Aries Women In Love

“You may or may not know, I am married to a retired green beret. I can’t take him on. He can kick my ass. He can kill me in two seconds – snap my neck like a twig.

I don’t think I should have married him if I wanted to dominate…”

I wrote that for an Aries woman, married to a double Aries man,with Venus in Aries and Mercury in Aries.

She married him because she likes a challenge, I’m sure.

So now she has what she wanted. She has a man who won’t cower before her and it’s gives her fits!

Are there other Mars-y women out there who can relate?  How do you deal with your passions?

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Aries Women In Love — 20 Comments

  1. I understand this. I don’t respect men who allow me to dominate them and then it frustrates me. And then I remind myself how I would feel if he didn’t pose a challenge….

  2. I am like this. Consciously or not I choose men who are controlling, then I get restless with all my fire. I used to think I needed a man who could understand my quirks. Now I know I just need someone who wants adventure and mystery as much as I do.

  3. I am like this. Mars in Scorpio. When I was younger I didn’t really know how to handle it and I hurt a lot of men – I just didn’t understand what I wanted and could be so mean when I was disappointed (Mars sextile Saturn). Now that I am older and have a clearer understanding about what I want, I am more direct about that (and before I met my partner, better at removing myself from a situation that wasn’t going to end well before it got nasty).

    I have Sun/Moon/Pluto conj in Libra and Venus in Virgo; my partner has Sun/Moon in Virgo and Venus in Libra. Our Mars’ square. We can rage at each other! Without getting nasty! Then ‘work it out’ in the bedroom. Best of all worlds! He’s said plainly that he wouldn’t be able to be with a woman who couldn’t argue back with him; he can be wrong, he wants his viewpoints tested if they don’t hold water. I feel the same way.

  4. I think it depends what sign their Mars is in, as it rules their Aries Sun. I’m an Aries with Mars in Pisces, so I detest conflict of any kind. That being said, I need a man who is strong enough to take everything personally so I am free to express my true feelings.

  5. oh yes, I have 4 inner planets in Aries, including Moon Venus…. I’m interested in a man right now with Venus Mars conjunct in Aries, and possibly an Aries ASC with both Venus Mars there…
    He’s a sensitive Pisces but his Mars came right for me, I ate it up, & then our battles of independence ensued

  6. I have Moon conjunct Mars.

    I like a man who poses a challenge. If I get to utterly dominate the guy, I can’t respect the guy. So even if I am the more ambitious one, I like him to at least be able to pose a challenge at times.

  7. When thinking of Aries Gals…hmmm..From the Aries ladies I know, they usually have a guy they can mop the floors with. This stage of their life comes after they have been in a horror relationship, which fulfils all the nightmares on the men-dominating-women archetype. Just like the one described above. I think Aries girls have watched their mother being treated with disrespect and so they swear to themselves, it will never happen to them, but they can’t escape it happen.

    I have Aries moon, and the situation is opposite. After being with many boys who were putty in my hand, I ended up with one having tendencies to be harsh, to bark and to nag. Apparently I have not escaped the destiny of my mommy, (moon+mars in Aquarius conjunction) whose life-partner, my daddy emulate the tendencies described above. Mummy, thus becomes a warrior eternally fighting man-dominating-woman injustices, however futilely.

  8. My parents are/were both Aries. Doesn’t that sound almost horrible? But my dad was military, my mom a wife- big family, very normal suburbia thing.

    Not what you picture with 2 Aries.

  9. I have mars/venus/sun conjunct in aries and a mercury aries too! My aquarius boyfriend of 6 years has been just what I needed. We have a similar independent streak, which means no one gets lonely when we’re off doing our own things (I hate clingy types!). He has a scorpio mars which I find to be compatible with my aries mars EXCEPT in fierce arguments: he doesn’t instinctively understand my short temper, nor do I understand his tendency to hold on to anger for so long! But I do think we help each other out with these tendencies more often than not. We love competing at games and sports. He’s more of a daredevil than I and has driven me out of my comfort zone and into activities I never thought I could participate in! I think, for all of the challenges of two headstrong types getting together, the match of Aries Woman-Aquarius Man is good, especially if you stick it out and really try to learn from the other.

  10. I’m an Aries woman. I dig artfully cocky men 🙂 not douchey, abusive, substanceless cocky, but talented, quick, unapologetic, “yes I can” kinds of men. I married young, but I only dated one Aries, then a Leo, then married a Leo 🙂 He’s a very romantic, soft hearted Leo and it has been hard for me to appreciate. When he is in a phase where he’s trying to grow and accomplish things, when he’s a little less gentlemanly, I feel more attraction to him for sure. Him sitting on the couch saying “yes dear” literally makes me want to growl and punch a hole through the wall. When Gerard Butler screams “this is Sparta!” in the 300, I was like “holy crap, I will have your babies” lol His strength being used to defend, protect, his confidence and his respect for his wife were just delicious. So yeah, it’s very true for me 😉

  11. I definitely embody the childish brat when a man DOES stand up to me, at least immediately, but my respect and sense of peace is totally present beneath the initial shock. I respect a person much more for saying “no” to me than fearing me.

    My Aries boyfriend came over once when I was on the phone. I spoke to him dismissively and told him to wait till I was done. He bent down toward me and said “when you’re done, I’ll be back at my house.” And he marched right out. At first, I was *shocked* at his abrupt response, but moments later I realized I had been rude and stupid to him and I respected him for respecting himself. He didn’t take shit. Ever. And looking back, I really loved that quality. He was also very very cocky and overbearing, but it’s kind of alluring to hear a man not cow towing to your every whim 😀

  12. @PixieDust – just curious, what would one expect with two Aries parents?

    My inlaws are both Aries. They are, to my mind anyway, reckless, chaotic, self-absorbed and the king and queen of drama.

    They are maddening!!!

  13. I would have thought maybe yelling, fighting, competetiveness. Mom has an Aries mars too. But no, they were stable, traditionally religious- very social and tons of friends. Always had parties at our house, it was the go-to location because we had a lot of space.

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  15. I’m an aries woman with mars in aries. Loads of squares in my natal chart. I’m a typical Aries(Very feisty, combative, assertive, temperamental, a fuck you I don’t need you attitude). I don’t like to be controlled, but I need to be with a man who will stand up to me. Otherwise I will dance all over you in my five inch heels and give you zero respect. I was very much the ‘lone wolf’ type and never needed a man until I met my scorpio. He’s the first man I ever allowed to dominate me and be in control. I don’t mind because I feel so incredibly safe and protected when I’m with him. First time in my life I’ve experienced unconditional love with a man.

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