Ascendant – Your Energy When You Enter A Room

elsa in phoenixI was visiting my friend Stevie in the desert this weekend. Her mother-in-law called to say she was going to stop by. Stevie loves her mother-in-law who by all accounts is a formidable woman. I’d heard stories over the years so I was anxious to meet her.

“Wait’ll you see her,” Stevie said happily.Ā  “She comes in the room and WHOOSH!” Stevie’s mother-in-law was Sagittarius with her Moon, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio conjunct she ascendant.

I asked, Stevie what it was like when I came into a room. I surely wouldn’t know. Too much Neptune.

“You?” she said, gaily. “You’re the wind,” she said, waving her arms around. ” When you come in, all these musical notes swirl around…”

She was waving her arms like crazy and I stared. Did she mean chaos? But then I realized she was describing Venus Neptune. Music! As I began processing that, she switched gears.

“But the main thing is your poker face,” she said.

“My what?” I know I have a poker face but I don’t play cards with Stevie. I don’t play cards, period, anymore.

“Oh yeah. You the best poker face in the world.”

“I don’t get it,” I said. ” What do you mean?”

“It’s your smile! You’ve always got that smile! No matter what, you smile and there’s no telling what you’re thinking. What is she thinking behind that smile? There’sĀ  no way to tell.”

“I see and you’re right. If I hated someone I would still smile at them. I have Jupiter rising. It doesn’t matter how I feel, all I have is this grin,” I said. “No off button.”

What’s it like when you come into the room?



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  1. I wonder what others would say about me, because I honestly have no clue how it is when I come into a room. My husband would just look at me blankly if I asked him, so I’ll ask my friends instead.
    For some reason, I don’t think their answers will please me. Now there’s something to think on.


  2. As a Scorpio ASC with Neptune conjunct in 1st, I have been told that my presence is highly magnetic and palpable. A peaceful and wise yet energetic aura I am told. Lots and lots of presence.

    Truthfully, I have never, ever been one to come in under the wire. It is not possible. Guess being an international spy might not be the best career move, eh??

    If you have never asked someone the question Elsa has posed, ask a friend! It is a good thing to know…maybe there is an area you want to improve on or simply add more/less of your personality to your presence!!

    Something to think about!

  3. I think what I like most about this post is the fact that I see/feel people just like that! How do I enter? I’ve been told I am normally like warm silk, comforting with that edge of sensual appeal. Odd, because I tend to think I’m a wallflower when I first arrive anywhere!

  4. it depends on whether it’s my leo, my pisces, or my scorpio that gets there first… and then in which order the rest follow. (I think that was my pisces, scorp, leo answer. it may be different tomorrow)

  5. That all depends on my mood. It could be any number of things, from a grand cheery entrance ala ‘Norm!’ on Cheers to sly and undercover ninja-style when I don’t want to be seen to rolling in like thunder and lightening when I’m looking to fight or at least rain all over someone’s parade.

    Mostly I prefer pulling a ninja and flying in under everyone’s radar. Check things out before everyone realizes I’m there. šŸ˜‰

  6. I have been told that I “boomed” into a room, which hurt my feelings, because I think of myself as shy and retiring.

  7. Hmm geez.

    I have Sag rising, and I’m an Aries, so I think generally I come off as cheerful and slightly agressive, but I have Pisces moon and mars, so if you stick around at all, you’ll note the disquiet and sensitivity fairly easily.

    I actually did a ‘survey’ of what people thought of me, using keywords (adjectives) and used it in an art piece. It was very odd. I used magnetic pieces that I then painted in landscapes based on the words. I also wrote a lot of negative things about myself and made those into grey blobby shapes. They all fit onto a magnetic landscape and you could move them around, along with the keywords which were magnets. Heh! I highly recommend trying this out. Ask several people, those who know you, and those who might just be vaguely acquainted with you. I think you’d be surprised how similar the answers.

    I think the top answers of mine were: friendly, curious, the things more “Sag” ascendant. My first impression, if you will.

    Excuse the blabbery…

  8. Yes, it would depend on my moon in Gemini mood, also – where I was entering, my position within the present company and my purpose…this I would suss out first (Scorp ascend’), then I would stake my territory (Leo sun) and make myself comfortable…

  9. It all depends on my mood and the clothes I am wearing whether I’ll be all bright and sparkly and chatty and energised, or quiet and magnetic or shy and sweet.

    My husband says that even though I am very independent I still project this “sweet energy of wanting reassurance”

    If I feel pretty then I am generally in a much brighter mood and if I am having a bad hair day then I just slink around like a wallflower.

    One thing I have been told over and over is that I project an air of elegance regardless of what I’m wearing or even if I’m naked I never come across as rude or crude or trashy.

  10. I have no clue. I’ll walk in however I please, thank you, and who cares what anyone else thinks?
    (That’s my Leo sun / Aquarius moon talking, btw. :P)

  11. I find my self laughing at this because although I’ve never ask nor had anyone tell me what I’m like as I enter a room, I have had one co-worker repeatedly scare the pants off me everyday as I entered the building. It lasted for about 3 to 4 months before one day, as I was turning the door knob to enter, it popped into my head that he might be on the other side with that damn air compressor hose ready to blast me again!
    I guess my mind is somewhere else when I enter a room- wierd because I’m a Leo rising, oh wait, I do let out a scream that fills the whole building šŸ˜‰ Humm neat, just learned something new about myself.

  12. A lot of people say I look very confident/sure of myself, Extroverted (Leo Rising). Others say they sense my Scorpio Moon more than anything. *shrug*

  13. Allot of people say they’re quite intimidated by me at first, i often wondered if thats becayse of pluto scorpio first opposition mars, or even my triple aries in sun venus and mercury.

    I have cancer moon and libra rising so i think this softens when people actually get to talk to me :p

  14. It seems like there’s a lot of Scorpio ascendants in this thread.

    I don’t think I’m all that impressive coming into a room, but others may beg to differ. Usually I’m in a big ol’ rush, so the steam train that just blew by them is probably what people notice!

  15. I loved this question so much that I passed it all around the internet, with links back here of course!

    Here’s what one of my real life friends said of me:

    “I think it changes so much when you know someone…but I am thinking back to when I first met you. You might enter quietly, but then the observant will Notice you. Quiet but intense :)”

    Scorpio moon and ascendant, so yeah, I can sneak in and observe unnoticed but people who are energetically sensitive tend to be aware of my presence.

  16. Speaking of Scorpio…
    (regarding my husband’s presence)

    He’s a double Libra (sun/rising), with moon in Scorpio. Anyone that knows his notices his extreme easygoing-likeability, but at the same time I have had people comment on his intensity or some undercurrent of something, beyond the Libra niceties and striving for balance.

    He does that thing that I’ve heard Elsa comment with the feeling “sub-human” and having to hide out for periods–this is accentuated by his Sun and Mars being in the 12th house (need for solitude)…

    I think I like him better with some Scorpio (moon/mercury). It’s interesting.

  17. Honestly, I dont quite know…it depends on who’s in the room…
    Usually (from my perspective) I go in quietly and confidently…sometimes I notice strangers giving me a weird look…if I’m in an overly good mood I’ll smile at them…if not I look at them and look away like I didnt notice. I make eye contact with a friend or whoever I went in that room to see and I smile a big Arien-Venus smile… I guess people notice me when I come in a room. Scorpio rising… pisces moon and aquarius/pisces cusp sun.
    sometimes at work I’ll randomly run up and jump at my coworkers just to scare them… just for the hell of it. i like being unpredictable like that.

    Other than that, I’m going to have to ask my friends how I enter a room…the responces, I’m sure, will be interesting.

  18. I feel very invigorated around a lot of people, try to be charming, try to talk to one person yet somehow keep the other’s attention, do certain things because I am trying to get someone to notice, drop someone when I get bored of them, and I’m not afraid, when I’m walking with two or three people and see one passing the other way to go off and talk to him and feel surprised when the other people I spoke to were gone because I thought I had it all under control. People’s first thoughts are usually, well they usually think I’m crazy or so I keep hearing. I am an Aquarius Rising anyway, I guess I should make an entrance without trying to. But I really do love to be in a bustle around lots of people.

  19. The Gemini Hell thing, I think it was that guy’s failure to control a room and to keep all his contacts separated, enthralled, and focused on him but not enough to make him claustrophobic.

  20. I’ve been told I come into a room with an air of confidence, usually with a sly smirk on my face. I’m unobtrusive, but somehow everyone knows when I’m in a room. I’m also a bit on the flamboyant side. This is a Virgo sun/Aquarius moon/Sag ASC talking. šŸ˜‰

  21. I don’t really know… There are some people who I feel notice me right away, but I think I go largely unnoticed by the rest of a room. actually, I don’t know. I want to…

  22. I’m a Capricorn (on Aq. cusp) with Cancer moon and Aries rising and I’ve been told that I seem intimidating. Whatever it is, people don’t really ever approach me…

  23. See, three years ago I didn’t know. Now, if you asked me, I’d say I come into a room like Ethel Merman – arms open and singing. Hello, lovelies!

  24. Another Scorpio rising here. Wonder what it would be like if you put us all in one room? It would be like a dragon’s lair with all of us giving each other stinkeye. Ha Ha.

  25. I have been told that people notice me when I come in a room, a Sag friend of mine says this to me all the time…she says I brighten up the room….

    Elsa, your post today is interesting because this very Sag friend, who is also Scorpio rising and venus in scorpio is coming to stay with me this summer for about 6 weeks. I was telling my sons this yesterday and they both are Sags too, older one is Sag/Scor and the youngest whom made the comment about her coming, :”wow, really, she brings so much energy into the house, I don’t know if I can stand it for 6 weeks….I will feel nervous the whole time, although I like her”…..he is Sag/Picses Moon, Ven/Gem…..

  26. I have Pisces Ascendant so people tell me they find me mysterious and shy. One teacher told me I have an innocence about me. I’m like, wtf? Another friend told me I have extremely dreamy eyes and another told me I seem like I’m always in my head.

  27. I think I depress people. I’m quite and uncomfortable. I can not be the first one to walk into the room either. I always walk behind my husband or someone else.

    I’ve heard whenever you enter a room you are supposed to smile as it is more inviting. But I’m so nervous! Unless it’s my home, I’m nervous.

  28. I have an Aries sun and a Pices moon and people always turn to me for direction and help. It doesn’t matter where I am, in a store, on a plane, on the street, it has been that way since I was a little girl, and it works for animals as well as humans.

  29. i love people. a lot of aquarius in my chart. right now my progressed moon is in gemini in the 5th… venus sits on my ascendent- so when i walk in a room i feel like i light it up- its party time all the time!!! hahaha! can you believe that i have no leo in my chart??! haha! btw i am just kidding (sort of)

  30. If I come into a home I’m super comfortable in (ie. my best friend’s house) I will yell “Hi honey, I’m home!” and then it’s a big ball of laughs (Sagittarius).
    If I’m coming into a room where I don’t know anyone, I’m quiet but very comfortable looking around and making eye contact and smiling at people who happen to make eye contact back.
    If It’s in a lecture hall or any other place where I know OF the people, but do not know them personally, I feel very shy, which for my 1st House Capricorn Moon comes off as reserved/cool.

    I go to the front. Partly because I’m open but also because (in a lecture) if I’m in the back I will fall asleep. Being seen keeps me awake.

  31. Scorpio rising. I look impressive for one or two minuites, but really, it’s my Sag moon that’s impossible to repress for long. The restlessness and goofy good humor looks weird in a Virgo. Both are geeky signs, too!

  32. Elsa, I can so picture you as swirling musical notes!

    It depends whether I’m roaming around or trapped in a specific place because of work, school, or social demands. When I’m free to do what I want, when I want (Sag. rising and 1st house Uranus demand freedom!), you’ve never met a happier person. I walk into stores, and store owners have rushed at me, proclaiming me the happiest customer they’ve ever seen. …..But as soon as even the slightest restriction is put on me, my contagiously peaceful smile is replaced with THE GLARE — something like the attentive, piercing stare of a hawk. Then you meet my hyper-rational side, and frankly, she scares the crap out of people.

  33. I enter a room either:

    1) aloof, shy-like, and observant (Pisces ASC)

    2) smiley, positive and inspired (Sadge MC)

    3) or, dramatic, artsy, or with flare (5th house sun and moon…in leo)

  34. It totally depends on the situation and my mood. Sometimes, I’m feeling all chatty (Gemini Moon) and other times I do the Scorpio thing.

    Then, there is the Libra part of me that can pretty get along with all kinds of people and situations.

  35. Depends on my mood and the social situation. I think I usually present my Virgo Asc – self-contained, appraising. Other times I can be a bit Saturninely Capricornian.

    If I’ve had a drink or two already and feel very relaxed, then my Moon might be more in evidence! – or even my Gem MC/Uranus. But most times it takes me a little while to let down

  36. My friend told me that I’m the kind of person that everybody looks at when I walk into a room. Asc trine Venus maybe? I think my quietness makes people uncomfortable though. I’ve also been told I have poise. I think I’m very unapproachable. People like to look at me but I’m not very inviting.

  37. I depends. I always need to soak in the energy of the room and until I recognize my role then I FEEL like I’m using all my Virgo energy. In actuality, I think I do emit some quiet strong energy. I know this because there are some rare times when I feel like people are walking right through me. That’s when I know my presence is almost invisible.

  38. minding my own business, parental, sociable in a mature way, friendly and detached
    Cap ASC, ( Neptune, Uranus on ASC), Saturn in Aquarius in 1st house aspecting Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. People see me as very balanced

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