like the general style (toughness) and embellishments of the Biker Chic, I’m not keen on the bomber jackets and the so-called “motorcycle jacket”. With this slimmed down figure, I like to emphasize my new curves so I opt for curvier, tighter fitting leather styles. I do like the “rough around the edges” look, though as this has been my look for most of my life. This satisfies my very Aries sensibilities.

    The 1940’s look will satisfy my Cancer moon and my Venus in Taurus (trined by Saturn, sextiled by the moon). I like anything that emphasizes the bust, and in fact, much of my clothes are very busty. I like the hourglass yet powerful look of the 40’s, so I’m all for it. I am likely limiting this to jackets however (I have a lot of blazers and jackets), mainly because I prefer wearing pants/jeans. Perhaps combining refined elements of the 40’s look with the rough elements of the biker look would work best for me πŸ˜‰

  8. I LOVE the biker look, with messy hair and some feminine bracelets and a cute shirt with tight pants plus the jacket and some flat BOOTS! That pretty much sums up my Cancer Sun, Aries Moon and Leo asc!

  9. Congrats Lunalie! Also, I third (or fourth) the “can’t wait to see Kash’s new dress” crowd. πŸ™‚

    I’m Venus ruled, and I do love the 40s look too (my Taurus rising is a big sucker for these classic looks).

  10. I’m a Sun Libra, but my fashion sense is definitely more Virgo (Ascendent) / Capricorn (Moon) than anything else. My wardrobe is mainly black (I’d say up yo 60 % of my clothes are black), white, denim, taupe and gray. So, I’m not a color person, but cuts are important, I love classic clothing with a twist. So is the material – I do have a sensitive skin, so clothing must be good to wear. I’d love to be able to spend more on clothing, but I do pay attention to quality, ever trying to find a good bargain.

    For this season there were many things I loved on runways with designers keeping the colors to minimum and playing with the shapes. I already found a great pair of leather pants – my best bargain ever , a sample piece costing just 1/25th of the retail price. I also bought black, skinny trousers that are very Roberto Tisci for Givency. Now I’m looking for a perfect, short coat and stiletto heeled – already have enough chunky heels – ankle boots to wear with them.

  11. Rick Owens was still pretty hot earlier in the season. With the architectural heels thing. And the pyramid sleeves. Very fierce and Aries.

    Girls in Denmark layered black and wore those loose eighties blazers we already see in stores.

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