Diet – Limit Your Food – How Depressing!

diet spelled in vegetables healthySaturn is in Virgo and everyone is feeling pressured to control their diets… some more than others. The soldier has the double whammy (Saturn in Virgo transiting the 6th house) so he is particularly affected.

Saturn transits force change in a slow and steady manner and we started working on his diet some months ago. It’s been successful. He was on medication and on the verge of diabetes.

His current blood work is much improved and it’s a relief seeing as he has had a family member suffer amputation due diabetes. He is now on a lessor medication but he would like to avoid all consequences of this condition if possible so further adjustments are on the horizon.

“We are going to have to find a way to eat one plate of food,” I said. “I know we like to eat 2 plates or 3 plates but we can’t do that just because the food is good.”

He groaned.

“I know, I know. And I am not sure how to do this. Do you think we should have a little on the plate so we can have a little more when we are done or should we just fill up our plates once and then that’s it! That’s all we get?”

lucky dog“Well we better do something. Because I can hardly get any fatter or I will be just like Lucky. (our dog) “I will have to lie on the couch on my stomach with my head on my front paws because I will be too big to lie on my side.”

“Yeah, it’s true. Lucky is dieting too. I am giving him less food in his bowl each day now and I am going to have to starve you the same way so you don’t end up floating on top the bowl like that fat-bellied goldfish you mentioned. Whoops, fed ya to death. Healthy food by the shovelful.  This is what is happening, there is no denying.”

He sighed. “One plate. We’ll just go with one plate and we’ll eat a heavy meal a day. Dinner probably. But if we have a heavy lunch then it will have to be a light dinner.”

No one said anything after that. We are both pretty earthy and to have our food curtailed conjures instant depression / feelings of deprivation. We got off the phone to begin mourning.

Can you relate? Got planets in Earth?



Diet – Limit Your Food – How Depressing! — 16 Comments

  1. I don’t need to limit my volume of food, but I need to do something. I think I actually need to eat more. I don’t know what! I’m the only person I know who actually gets 6-10 servings of fresh fruit/veg every day…
    I think I am pretty fine but my skin is icky. Very pallid and blotchy.
    (Taurus Sun/Cap Moon). Bleh.

    Anyone have any suggestions on getting a clear and rosy complexion? Anything! Anything!

  2. I can completely relate, I have four planets in earth. If I could go to any famous person’s home it would be Paula Deen! LOL She can adopt me if she wants too 😉

  3. I do definitely feel compelled to eat better but I can also say that the compulsion has been there since as long as I can remember. Most young Western women are concerned on some level about what they eat (I mean, come on).

    I have Venus in Virgo with Saturn transiting my 7th house … pretty damn near to being an exact conjunction. Now it is in retrograde so it will be some time before the conjunction is exact but it is still leaning heavily on it. I’m not exactly having problems with my current relationship … but I do feel like it is a very serious one.

    ::waves at Saturn::

    Not complaining about that, by the way. It feels right to me.

    So I have no idea about the food thing. It is not hitting me that hard (no harder than it has been in the past) and I figure that time is coming up, but perhaps not with this particular transit.

  4. I love that dog! He’s got such a sweet face.

    Pluto, Uranus and Mars in Virgo. I was a very picky child. When I’m stressed and busy I eat all wrong and gain weight. If I think about it too much it’s worse.

  5. I have Neptune and Mars in Capricorn and am definitely limiting my portions of food. I need to eat regularly, though, and exercise significantly.

  6. virgo just wants to make sure the food is _nutritious_. i’m finding i just don’t need to eat so much nowadays.

  7. I haven’t had any appetite to speak of lately. Ugh. I’m *forcing* myself to eat regularly, and I don’t like it.

    Mercury in Taurus, and Jupiter in Capricorn.

  8. Pluto, Mars and Uranus in Virgo, all in 12th house. I don’t eat enough, even less when I’m busy but I do find that my “energy” flows better when I eat less anyway. Saturn in Virgo is making me look at the ingredients in the foods I purchase for my kids. I’ve become a follower of the 100-mile diet and try whenever possible to purchase foods at local farm markets and butcher shops.

  9. Elsa, one way to eat a lot – as much as you like – and still lose weight and be healthy is the Fuhrman diet. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables.
    One doesn’t have to follow his diet strictly, you can taylor it to your needs.
    Have you seen his website?

  10. I also have Saturn transiting my 6th house. Giving up the high-fat dairy foods and sweets that I’ve always loved and craved has made me into a bear, BUT I’ve also lost 13 pounds.

    Leo Sun with 4 Earth planets (3 in Virgo), and Capricorn MC.

  11. Elsa, I have a dog named Lucky too. And she’s eating ‘healthy weight’ now, along with fewer french fries. Nearly everyone mentions her being a fat dog, albeit a bulldog with a natural barrel shape. I take it personally, because I too am roundish in places. She and I are not going to eat less, but excercise more. have to have my taters….

  12. Kashmiri – cucumbers or cucumber juice. Smooths the skin and makes for a nice tone. That’s eating it, not putting it on your skin 😉

    Otherwise you could say look at whether you have an earth/water/fire imbalance in your food. That can get my skin off. Eating too much of watery food or too much heavy starches, etc. etc.

  13. Saturn is my only planet in earth (also in the sixth house). I’ve become a vegetarian within the last month, and am really seeing the correlations between what and how much I eat and how much weight I gain/lose. So I know what to do and what not to do, now I just need to keep on the right path!

  14. I need to learn this. Every time I try it dies off. I love these mocha tonixs from Market America. I’m hoping next year I’ll be able to afford them again and maybe a few of their other nutrious stuff. They have this green stuff, I forgot the name, that you should have if you don’t eat veggies, which my husband does not.

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