Aries Schools Libra

This post will seem harsh to many but I offer it because we’ve got the stellium in Aries set to oppose Saturn in Libra and I think this has value. It’s worth mentioning that Mars and Mercury will be part of the Aries stellium, opposing my natal Mars Mercury conjunction Libra. It’s a safe bet, my lessons will be pointed.

Luckily, I am cut out for this but if you’re not, you may think this obscene. I think it’s help for Libra who can easily get lost in a sea of indecision. I think it is beneficial to be exposed and aware, this kind of thinking exists. Never mind there are a number of us who would do well to adopt it.

I asked my husband for his opinion or advice on a social (Libra) situation. He represents Aries, of course.

“Now, P, I don’t know. I don’t deal in that stuff. I don’t care about feelings when it comes to things like this. I think of it like it’s a black box. Input. Output. Did we achieve the objective?”


“Doesn’t matter how anyone feels about it.  It doesn’t matter how many people died, what they wore, how people felt or any other thing. All that counts is did we do what we set out to do?  Did we complete our mission?  You want to clear the air, I don’t care if the air is clear.  I don’t care if the sky is cloudy, if it’s raining, is this sun shining – who cares! All I want to know is did we succeed  Is the job getting done?”

“Yes, the job gets done.”

“Well that’s all that counts.. If people want to put an ice cream cone on their head during the process, I don’t give a damn. Input. Output. Did we win? Did we achieve the objective? I don’t pay attention to anything but.”


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  1. My ex, who had spent many years in the Navy, had that mindset too 😉

    I like to travel hopefully, and comfortably, and to enjoy the view AND the company along the way. I don’t just have a Libra Neptune and Jupiter, I have a House 5 Sun/Venus conjunction which likes – demands! – to enjoy itself.

    Neither is right or wrong but I think we can both take lessons from one another – necessarily so since these ‘ways of living’ are not very compatible

  2. “Did we win? Did we achieve the objective? I don’t pay attention to anything but.””

    My aptitude tests for college in the early ’80’s said I would do well as a Naval Officer! Hahaha!

    My Aries thinks this way often… I get told I think like a man frequently… I’m just not very “Butch” at all though! Hahaha!

    There is a point where one must detach from the minutiae in order to get ‘er done. That’s where it becomes clear that some can and some can’t.

  3. Balancing the oppositions in our charts is always a challenge, (eg: life path) but can be really rewarding in my experience. It’s the Square aspect that I still struggle with..

  4. ok, seriously? is that supposed to be my “lesson” from this opposition? there’s no way that’s going to work.


  5. caroline, i have a lot of libra — i mean, A LOT of libra. so i’m think’n that my sun, moon, mercury, jupiter, uranus & midheaven in libra will kick that silly little stellium in aries in the arse 🙂

  6. Like this post Elsa;)

    Have tons of Libra, but in the end my Mars trumps. Hubby says I’m too black and white sometimes. But then, he’s a Libra/Scorp cusper…so there you go!

  7. @topaz- The NN is what we need to master. Mine is communication. 3rd house in Crab. I tend to pull it all inside and internalize. My NN wants me to nurture others with my communication style and words. Study your NN placement by sign and house… Then go for it to master your lesson.

  8. His remarks were helpful to me because it’s a concise blueprint of how to accomplish something that must be done. There are a million examples but this blog is a good one.

    5 years ago we agonized over whether or not we should do something about 2 women having a cat-fight on this blog, day after day after day. Did people think it is interesting?

    Ultimately we decided that it was severely distracting – and in fact killing the blog because decent people did not want to try to hold a normal conversation with these two very cutting and cunning women going at it.

    I was very concerned about the feelings of all back then but if it happened today, I would give a warning and if it were not heeded, action would be next. This is exactly what he is talking about. My objective is to have a great blog where people are happy and enjoy themselves. If you get mad about that – too bad. My objective is to have a great blog where people are happy and enjoy themselves.

    The indecision can be freakishly crippling and meantime they burn your city down.

    I also agree with people who state this is coming, like it or not. I agree. It’s like you hear me say, I will shoot anyone who breaks into my house, dead. This is because I am pretty sure I will be hurt of kill as I stand there weighing my options. The objective in this case is to defend myself.

    What that means is if blood gets on the carpet, then blood gets on the carpet. My objective is to defend myself and that’s the whole line, right there.

    “What did you do, Elsa?”
    “I defended myself, as planned and promised. Next?”

    I have benefited beyond belief from talk like this. I try to share.

  9. @xenia — thank you! i’ve decided to make this opposition my bitch!!

    & elsa, if blood gets on the carpet, just pull it up & see if it’s covering up some beautiful hardwood floors – will make for a much more classically beautiful setting, dontcha think? 😉

  10. Elsa, your post and what you’ve said just now really speaks to what I’m going through. It is in fact this goal-driven mindset that will actually be what brings me to balance. The inner conflicts I have been experiencing, weighing the options again and again in recent weeks and months, I keep coming to the same conclusions. No matter how I cut it, if I’m not satisfied in my relationships, then I have to leave. All bets are off, forge ahead toward the objective, and never mind these niceties.

  11. @ read_em ~ thanks for the reminder. NN libra, second house. haven’t discerned how to work with it – yet. with all this energy in my SN on the horizon and saturn right on top of the NN…well, i’m guessing i’ll be building some skills.

    i’d say that a place such as this is fantastic for honing your NN skills. cheers : )

  12. oh gawd, elsa. your comment about being polite hit home. maybe i could use some schooling after all because this libra has spent a lifetime going through too much of what you just pointed out (metaphorically speaking) just to keep the peace…

    thank you. well played, indeed.

  13. Thank you, libralicious and you can take this even further.

    If I shoot the rapist, get the blood on my carpet, suffer the stigma of that (which I have written about extensively), then guess who is spared? You.
    This makes me (Aries) a hero, see?

    I’ll you something. If some gal two doors down shoots an intruder, I am not going to say, “how horrible for you.”

    I am going to go right down there and thank her for her heroism – no doubt about it. “Thanks for taking out that son-of-a-bitch”.

    You don’t do anyone any favors allowing yourself to be assaulted, except maybe the perp. If we as a collective would not tolerate this shit, we’d see a lot less of it.

    I told my kid not to break into anyone’s house and if he does, that he should expect to be shot dead. I think he appreciated hearing this. The line it there and it’s not wavy.

  14. “You don’t do anyone any favors allowing yourself to be assaulted, except maybe the perp. If we as a collective would not tolerate this shit, we’d see a lot less of it.”

    Imagine if they took people like the guy who shot up Tucson and did a swift retribution, public-style to him? Would there be more copycats? Maybe not.

    Statistically the death penalty doesn’t deter the perps from committing murders and such, but if someone kills more than one person in more than one incident, I see them as a rabid dog. One that must be put down b/c it is not retrainable, so to speak…

  15. My son is in the Navy. So there are all these moms of Navy boys milling around in my life right now, and there’s this one lady from another country whose son has some kind of college degree from there and she’s always going on about how unfair it is that he’s being treated like everyone else even though he’s so much more educated. She went into fits because the guys make fun of his accent.

    So I did this, Libra me — I said — you know, if he can’t handle getting along with the other guys, maybe he’s not cut out for the job.

    Look of utter shock.

    Sure, I said, if his feelings of hurt and inadequacy are interfering with his ability to work…he probably can’t handle it. Maybe you should talk to him about that, tell him he should get out.

    My son is great at his job! He’s great at this, and he’s great at that…

    Oh, good, I said, it’s good to know that other stuff really isn’t an issue….

  16. @ oanney: Yes, you did say fair :), and fairness is a concept we’re all gonna have to get used to… The playing field is being leveled everywhere. If not now, soon.

  17. How can I have three planets in Aries, and feel so much like a Libra at times? I wonder if I should be using Equal House, placing my Moon/Venus/south node conjunction in the 7th. Pluto in LIbra, ruler of my asc.

    (This is a rhetorical question – I’ve only become more swamped with indecision as I get older, and wish that I could be more clear-headed and decisive, and *active*, getting things done.)

  18. Re: Aries/Libra polarities, I have Uranus sitting right on my 29degree Pisces AC. Jupiter conjunct 1st House Aries Mars. Transit Saturn in 7th directly opposing 1st House Venus. Getting close to 2nd Saturn return, anyway. NN is right on my MH. And I thought that PLUTO on my MH was dramatic a while back. Major life changes, especially past 2 yrs. I’m emotionally strong person but very confused about life path right now. More emotional than usual lately and it’s wearing. I’m weary & very uncertain. Not used to that. Maybe it will settle down when Uranus goes into my 1st House & moves away from AC. IDK, things are so up in the air.

  19. gotta say, this discussion has had me thinking all day. & as challenging as this opposition sounds, your analogy, elsa, has caused me to create a list of all the “intruders” in my life i need to start “shooting”

    • Wow, never even thought of it that way. My Libra Neptune in 9th opposes my Aries Sun, bringing a gang of intruders — Indecision, Illusion, Delusion, Escapism — undermining my freedom and independence all along…

  20. @Wowza yes l did! My NN is Libra and Saturn is hoovering over it!!! l should, Pluto Libra 1st ..say l feel split in a way l think l want to do what l want to be free!! No difficulties in my life, leave me ALLONE!!! But l do the opposite! l think of the OTHER first! l feel super torn apart inside and l’m afraid of what will happend next! l TRY to keep myself in check!!!l Try LIBRA WAY! YAY! as MLK put it::
    “I more fear what is within me than what comes from without”

    As long as Elsa (and the others) are giving a reality check from time to time, some positive vibes, some encouragement and perspective l’ll be fine!

  21. This thread has got me thinking about the turning of the tides…is it the end of political correctness?

    I’m looking at the events in the world, in our country, and in my own town, Madison, Wisconsin.

    People are fed up with all the bullshit and are just not taking it anymore, especially from this new governor who just came into office and decides to rob workers of their right to collective bargaining. And, he selectively chooses which workers are going to lose that right – not all workers, just the ones that didn’t support him in his campaign.

    I’m an employee of the State of Wisconsin. I am NOT a union member, but I support the rights of others to belong to a union and collectively bargain.

    We are manifesting change in 2011 in a major way. it is the year of the people – to be heard and to stand up for themselves. The people aren’t asking for a lot, just to be treated fairly, with respect and dignity. If the people aren’t heard, they will overthrow those in power…it will come about.

  22. Yes, well, I’ve been thinking about that post where Elsa said she would shoot the hypothetical intruder; and I support her right to do so, but it also got me thinking about what would happen in our case…

    …we are not gun owners, but that does not mean we are weaponless. It would be one sorry ass intruder, but one who’d probably try to sue us later.
    I’m beginning to realize why robbers leave us alone. They like to steal from, or assault normal people, because normal people are afraid. Just lately I realized that we really are not normal.

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