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bagdad-cafe-1Do you even know there are tags on this blog? There are almost 10,000 posts here, all of them are tagged. My favorite tag, just right off the top of my head would be movies. I just flashed on the idea if I were to go back and read all the movie posts I would probably be happy. Next I thought of Bagdad Cafe.

If you’ve not seen this movie and decide to, I doubt you will be disappointed. It is one of my favorite movies of all time.

It was Claire-France Perez who told me of it. She sees me (quite correctly) as a very Mars-y woman and there is a gal in this movie she thought I ought to see. She is black and angry and does things very familiar to me, like toss out men she loves; she kicks cans and vehicles, she threatens to shoot people and many other things that amuse me. I got the movie and enjoyed it very much.

A couple years later, Scott watched the movie. For newbies around here, Scott was my boyfriend on and off for 17 years. We met when I was 15, he was 17 and I was working in his mother’s bar. We had a big falling out after almost 20 years of off and on and did not talk for about 10 years before he resurfaced and we were in contact for 3 or 4 years before the next meltdown and separation which is ongoing. In whatever case he watched this movie and called me excitedly to tell me he’d never seen a character I had more in common with. But get this: It was a different character!

Scott did not equate me with the black woman (Brenda) at all! He thought I was the white woman (Yasmin) who comes walking to town from the desert which of course is exactly what I did when I was a kid.

Yasmin has to go through all kinds of horrible shit but manages to transform everyone she meets and boy was this a Neptune lesson to me, ya think?

Personally, I can see myself in either character. I don’t mind either association. I’d be proud to be either of these women – See the movie.

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Art, Movies…Neptune And Projection — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t seen it. I haven’t even heard of it. But I’ll keep a look out for it now. Thanks.

  2. I remember when you wrote about this movie years ago, and at that time I went out and bought the VHS tape, or picked it up at a garage sale or some such. The voice track was defective. So I’ve yet to see it. 😀

  3. I LOVED that movie!! I truly felt I knew the characters in myself and others I knew. I love the kind of movies tha tare brave enough to tell obscure stories and transformational plot-lines. Sand the music in it is so fitting!!

  4. The movie is sublime and watchable many times over and if you ever see it, hearing that song in the video will likely trigger your tears the way it does mine.

  5. For the record, Brenda has a teenage daughter in the movie and Scott equated me with her as well… and I could also easily relate as she had an affinity to fun and trucks and boys and motorcycles, none of which are exactly foriegn to me.

    denamaria, the movie is rich and gets better every time you see it. I think it is super Aquarian in that is celebrates the individual.

  6. Yeah… it´s a german movie, originally called “out of Rosenheim” (Rosenheim being the bavarian town Jasmin comes from), directed by Percy Adlon. It´s one of my favorite movies, so uplifting and warmhearted – “Magic”!

    Love, Kundrie

  7. I watched this with the soldier today and he was pretty flipped out over my taste… however it won him over in the end! 🙂

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