Astro Week Ahead: August 6, 2022 Angst & Aggravation

Inclement weather ahead. Here’s how to deal with it in 1:41!

Do you feel confident heading into the full moon?


Astro Week Ahead: August 6, 2022 Angst & Aggravation — 6 Comments

  1. This will be my theme for this upcoming year because tomorrow is my birthday!

    It’s not surprising, though, because I’m moving in a few months. That alone is a lot of angst and aggravation.

  2. LisLioness…yes moving is enough angst! Good luck with your move. My Aquarius moon 18 degrees 1st house will keep me pivoting on my toes. I’m looking forward to an exciting challenging full moon weekend.

  3. Thank you as usual your words are what I need right now I love the part of challenge yourself set a goal ahead keep your foot on the break all of which I intend to do thank you again

  4. Very timely for me. I have a situation where someone is trying to control me, and I’m a Sagittarius, so you can guess how I feel about that! I’m trying my best to bite my tongue, while also showing this person that I won’t stand for that nonsense.

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