Astro Week Ahead: May 14, 2022

What’s up this week. Two minutes!

How are you feeling right about now?

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Astro Week Ahead: May 14, 2022 — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks Elsa,

    My birthday tomorrow. Eclipse activates grand square: sun 24 Taurus(3rd hse), jupiter 28 Scorpio (9th hse), moon 21 Leo (6th hse) and chiron 27 Aquarius 12 hse). Saturn transiting 24 Aquarius.

    What’s happening? Leg injury(knee). Still mending and l manage a chronic illness too. It hasn’t been fun. Friends moving away and betrayal by another ‘old’ friend–should have cut ties ages ago! Too much forgiving. End of a long term group association–they weren’t my people anymore…some more unpleasant stuff there too. Nasty neighbour. A booze hound. Pulling out my fence palings-l saw him, and he did other things too. He is a gossip, creating trouble, pretending to be ‘nice’.
    On going problem with the school across the road. They play Loud music for 3 minutes, 3 times a day (line up for the bell music) drives me nuts!!
    Old friend just told me his wife has cancer…
    What have l done? Lots of ‘quiet’ time. Two weeks at the beach. Left the old group. Joined a new one– a book group, all young people , well educated most from OS. Joining other groups too– all found on line. Dropped the Old friend, but she doesnt known it yet. I have stopped speaking to the neighbour– he is rattled. Good.
    The school gets one more chance, it has been going on for 3 years. Wrote the Head a letter–if that doesn’t work–then l go to my lawyer.

    I feel ‘slightly’ positive, eventhough, my entire so called ‘support network’ is gone. I dont have one of those families that help. I have made one ‘new’ friend who gives equal time. Transiting neptune in the first house drawing closer to the end-lifting the veil a bit…helping my sun. Pluto has helped too. I write poetry. Draw a bit. Dreams have been strong.

    The rest is out of my hands– as you say. I am practicing Letting Go. I really do hold on for way too long..

    Good luck everyone and fingers crossed for our poor, suffering world too.

      • Thank you for the birthday wishes Elsa…and you were right ( there Is always a second act). l didn’t see it coming–but was shown. Now how did l call that in and make that happen?
        And how can l stop it from happening again? The ‘new ‘ friend doesn’t feel so new today.

        I have put myself in seculsion, which l am calling hiberation. Mine to work out…kept pulling Hermit–now l know why.

        Thanks for your work at this site. Everyone.

  2. Thanks Elsa. This helps a lot. Chiron and Venus are conjuncting my natal Venus, and that eclipse is opposite my Sun in the 4th house.
    Not the greatest of weekends.

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