Astrologer Suggests She Kill Herself – I Have Other Ideas: Scorpio, Capricorn Rising

Capricorn thing

Hi, Elsa!

I just discovered your site here and thought I’d take a chance. I’ve grown wary of astrology since one astrologer summed up my chart in a sentence: “You should commit suicide.” Well, I’m still here, but I could use a little guidance.

Using Robert Hand’s “Planets in Transit”, I looked up Saturn, as it is transiting my seventh house. (That’s right, isn’t it?) From what I’ve read, this is great for achieving committed relationships. But Saturn will begin transiting my eighth house in a couple of years, and here Hand pulls out his characteristic negativity, implying: “Basically, expect to be broke and die.” Okay, so I’m being a tiny bit facetious, but not much.

Elsa, I’m tired of just barely surviving, lone wolf style. I’m working extremely hard to achieve a better life, but Saturn transiting eighth looks past-hope-gloomy. I want to thrive!

Your insight would be appreciated.

Bless you!
Scorp Girl

Dear Scorp Girl,

I hope you told that astrologer that you’d die when you damned well pleased! And I haven’t read Hand’s book in fifteen years, but I do give advice and I have some for you.

First, you are a Capricorn rising. That means Saturn rules your chart! My sister (also an astrologer) and I both have Capricorn rising and she had a theory about this she shared with me years ago.

After ten years of observing… well she watched people whine and bitch through their Saturn transits. And she noted she and I had very little trouble with them. In fact, most times we felt very supported and she wondered if the planet that rules the chart can do no wrong. If it’s not friendly to the chart, see. Because we know all about Saturn things! You do, she does, I do. So where someone more light fare may balk when told to “toe the line”, people like us just get to work!

So what I’m suggesting is you rethink this whole thing. Wherever transiting Saturn falls in your chart… well you should expect to thrive! And understand that all this fear bullshit is falling prey to negative Capricorn traits. Where are your boundaries, girl?

Look. You have a stellium in Scorpio (power) in the 10th house (Capricorn). Who is calling the shots, hmm? Next time tells someone tells you you’re going to have a bad time, you tell them they must be an idiot. Because surely it should be obvious to anyone with three brain cells that you have great command. And a sense of humor too. So you will have whatever kind of time you want to have. Things will turn out the way you will them to turn out, and this is a fact.

So just remember the caveat, “be careful what you wish for”. And outside of that, have the side of you that knows you are more competent than 95% of the people on this planet fire the side of you that worries about shit two years in advance, okay?

Good luck!


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Astrologer Suggests She Kill Herself – I Have Other Ideas: Scorpio, Capricorn Rising — 9 Comments

  1. a lot of very good info on saturn recently – when talking saturn what about the value of balance ? saturn’s polar opposite – the moon – even planents in cancer and the 4 th house – and the sign on its cusp – do such things sometimes figure into working with individuals having charts heavily influenced by saturn?

  2. So what happens when you’re Capricorn and you’re ruled by bloody Saturn? My life has always been a mess. Have learnt many lessons, but Saturn thinks I should learn more and more. It’s just angst and more angst till I die, I guess.

  3. Somebody should beat the crap out of that astrologer. It was really irresponsible of her/him to say that; people are very susceptible when they go for readings.

  4. Well– that astrologer will certainly have some karmic hell to pay.. what an irresponsible individual!!

    I have good experiences from Saturn. My husband of 34 years has Saturn in Scorpio in his 8th house . All the transits of Saturn in both our charts have brought OPPORTUNITIES for growth, based on some REALLY BIG COMMITMENT we had to make.. like time, money, energy. YES, Saturn demands a payment, but a REWARD comes later! Notice the emphasis on MATURE, planning- ahead -type -energy?? it is a bit unheard of in these times..

    but saturn is not a baddie– it is a maturing planet that teaches us to plan, to commit, and to have a bit of self control!

    things like MORTGAGES, HAVING BABIES, GOING BACK TO SCHOOL, TAKING OUT STUDENT LOANS, are all wonderful commitments/”stresses” that saturn can bring into your life.. and the effects last for–ever! Good luck!

  5. To quote Blanche from “A Streetcar Named Desire:” “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” I have written a little note to those of you who have offered such kindness:

    To Elsa: Thank you for a good, strong shot of gritty encouragement. Your insight is much needed and appreciated. Thank you again for your compelling and compassionate advice.

    To Saturday’s Child: Everything Elsa said to me about Saturn and Capricorn applies to you, which is reason to celebrate!

    To Eme: Thank you. You are quite right and it’s really great to hear it from people.

    To Jas: Thank you, too, for your supportive words. Everyone has power, for everyone has Saturn in their chart, and Scorpio in their houses somewhere, and I keep thinking of the adage: “With great power comes great responsibility,” and that there’s nothing for it but to just keep working at it, and keep praying for guidance to do it right, you know? Thanks again.

    To Madeline: Thank you for your kind and positive comments. Your words are informative and uplifting, and I am grateful.

    Bless you all!

  6. what a gal, who thanks the commenters…

    nah, she’s gonna be okay. who wouldn’t be, with that much appreciation?

  7. Thank you, Silverfoot. Every little bit of encouragement helps, as I’m sure you realize. And Eme, you are more than welcome.


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