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Gwen Stefani, singer and clothing designer, is a very Libra person. Her Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus are all in Libra. She also lives a very Libra life and has had a very Libra career. Collaborations are what Stefani has shown herself to be “about,” in many, many cases including her music, fashion and even song lyrics. Stefani draws heavily from her associations with others and this is intensified by her Scorpio Rising with Neptune almost on it!

Gwen is also a very hard worker with Virgo on the Midhaven as well as her Venus and Pluto in Virgo! Many in Gwen’s family were seamstresses and Gwen’s clothing was made for her when she was a child. She designed her own costumes from the beginning of her career drawing heavily on Guatemalan, Japanese and Jamaican style. At times in her career she also wore a bindi after spending time with Indian Tony Kanal. Gwen has four back up singers she collaborates with as well and they are known as the “Harajuku Girls.” They are the muse for the names “Love,” “Angel,” “Music,” and “Baby.” The initials spell “L.A.M.B.” which is the name of Stefani’s fashion label. Much of her fashion is a mix of Christian Dior influences and the styles of Japan.

Gwen began in music with a partnership with her brother, Eric and moved to a partnership with one band member after that in a romantic way. Her music drew on that relationship in the way of lyrics and later she would marry another musician from the band whom she collaborated with. Gwen’s Libra planets have her in partnership most of the time and using these partnerships for power and profit, (Scorpio Rising, Neptune in Scorpio in the house I.)

In fashion we can see Stefani change with the changes in her personal life and her clothing do the same. She outfits herself with great regard for her relationships and they are enmeshed. Her Her make up, white face make up with red lips and darkly arched eyebrows is somewhat “Geisha-like,” although she has said that she was influenced by Michelle P. in the movie, “Scarface.” Whatever the case, again, Stefani pulls from a style that is different from her own heritage ( Italian/Irish American.)

In Stefani’s music we can hear her debate her relationships and even her decision to have a child. She draws from her life and much of her work is autobiographical. As a designer Stefani has found success and has branched out into perfume, stationary and even fashion dolls based on the “Harajuku Girls.” She is a hard worker with her Virgo planets placed in the tenth house and again, enmeshed due to her Libra placements and the Plutonian influences in her chart. Her eighth house is where her Cancer Moon is placed and this is affected by her Scorpio rising probably showing us why she took and takes motherhood so seriously.

Gwen is always dressed even when she is dressing “down,” and out with her family. She appears in full dress including pants, shirt, boots, and jacket. Her hair is kept in a length that is right for putting it up in updo’s or leaving it down either straight or curled. She wears a length of hair that has the most opportunities for stylists. Her hair is a white out blonde to lend itself to the face make up we discussed earlier. With her hair white blonde, it accents her make up that is a “white out,” except for her heavily accented features while skipping any blush. Her style of make up would look garish if she was to use blush with the whole idea to accent the sexual side of eyes and lips. A Libra cares very much about their clothing as we have discussed earlier in articles and Gwen is very much a Libra in regard to this. Despite the Eastern influences we see in her character wear: which she always appears in, even on the red carpet,) Gwen does dress “matchy-matchy,” and in a dark color palette mixed with situations where she appears in stark white.

We can expect Gwen to keep working and to keep working WITH others because of her Virgo Midhaven being supported by planets and her Libra stellum.



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  1. Gwen Stefani has fascinated me for a long, long time. Finding out she’s Libra with Scorp rising? Oh, the angels sing! It’s no wonder. 🙂

  2. I have loved Gwenny-poo and No Doubt for years, saw them live for the first time last summer after their 7 year hiatus. I had once heard Gwen was a Cancer Rising with a first house moon! Wondering what her birth time is now, LOL
    Thanks so much for this article, very cool! Am going to share it with a fellow NDer (and Libran, like Gwen) 🙂

  3. Is really Gwen a Scorpio rising? According to Astrotheme her birth time is 1:02pm giving her a Sag rising and Libra MC, Pluto squaring the ASC 🙂

  4. I was wondering about this as well because I remember seeing Gwen’s chart on (I’m a big Gwen Stefani/ No Doubt fan) not too long ago and her “original” birth time that was posted did in fact give her Neptune in Scorpio Rising…which I personally think more adequately describes her personality as opposed to this new-er birth time which gives her Sagittarius Rising. She does have great legs, but that’s on such a superficial level and doesn’t automatically make someone a Sagittarius Rising. Another reason why I believe that she has Neptune in Scorpio Rising is because if I remember correctly, her Mercury and Venus are both in the 10th house which makes more sense then being in the 9th house with this new 1:02 pm time. A lot of her house placements with this new time seem off to me. I mean, I can kind of see the Pluto square Ascendant thing…but then again, not really. I have this placement myself, not to say that makes me an expert on it. This 1:02 time also gives Mars Rising with Sun on her Midheaven and Uranus and Mercury squaring her Ascendant as well. I guess you could see all of that stuff, but I still think she has Neptune Rising personally. To me, she’s always had a sort of cartoon-y, loopy, day dreamy quality about her—just from watching her perform and when she’s being interviewed. Without Neptune Rising, she has Mercury sextile Neptune and that’s pretty much it for Neptune in her chart. I personally think it’s a bit more of dominant planet in her, than say Pluto? Something I noticed about Neptune Rising or Neptune dominant people–just from personal experience, is that they literally have the tendency to use the word “imagination” repeatedly in conversation. “My crazy over-active imagination” or they use the word daydream a lot too. I’ve heard her talking about daydreaming and her imagination too many times to count. To me she’s reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe- a Neptune Rising and not just because of her blonde hair. She has that same little girl in a big world/cartoon-y vibe going on. I suppose it doesn’t really matter though cause she’s got a lot going on in her chart regardless of birth time as it is. It would be nice to have somebody clear this up though.

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