Astro Week Ahead: May 28, 2022 – Proliferation Of Information

What’s up this week? Two minutes, intended to give you an edge as you navigate your week!

Who’s looking forward to this?

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Astro Week Ahead: May 28, 2022 – Proliferation Of Information — 11 Comments

  1. Really enjoy these brief takes on the week ahead. I particularly appreciated your pointing out what I describe as a retrograde pirouette .

    May I add that the sextile of Mercury and the semi-sextile of Saturn to Neptune may soften the harshness of that square ?

    • Agreed. And Saturn is in it’s own sign so this also helps.

      I think some may get hit by this but if you’re doing “the right thing”, I would not be worried. 🙂

    • Right next to mine- 6/2/51. heads up on that long term Mars retrograde in our sign after entering it later this summer. I have Mars conjunct my Gem. Sun- ha! See Elsa’s post of 5/16

      • Just got a windfall of an opportunity to transfer from my current job to another. They’re willing to help with everything from helping me cater my resume and talk to HR to handle my paperwork.
        It’s just a little above min. wage, but I was surprised by all the help I was getting. The north node and Uranus are transiting soon to my natal Venus at 20 degrees which set off the recent eclipses. I don’t know a lot about stationing planets but I really look forward to this birthday for once.

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