Astro Week Ahead – January 14 2023 – SNAP! CRACKLE! POP!

Expect abrupt change this week!

Standing On Thin Ice!

Got plans for this week? What’s happening?


Astro Week Ahead – January 14 2023 – SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! — 7 Comments

  1. I can hear the crackle;when I was 1 or 2
    Jury(my sisters) is out on this one ,I fell thru the ice!?, I just turned 64! Wondering how the planets lined up?
    Today My heart beats slow ,my body temp always low and my blood pressure very low . I have been told I am cold unemotional, distant or delayed with responses? I like me , trying not to rely on others to rate me .I will not be on any ice
    Anytime soon. I don’t want to be a Debi-Downer but, I think the sky is falling 😬
    I am putting a life jacket and wool blankets in my truck, got the box of matches already
    Just saying, don’t like surprises.

  2. It already happened & fallout continues.

    Early AM Tuesday my dog was sleeping in his bed @ Saggo bf house. I have back problems and sometimes sleep on the floor with a puffy comforter. That night I was with my dog in his bed under my blanket. (Dog lovers get this).
    Sagg wandering around in the dark to find me & tell me to ‘get in bed normal people don’t sleep on the floor’ full on flat out steps on the dog. Dog jumps up biting and bf needs to go to ER for treatment. Stitches.
    Dog had NO idea what was going on and backed right down submissive but it’s always going to be the fault of the dog.

    We wait from 2am in triage before seeing Dr. at get this, 8:30am. (hospitals in NE are jammed)

    Dog fortunately up to date on vaccines but 10 days quarantine by law. Sagg never wants to see dog again even though NO prior history of anything but love towards this human.

    We are all devastated, dog included. That was his safe house with his cool human he loved. I let my guard down and dog failed. Relationship is done. “How can we go on?”, says Sagg. “I’ll never trust your dog again. Where’s the future in this?” Another 3yrs down the relationship drain. Can’t blame him for at all.

    It just sucks.

    Yes Elsa, just like a broken bone. There’s no going back.

    • full-on flat-out steps on the dog
      Dog jumps up biting.

      Yeah, it hurt. Dog bit because they have nothing else to defend with.

      I’d say bye to boyfriend too. Dog did nothing wrong.

      My Chi slept with us. He slept on my shoulder every night. Husbands’ arms flying around in his sleep… struck me and the dog. My dog bit him in the face. Yeah buddy… bridge of his nose. Nailed him. Bloody. Oh well.

      I said… not his fault go clean it up. He said, your dog cannot bite me in the face. I said he just did because your jimmy arms hit us both… live with it …cos the dog is going NO WHERE. Husband healed. Dog lived with us till he passed years later.

      I chose the dog.

      I can say 99% of the time it is not the dog’s fault.

      Sorry, that happened though…

      • Oh the dog isn’t going anywhere. I met him at 6wks old and he’ll be 8 on April 27. The Cow is my ride or die. I will protect him at all costs.

        And the Sagg is a demanding PIA on a good day so he’s toast.

        There’s just emotional and more alarmingly financial factors that have to be sorted, although it’s all there in my chart in black and white.

        • I’ve been there! I’ve also been there with Sagittarius 😳 Sorting financial factors… all of it.

          I love how you love that dog! I feel the same way about mine! You’ll get through this and probably be happier….

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