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Jodie Foster has been studied greatly regarding her astrology, I believe, because she very much lives her chart. Jodie is a Scorpio with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio as well. She is an intellectual Scorpio with strong placements in Virgo that include Moon, Uranus and Pluto. Jodie has Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius. Jodie has shown us this chart in her choices of scripts and has lived this chart through out her childhood.

Jodie started doing commercials when she was three and worked her way through a childhood career into a successful film actor, director and producer. Not all child film actors grow into adulthood with successful careers but Jodie had the strength and intelligence to apply herself to her craft and educate herself as well, leading to a very rewarding career as an adult. Jodie has won two Academy Awards, four Academy nominations, three BAFTA Awards, two Golden Globes, a Screen Actors Award and a People’s Choice Award. She has found success in both sleeper films and blockbusters and proved herself to be a bankable star to lead a film. Jodie’s Scorpio planets are in her 11th house and she has proven herself to be an unusual actor and director as well as producer by producing a body of work that has her unique signature on it mostly all the way through her credits.

Jodie would need a deep connection to her roles with Scorpio and Virgo so strongly represented in her chart and in fact has been quoted as saying, “I have to have some acute personal connection with the material. And that’s pretty hard for me to find.” We can assume she is stating the truth here given her chart. Jodie has chosen some dark material for her roles and always brings the light to the subject as one would expect from a Scorpio/Virgo person that is operating in the light. Some of these films are “Taxi Driver,” The Accused,” “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Contact.”

When we see Neptune in line with Scorpio, Jupiter connected and so many planets in Scorpio we expect to see a young life that was full of some strife. Jodie has a direct quote that included the statement, “it was very clear to me that I had to fight for my life and that if I didn’t, my life would be gobbled up and taken away from me.” Indeed, one of the worst situations that Jodie faced was the horrible connection that a fan made in his own mind with her and first threatened her life and then attempted to take the President’s life in her name. Jodie, with her strong intellectual leanings and Scorpio ability to rise from the ashes missed only one semester at Yale during this terrible time and continued on to complete her degree in the middle of what was a very successful career. Jodie, true to the Scorpio leaning and very smartly due to her Virgo intellect, chose to comment very little on the situation and tried to separate her life from such a violent and stunning situation with a very sick individual and was able to do so, showing great skill and intelligence. There is a time one must separate themselves from the dark side and Jodie, being Scorpio, needed to know when that time is and take her cues from her deep understanding of emotion and her knowledge of a business that she did not choose for herself but ended up making it fit her none the less.

Later, Jodie once again had to separate herself from negativity when her brother, trying to capitalize on his sister’s success, came out with a book that spoke of Jodie’s life in all regards, even taking on her sexuality and trying to define if for her while doing damage to her family in the effort. Jodie once again showed the skills of a survivor and a woman that knew her business when she quickly made a short statement regarding the book and stepped away from the distraction from her life and her career. Jodie has proven very smart about keeping her private life private and this is the best way for an entertainer to live their live if they expect to have somewhat of a happy personal life while in the public eye.

Jodie’s Jupiter in Pisces works well with her Scorpio and helps her to take on character very deeply. She has said she takes her characters very seriously and we can see that in her work. She never fails to take us into the story and take us on the “ride” the character takes without her personality interfering with the experience. Her rising is Sagittarius and this would cause Jodie to be interested in other cultures and experiences as well as guide her toward higher education. Jodie chose to stop working long enough to attend university where she was very successful in her academic career.

Jodie attended a French language prep school where she was valedictorian and went on to Yale, graduating with a degree in literature while also being magna cum laude. Higher education proved very important to Jodie and her Sagittarius rising came into play, we can be sure, in her decision to quit her career while she studied and received an education. Later Jodie was given a doctorate of fine arts degree from the same university. Jodie had the Scorpio’s determination to complete her education and reclaim some of her youth when she decided to attend Yale and we can also see her Virgo at play her in her love of information and education. This education is very obvious when we see how her career blossomed after she graduated and seemed to come on like a powerhouse when she returned to the screen both more skilled and probably able to read scripts and alter them to a more believable state when she took a movie. She also began to direct and to produce at this time using her education to it’s fullest.

Saturn is in the 2nd house in Aquarius for Jodie and when we look at her life and her life with her children we see how security plays such an important role. Her security has been threatened and she has been very unique in the building of her family. Jodie never speaks of her sexuality and her partners in life and her children’s father’s are also not something Jodie will talk about. She has built a unique family that works for her and we can assume that she has found safety, which she so richly deserves.

Jodie’s style is one we can say offhand is not one of a “girly girl,” although she always appears very beautiful and dressed on the red carpet by the very best of designers in choices that are wonderful for her in that they are a bit minimal in their design but very flattering on the body and show off her figure very beautifully. Jodie looks best in simple Armani gowns or Calvin Klein’s minimalism and sets off her great body and lovely face very effectively by not getting into the very heavy glam with too many sequins and elaborate adornment that can be found on some gowns.

Jodie keeps her hair in a cut that is flattering for those with smaller features, which she has, and she keeps it highlighted around her face to set off her skin and her eyes as well as her smile in its length. Jodie has quite a bit of Virgo to her style for she only wears what she needs to wear to set off her natural beauty. When one has small features and sharp cheekbones the hair is best kept to the chin or the the shoulders and not much longer so as not to lose the face in the style. Jodie wears her hair in this shorter style that is just long enough to be in an updo if she decides to wear one for a night out. The hair at her length is the most easy to style into different styles while not losing the face. Jodie has very telling eyes and to lose these in her hairstyle would be overpowering and not her best look. She has her hair just where it should be to flatter and has tried shorter hairstyles from time to time to set off her face. Jodie often has bangs to give her shoulder-length hair character and more interest while setting off her eyes. Her eyes are some of her best features so her choices are the very best for her.

We can assume that perfection comes into her work with her image since she has so much Virgo in her chart and the Scorpio would make her very comfortable in her body and allow her to wear the simple and often bare gowns she chooses that also show a body that is small in stature in its best light. When one is very thin and not very tall it is great to show off the long column dress with strappy straps that show the collar bone at its best and the bust in a good way. Jodie is the master of this dress style and never fails to deliver when it comes to simple (Virgo), sexy (Scorpio) beauty.

Jodie keeps her skin tanned most of the time unless her role calls for no tan and this allows her to wear the darker colors well and without them interrupting her natural beauty. She also is a master of the dress suit in pastel colors such as beige and gray which Jodie wears with just the right amount of sexuality to make them look sexy and sleek at the same time. She has been in Armani suits many times and the expert and perfect cut of a sleek Armani suit flatters Jodie in an extreme way. She looks dressed to the nines even if she is in pants and a jacket and as glamorous as she might in a dress! This is part of Jodie’s simplistic style that has worked so well for her in her career.

Her hair is often cut in a perfect bob or cut to a perfect finish on bottom that gives an edge to a face with prominent cheekbones. All of this on her face and with her hair suits her perfectly and fits the clothing she chooses to wear on the red carpet. It is a unique style that Jodie has and one we have come to expect for her to deliver with ease. Like any Scorpio, Jodie wears black in a great way and in the simple style for which she is known. Jodie has studied her look, one can see, to pull off the very best way to present herself and it is a fail-proof style that she has made for herself. Jodie’s makeup is on the natural side with a slight Scorpio influenced cat eye with her liner that makes her face interesting. She leans toward a dark eye as most Scorps will with a natural lip to pull more attention to her intense eyes.

Jodie is both hard working and intense and we can expect more acting, production and directing from her in her own time and in her own way. A unique person with a path of her own that she carves out with a Sagittarius’s freedom she has the discipline of her Virgo and Scorpio to pull off just about whatever she chooses with great success. I believe she will continue to do intense films whether she is acting or directing or producing and all of them will be worth our attention. The wiser Jodie gets the more we can expect from her and I can’t wait to see what she does next as she takes her time to be with her family yet produce great entertainment that most people enjoy and which has her personal stamp.

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  1. hmmm, and i’d just alluded to her in elsa’s flashback to what one is organically drawn to.

    i’m not much up on fashion, but that was very interesting.

  2. I love this series Annalisa!!! I figured Jodi was a Scorpio. This is very interesting I almost forgot about the John Brinkley/Regan episode, how scary for her.

  3. I had also forgot about the Brinkley episode! She came through that one with flying colors! I have alway admired this actress and until recently when she did the “Flight” movie, loved all her films. Another stellar profile and a great and compelling Hollywood actress. Thanks Annalisa! Now will you please tell Elsa we would like another one minute video!…lol

  4. Thank you Annalisa! I too thought Jodi was a Scorpio, but I am misled.

    She is one fine actress – in a class by herself! I love her work and respect her privacy, as well as her dedication to her craft…

  5. Thank You Annalisa Great Post very refreshing and Interesting !!!

    Jodie Foster Great Actress !!!!!

    Best Regards !!!

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