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stone questionTimes are tough right now across the board. Many of us are tired, depressed, and not sure what our next move is or when things are going to change.

At the same time, money is tight. We’re getting fewer hours at work and we don’t have the money to drop on a full consultation even though we could really use one.

But we’re in this together. I want to make sure that what I do is as available to you as it can possibly be.

So here’s what we’re going to do. One question. 10 minutes. 30 bucks. Ask me whatever is on your mind and I’ll get you straightened out.

And it can be anything!

· Why do my partner and I have the same fight over and over?

· What’s going on with this recurring dream?

· How do I interpret this aspect in synastry?

Ask me anything and I’ll cut to the heart of the matter and leave you with a golden nugget that will get you moving again. So click the link – Ask Midara One Question.



About Midara

Midara has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, personal growth, tough transits, or whatever else, she’s here to help.


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