Astro Week Ahead – May 21 2022

What’s up this week? Two minutes, intended to give you an edge as you navigate your week!

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Astro Week Ahead – May 21 2022 — 17 Comments

  1. Yes, Elsa these videos really help. Your advice re; Jupiter in Aries has helped me move mountains recently. I also managed to end an estrangement with a family member. This alone feels like an act of paramount achievement.There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you 🙏

  2. These videos help. Thank you. The thing about a Taurus – they take a long time to make a decision, because once they start charging in a direction it is very hard to stop, change course, turn around. That eclipse affected my Taurus Sun. I found out some things I did not know, and it has changed possibly some decisions I was going to make. I found out that Oak Ridge discharged 2.5 million pounds of Mercury into the environment from 1953-1983, and the discharge is still happening with the clean up. I am reading the official government reports this week. My feelings towards my home town have changed. 1.5 million pounds has gone into the ground, never to be recovered. It is said it won’t affect the aquifiers. I personally would not advise living down stream. Sad. Heart Broken. But, my eyes have been opened. I have prayed for clarity.

    I have to put this under a different name due to my job.

  3. I liked it!!! As you may know, I have been an astrologer now for 44 years, but unlike you, I use it less and less. Ever since my beloved Liz died (2 yrs, 7 months, and 19 days ago – but hey, who’s counting?) I have been paying less and less attention to astrology. Just going with the flow.

    This is really embarrassing to admit because it makes me look like an idiot, but back in Jan-Feb I was scammed for a few thousand dollars!!! What a set-back that has become. Now I’m struggling to make ends meet, but going through a debt relief agency has made it so much easier. To quote Alfred E. Newman, “What? Me worry?”

  4. Great little video! I always appreciate your intelligent take.I hope you have a fun weekend. It’s snowing here in Denver, you’re not missing out on much imo!

  5. Hi Elsa,
    YES! keep up these short informative videos I like them and love to see and hear you speak! Advice means so much more to me and I retain it better when I can look into a person’s eyes as they speak, and yours are deep, honest and compassionate. I sensed you feeling compassion. A very high virtue!
    Aries ♈️ Rising

  6. Hi Elsa
    Love the videos. Good to prepare for the coming week. My consultation with you today was very helpful. I have been feeling such pressure. Working very hard and not moving forward. You explained why this was happening and showed me when these obstructions will clear allowing me to finally move forward and get free.I feel relieved. Thanks so much

  7. Elsa, spot on. Yep, had lunch with a corpse this week. Pluto transiting my 12th house. Gotta back away nice n slow. Almost feels vampire-ish…like an energy drain.

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