Astrology And Fashion: Style Tips through the Zodiac Signs – Part 3

Sagittarius: A Saggie is very much like and Aries when it comes to taking time to make up. They are usually in a hurry and want a style that takes very little time to maintain. The first thing I think a Sagittarius needs is a hairstyle that is almost shake-and-go! The best way to find a style like this is to “shop,” styles in magazines and the best hairstyle magazines are European and available in bookstores at reasonable prices. The other way to find a style for you is to talk to your hairdresser and explain what you want: you want to “shake,” and go! Working with your hair’s natural properties is the very best way to do this. Is your hair wavy? If so, you want a style that is cut in a way that works with your waves. If your hair is straight, you want a style that is cut for straight hair.

You can also work with product to achieve a look that is a “go,” look. There are products to hold your hair in a shape as it dries that are hard gels you can comb through when they dry or pastes, even waxes. You can mold your hair and let it dry in the style you want. You could also discover ways to put your long hair up and let it dry that will leave it with body and waves without you picking up a blow dryer. Straight, straight hair is passe’ at this point but if it is your natural look you are always “in,” if you wear it. A good blow out will last you four or five days if you decide to have it blown out for you. Don’t wash your hair every day if you can help it. If you wait to wash your hair for a day or two it is healthier for your hair and keeps your color true. Try shampoo’s like “Enjoy,” that are good for colored hair to preserve it’s tones. Sometimes to have high or low lights takes the place of make up to lighten up your face and make it shine. One always needs less make up when they use hair color. Practice the Aries make up tips when it come to make up so that you have the natural look you crave and a high pony tail can make you look great and very happy.

Saggies need a skin cream and face cream that are outstanding because they tend to show some skin whether it is their style or it is in yoga or work out classes. Try shimmering lotions for the body and don’t be afraid of “fake tan,” formulas because they are great and they work. You could use one that builds your tan slowly until you like it or one that gives you a dark look quick. Sag looks great with a tan but stay away from the sun and tanning beds!

Capricorn: Cappys like to have a finished look if they can find the time for it and they usually do. If you are dressing for your Capricorn you find time to finish your face. I recommend an even eye and lip for a Capricorn, not focusing on one or the other too much. An uneven look such as a strong eye and light lip will only make Cappy look garish when other signs can pull it off without a hitch. Try rose colors for your face and lips and stay away from any dark lipstick unless it is a true red that works for your face. Many Capricorns are scared of a red lipstick but truthfully it works well for them and tells others to think about whatever comes out of your mouth, which you want! Try a strong lip and see if you can get used to it!

Eyes should be strong but subtle. Mascara, smudged liner and subdued tones for eyeshadow. Eyeshadow should be earth colors and browns of one shade or the other are the best for Cappy. Use a light color under the brow bone that just blends into your skin and barely shows. Use a darker brown that flatters your skin for the crease of your eye and you will have an eye look that works for you and gives you a finished look without you looking garish and overly made up. If you just don’t like make up and are a Cappy remember that you need to dress for the next job/placement you want! A finished face is a good idea and if you do decide that you want minimal make up, try a face that is devoid of base and use a primer instead! Base can be passed by and you can use a dust of powder instead if you have good skin and this looks very fresh if you do use make up on your eyes and lips. For your lips, invest in a product that holds your lipstick in place all day because you tend to work long hours and not have time for touch ups!

Aquarius: Aquarius, you look great with a signature haircut like your sign mates Jennifer Aniston and Farrah Fawcett! You can work with your hair dresser to find a style that is fashion forward but that no one catch catch up with! Make sure your hair lets your eyes show because Aquarius have eyes like pools into the future! Your eyes have depth and to play that up it pays to have a ritual eye plan that works for you. Try colored eyeliner that is pencil and can be smudged but use a color like green or blue and smudge it well! Line your upper eye and half of your lower eye, the outer half and you will have deep, mesmerizing eyes! I cannot say enough about the eyes of an Aquarius so find a way to play yours up! If you can’t bring yourself to use eye make up, use a hair cut and color to bring out your eyes. Your eyes are not actually going to come “out,” like Gemini, they are going to look deeper and that is a beautiful thing.

Earrings are an Aquarius best friend! Try feather earrings or different styles of earrings that make your face interesting. You always have interesting things to say so you want others to see your face and look at you and see a person who is deep and thoughtful as you are. Earring and necklace matches look wicked on you and should be considered! Don’t be afraid to try ethnic looks. You can wear all colors of make up, even the most wild and pull it off! Keep your lips glossy and stay away from too bright of colors on the lips for Aquarius tend to have mouths that stand out anyway! If you are Aquarius, or if you rising is Aquarius, even if you are dressing for Venus in Aquarius, you will have a mouth that others see and it does not need heavy dressing. The face, again, of an Aquarius is deep and thoughtful but accessible to others. Draw others to you by using the colors that are available to you and think about your eye color when you choose make up for your eyes. You want to set them off and take advantage of that person you are that thinks so very much and so deeply.

Pisces: Your eyes are also very important! A Pisces eyes tell all and you can apply eye make up without any help in many cases. You’ve a natural feel for doing your eyes and they should be done in a way that shows your feeling nature. Pisces colors are greens and blues and you can use them to bring your eyes too a place where they are even dreamier than they naturally are. Shimmer is you when it comes to make up. Using a dark eye look works on you as well if you feel you would like to keep some of your energy to yourself. As a Pisces you tend to get into fashion ideas that come from people close to you. Your challenge is to find a look that is YOU and that is not dictated by those around you or your surroundings. To find YOUR look you need to think about it when alone and get yourself to a place where you are naturally who you are. So many Pisces end up looking like what others project upon them that it is very important that you watch who is around you and how you do yourself with regard to them.

Your hair should be wispy and move. When you move you move with a natural grace and your hair should move with you. If you are a Pisces with small features, don’t be afraid of shorter hair but keep your bangs and the hair in front long so that it sets off your dreamy eyes. Bangs that are long and wispy look great on you and so does hair you can hide behind from time to time and that swings into your face. You will be comfortable in haircuts that do give you a place to hide so don’t cut it all off unless you are dressing for another planet and placement!

Pisces lips look great with a bit of shimmer. Try shimmer lip treatments.

Blush is important for you so use my previous advice about blush and find your natural blush color. After you have your heart rate up and see your natural color, invest in a blush that is the same color as your natural blush. Use blush daily even if you don’t use any other make up! As a Pisces with naturally dreamy eyes you can get away with almost no make up on the face but you want to use your blush so you look finished and you show up. The tendency to fade and to blend is fine but you want your own statement so don’t be afraid to find it. Remember: You are a blend of all the astrological signs before you so you can wear almost any look, the question is: Is is your look? Who are you dressing for and how are you making yourself up? Take tips from all the signs and create your own look and don’t forget to make your eyes swim. I’ve seen Pisces wear the best greens and blues almost all around their eyes lightly and look fantastic!

– Annalisa

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Astrology And Fashion: Style Tips through the Zodiac Signs – Part 3 — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks Annalisa! The last part about Pisces really struck a chord…”you are a blend of all the astrological signs before you so you can wear almost any look, the question is: Is it your look?”

    No kidding! I’ve been having the damndest time trying to figure out just what my look really is (for what seems like forever)…:)

  2. Just getting ready for work now and looking forward to making my eyes ‘swim’ in blues and greens. Moon in Pisces and I think I’ll jump in.
    Thanks for all the great tips, Annalisa!

    Oh, and alicia….same here. Hard to figure out my look, but I gravitate back to a couple of things…one being long scarves or shawls because I love a touch of gypsy.

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