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fairy landscapeUPDATE:  Astro Fairy and I were both surprised at the number of requests.  She decided to pay for two consults instead of one, just because there are so many in need.
She has made her choices. I will be contacting the two people as soon as I post this.  As far as I know, we’ll be doing this again next month. Thanks, everyone!

Astro Fairy is a longtime client of mine. Fifteen years or so. She contacted me to say I’ve helped her with many different things over the years. She sees people struggling and she wants to pitch in by gifting a consultation to someone in need who can’t afford to pay.

She wants to do this once a month, for the dual purpose of helping you and supporting the site. If you’ve got something you need help with but the cost is a barrier, please let us know in the comments.

This will be a 30 minute consultation by phone, skype or zoom. It sounds like a small amount of time for your large problem, but you’d be surprised at what can be achieved when I focus my mind on your issue, with your chart in hand.

Who’s up for this?


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  1. Hi Elsa,
    What a wonderful gift. I would be over the moon to have a consult with you. Been wanting to get one for ages, but I’m just not able financially. This could definitely be a huge push for me.

  2. Dear Elsa,
    As one who loves your posts and all things Astro ( and Fairies !! ) I would love to be considered for a gifted consultation .

    Scorpio Sun ( 11*) / Gemini Moon ( 25*) / AQU ASC ( 2*) and just had my second Saturn return ( 16*AQU) … these past couple of years as Saturn and Pluto transited my 12th house ( and of course 1st) feels like a pummeling AND release BUT all seems to have been stripped away and now I’m trying to create footing / resources to sustain and support me ( on all levels ) …would so love some helpful insights 💕🐬🧜🏼‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️🌈

  3. Dear Elsa,
    I am a huge fan. I would love my sister who has been struggling since she came out of the womb to receive this gift. She is strong, smart, and anyone else would have caved along time ago. Please, for her.

  4. Dear Elsa, what a kind thing for this woman to do! At the moment, I have a number of hefty transits along with major life issues I’m having to navigate and would greatly appreciate the opportunity for some guidance. I’ve been wanting to get a reading from you all year as these transits were approaching but haven’t managed to scrape up the funds. I am grateful for this opportunity but would also be happy to see others in need benefit from it too. If you end up choosing to do one for me, that would be amazing!… but also I will be happy to see anyone else on here helped! ✨

  5. Dear Elsa if I’m a candidate so be it, I do really need some help & if you think I deserve it, and the universe agrees let it be! I have gone through a lot!!!!! But if the universe has someone else so be it! Thx long time fan of your work!

  6. hello @elselsa,hello satori,and last but not least hello @astrofairy, my name is HelpAsap, ive been a long time fan of your work since 2013, now since then i had a chart reading w you a few yrs back and it was only $25, but since then ive been trying to afford a consultation w you, yes it sounds pathetic but my economy has been very bad for me and mine, i have been needing an emergency reading, cause its been a long time since ive been myself and ive no idea why i just domt recognize myself any longer i really need help Asap. im a sun ♐️ w neptune,NN,venus,sun,rising w a gemini uranus moon, uranus,pluto,mars,mercury in scorpio,jupiter pisces, retro saturn cancer in the 8th😩😩😩😩😩😩 i really wish that the astro fairy will choose me, its been very tough and rough trying to find legs to walk im desperatly need the help asap, my

  7. What an amazing gift in times of need. My son was hospitalized again and my surgeries postponed for the 5th time in two years. His mental illness has taken an emotional and financial toll on me. He is kind and brilliant heart kind, and the doctors and nurses really helped him last hospital stay, returning home last Friday. I am worn and broke . I would love a free Astro reading with great gratitude to help me be stronger. Hope is good enough. Love carries us. Astro gives us wisdom to keep going forward. Thank you so much! JoAnne

  8. Amazing astro fairy! I have been lucky enough to receive such a gift from someone from elsaelsa community last year too. It was very much appreciated and was invaluable for me. I am sure this will help someone massively. What a lovely thing to do.

  9. Astro Fairy you are a sparkle in the dark. I am planning a reading and I will be able to pay for it. I just wanted to thank you here for your generosity and kindness. What a fabulous gift you are giving. You rock!

  10. @Astro Fairy Wow! So sweet of you and thanks for supporting this site! Elsa deserves it and her followers do need guidance, as I have in the past. May you be blessed ten fold! 🙏🩷

  11. Dear Astro. Fairy, Thank you so much for this kindness. What a wonderful gift and how wonderful that you are able to offer such a gift.
    I am grateful for the opportunity to be considered. I currently am struggling with money issues and a reading about financial issues would be so welcome. I have polycythemia vera (a type of blood cancer) which I’m managing well so far. However, due to wanting to keep affordable health insurance, my income is low. I know that I have a Jupiter return starting this year, it will be exact next year. I’d love to have a reading focusing on my financial security.

  12. I would like to nominate my sister, who has had a hard life, recently dealing with cancer, being forced to work while in treatment, her apt was flooded for weeks from a leaking pipe and many other things, she could use a boost and some info that might give her direction

  13. Hiya,
    Long time follower here, love your posts 🧙‍♂️
    The time of my birth wasn’t recorded when I was born and would love some help with this, I have racked up quite a few life events for my relatively young 48years, so perhaps these dates could be used to pinpoint my exact time of birth. I’m a double Scorpio with possible Aries rising.
    Keep up the good work,
    Maggie 🌸

  14. Kindness, compassion and love ❤️
    Wow ! It’s all around us and it’s fabulous to know that people are so awesome
    Medical issues have left me , a young woman of 56 , watching the days go by losing my mobility quickly while waiting on doctors and wishing I could at least enjoy my later years with my new husband.
    A consult would be so helpful and wonderful!

  15. Hi Elsa,
    You’ve come highly recommended by my therapist and I hope to be considered for a free consultation. I just turned 30, my long term relationship has just ended, and I’m struggling to both trust it’s for the best, and to see the path forward. Along with that, I’ve been feeling unclear with regard to my career and struggling with money. I could surely use some guidance. Thanks for considering.

    • Dear Elsa,

      Thank you for helping so many.
      I’m very close to a heart attack
      I need Help as soon as possible.
      Today I went as a walk in to see the Hearing Doctor because my hearing aide was not working. The lady Doctor told me to follow her and she would help me. But she wrote on a paper and it said in capital letters. You are mentally ill .. I am calling for rescue to have you admitted.
      I walked out of room and saw her staff and patient with their mouth open they could not believe.
      My son texted me to get out of there ASAP! Now I’m home and saw paper in door from Law Enforcement notification for Investigation!

  16. I am!!!! Right now my natal Sun is at 01Taurus, and with Jupiter into Taurus squaring Pluto in Aquarius, life I must admit has become rather strange. Sometimes good, sometimes very bad. I just wish they came in equal proportions.
    Not only that, but transiting Uranus in Taurus is squaring my stellium of Pluto-Saturn-Mars in Leo. Some days I feel electrified, and other days it’s “who pulled the plug?”
    The other day I made a thorough list of upcoming Mars in Leo squaring my Sun, and then conjuncting the stellium planets. Just once each time! Geez! But Venus entering Leo 5 June is about to go Retro and will cross over each planet 3X each!!! HELP PLEASE!!! Not until 8 October will Venus leave the scene of this upcoming mayhem. I keep thinking that I want (hormonal desire) a love-life, but maybe it’s best I wait until after Oct 8th??? I dunno. So confused as to what to do.

    • Oh, I forgot the financial reason . . . is loosing more than $20,000 from being scammed by 4 different women enough of an excuse!?
      Yeah, I know! You don’t have to say “how stupid can you get”, because I’m so generous that my stupidity knows no limits.

  17. Would love to be considered for the consultation this month, or a future month. How kind of her to offer this opportunity for so many. I’ve never had an official personal reading and would cherish one. I’m trying to learn astrology myself but would love a consult from you! Thanks for considering.

  18. God and Goddess Bless You Astro Fairy!!!
    It was this kind of thing I REALLY needed to see this moment in time. Thank you for being a shining light!

  19. Aloha Elsa & Astro fairy.
    During the pandemic i went down.
    I got social anxiety bordering on agoraphobia which i had never gottwn in my life.I still have it this time i havent been out of my Apt for 60 days.
    I also trialled 12 different meds for bipolar2.they all made me sick n gain a lot of weight.I am now 300lbs and basically just wanting to die.I was into all kinds of cultural social and putdoor adventures most of my life before.Born July 5th 1960 11:24 Fontana Calif.
    Blessings to you.

  20. I’d be very grateful to be part of this ‘lottery’ or line up or circle of blessing!

    Staying solvent and holding a prosperous attitude no matter the numbers has been my task of late. Blessings that arise out of the so-called ‘blue’ can make it all feel like an Aprhoditic/Venusian world of unexpected offerings.


  21. ^^ that’s amazingly generous! once a month is very kind and very generous, i hope everyone gets to have a consultation who needs it <3

    • Amazing people here!! I am inspired by your WORDS AND HEARTS. JUST reading
      These sweet appreciative requests! Wow!! 💝💫

  22. This is such a beautifully kind gesture – for those who will receive help, and also for Elsa who lights up to help those who need it most. Yay Astro Fairy!

  23. @astrofairy & @elsaelsa yall both fairys to me, and if theres something i can do to also help an pay it forward in any way thats not monetary im here for you ladies , @elsaelsa god knows how much i look forward to your eaely morning newsletter and how much youve helped along the way, but there are some things in life that takes a little more then just me reading, and that is to find myself once again. sometimes i dont recognize me anymore, has this happen to any of you ladies in where you dont recognize yourself and in desperate nned to find onself , if not im here i can tell you all about it, it feels weird as if im in different body . i would love to just talk , is ok if i dont get picked, ijust wish i can relate to someone that can overstand what im going through
    thanks again for the opportunity, and remeber ladies if theres anything i can do to pay it forward dont hesitate to contact me , fyi im in nyc
    but either way i can helpi will.
    have a fabulous week ladies 😘💕 to all

      • yes yes yes yayayayayayayayayayayayyyyyyy
        thanks you soooooooooooooo much my fairys 🧚‍♂️🧚, im so grateful and honored excited, im smiling from left to right im so humbled and excited yesssss 🫶🏽🙌🏽💕❤️😍😘😂😂😂😍😍😍❤️

    • Hi Dinorah. I just wanted to comment that your post really resonated with me. I’ve been completely changed in the last 10 years, through an intense love relationship & deaths, including his. My identity, my values & goals haven’t just changed, they’ve disappeared. I don’t know how to answer those core questions about self. Who am I? No idea. Where do I want to go/do with my life? No idea, total blank. I’m new to astrology but have been diligently learning, trying to find answers & I have found some answers, if nothing else. These answers have been mind blowing, comforting, relieving, disturbing…but answers nevertheless. I hope this is real, that I can continue to learn & find guidance in astrology. I’ve identified as a believer, a faithful person. Even though my foundation has been broken, I hope to find hope again. Honestly I’m also very afraid that I might find more tragedy & adversity. But I hope that as I become more educated & aware, I can at least be ready for it somehow. I don’t know…I’m very lost & scared as an individual soul at this time. So I wanted to share with you that you aren’t alone. Nice to meet you here….Janie

      • Hello Janie,
        im glad youve shared what your going thru as well, im so happy to meet you even if its thru the comments, its endearing to know your not alone, as for me astrology has been a very important tool in helping me further overstand myself, and now specially after my consultation with elsa thanks to the astrofairy, ive confirmed that what im going thru is on point w my chart. so Janie my point is to continue learning astrology itll help like its helped me and many others. fyi , being in isolation, or solitude is a gift also cause you get to focus that energy on yourself and get to heal those parts of you otherwise wouldnt have time to if you would be busy. so Janie please dont feel lost, if anything your on the verge of finding yourself if you put the focus on yourself deeply im sure youll come out w some gems. p.S. remember there is a spiritual war on all of us, dont allow anything external to you to influence you at all, idc what it is you take that focus and put it back on you. and if you have questionable thoights then you question those too cause they might not be your own ! remeber thoughts are air and air is everywhere we just need to know which is our and which is everyones else’s.
        Janie i wish you the best and hope ypu find the strength to embrace what yoir going thru now caus im sure itll lead you to where you need to be
        goodluck and stay positive

        • I’m blown away by your intuitive advice. Thank you, I really needed to hear all of that. I appreciate your thoughtful response. I thought I was reaching out to you to somehow be supportive …but it’s the other way around. Isn’t that strange, how it happens like this? Thank you for such a heartfelt message to me.

  24. Dear Elsa and Astro Fairy,
    No matter who gets this great gift, I want to send Blessings to both of you for helping those who can’t afford a reading. I am one of those who can’t afford one so I hope you will consider me as a candidate. I am a low income Senior who is a Capricorn with a Sag rising and an Aquarius moon. So you can imagine how just Pluto alone (not to mention other Planets) have impacted me for a number of years. I wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel but I just don’t. I just don’t. I follow you all the time, Elsa, and trust your insight. Therefore, I am hoping that the Astro Fairy will help me out. Thank you for hearing me out. I really appreciate it. . Blessings to Both of You. 🌈

  25. Blessings Elsa and Astro Fairy.
    Can I donate some money to go
    towards a free Reading for those
    who so despately need help?
    Maybe there are others who would
    also add money? After all what
    better way to give to those
    who truly need help?

    • Thank you, Caring. This would be great, however it’s important you donate a complete “something”. This is because if you send $20 towards a consultation and no one else joins in, I’m just sitting on the money.

      In the past people have donates reports and such which cost less, so that’s an option. But I’m afraid I can’t accept partial payment for a consultation for this reason.

  26. @Caring, this is what I was hoping for! Yes, it would be great if you and others would donate too. Thank you!
    I am sure Elsa will see this tomorrow, and connect with you.💜

  27. Elsa,
    Gratitude for all you do and for your friend/client offering to help two persons a month with a reading.
    Add my name to your list and the fates will meander through the many who expressed interest.
    Many Thanks, 🌻🌻🌻

  28. I want to thank both fairy Elsaelsa and Astrofairy , Elsa is everything and then some, honest, sweet,resourceful and gets straight to the point, theres no sugar coating with Elsa so expect the raw truth, shes amazing patient and overstanding , well experienced and is on point, im so appreciative to have had the opportunity to experience such a soul even if it was just for 30 min. yall she’s everything and then some 🫶🏽🙌🏽💕.
    Ladies there are no words to express how gratefuli am toall of you including Satori who kkeps me on point weekly ! thanks 😘

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