Astro Week Ahead January 21 2023 – It’s Anyone’s Guess!

We’re looking at a highly unpredictable week with a new moon in Aquarius conjunct Pluto and Uranus stationing direct…

Planets Clustered On One Side Of The Zodiac
Uranus Direct – Disrupting Finance
Life In A Cellar Box 


Astro Week Ahead January 21 2023 – It’s Anyone’s Guess! — 6 Comments

  1. New moon is happening in my 10H, while the Sat/Venus is supposedly in the 11H, using placidus. I got sick at work this week because colleagues turn off the heat. Today I didn’t go in. I have a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday. If I continue to feel sick by then, a sick leave is likely and I feel like asking for at least a whole week. Remove myself from the power games at the office. I’ve been working with/for these people since Sept. 2019 but had no choice at the time. I think this new moon is the beginning of the end. There’s one last thing j need to do (for myself) whilst working within this structure, and I’m looking forward to jupiter finally entering taurus and crossing my sun and AC, then NN, then Mars for my life to take off in a new direction, whatever that is…
    Wish me luck!

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