Mars In Aries: Beyond Thunderdome

Dill PickleSaturn just went through my son’s 11th house and he’s seen his circle of friends tighten. Friends without integrity have fallen away. At the same time Pluto is transiting his Uranus Sun opposition. He’s had a somewhat distant relationship with his father but I see him actively reshaping it. In synastry neither of their Mars aspects anything in the other’s chart. However, they both have Mars in fire, my son’s in late Aries and his father’s in early Leo. They both have an active physical drive. My son’s attempts to engage his father have all fallen rather flat until he hit on this latest strategy: he challenged him to play raquetball. Now they’re meeting weekly and hanging out afterward.

A Leo Mars in the 11th house rarely shrinks from a public challenge. My son, with his Aries Mars in the 6th worked straightforwardly, trying one thing after another till he found a solution. Who will win? Who cares; as far as I’m concerned they both win.

How do you get what you want? Where is your Mars? Does it hunt?

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Mars In Aries: Beyond Thunderdome — 23 Comments

  1. “not even for dodgeball.”

    *snort* 😀

    My Mars in Libra hunts very well when I want it to. Unfortunately, I hardly ever have the clarity to know just what I want. *grins*
    Still wouldn’t trade it for the world, magn. 😉

  2. hmm. Really thinking about it. I think I get what I want indirectly through friends. Aquarius mars in the twelfth.

  3. My Mars is in Gemini… in the 8th House

    I don’t know HOW I get what I want, but I get it.
    Its kind of fun, like a treasure hunt!

  4. Mars in 4th/Aries. I rarely get what I want, except for when it comes to food. Don’t eff with my food.

    I once went out for dinner, I was so angry about my meal (fish with lots of bones, Taurus wasn’t amused), I told my dinner guest—“I have to go. NOW. I will be back.”

    I stormed down the street to my favorite poutine place and ate some…angrily…and then went back to my guest. Ha ha.

    Other than food though, I don’t usually get my own way. Mars/South Node in Aries. I’m assuming I got my own way enough in previous lives.

  5. 6th house Gemini Mars will hunt endlessly for a job worth my while! I’ve loved my jobs over the past 3 years working with kids… running and playing with them is fun for me and keeps me in shape!! 😉

  6. you know whats weird, i have mars in aries in the first house and i often wonder why i cant access it in terms of goals etc- its got 7 square aspects to it. my mars is currently getting its way by being angry, aggressive and demanding- just by my mere presence. which is why i have become somewhat of a recluse! to save people from my anger ish.

  7. Mars in Sag in the 4th in a wide conjunction with Neptune in Scorpio and square Mercury in Pisces.

    I usually get what I want through sheer force of will. I just accept that it’s mine and then I work and work and work — Neptune is trine my 00 Aries Sun/North Node and in a Yod with Jupiter/Uranus in Libra and Saturn/Venus in Aries — until I achieve it. I gather my facts, write out my thoughts, my plans (Mercury in Pisces) and just make it happen.

    Might take years (Saturn/Venus) and sometimes all I have to go on is that sense of Divine Inspiration (Jupiter/Uranus sextile Neptune, opposite Sun), but I just keep at it until it does.

    Guess I’ve caught a bit of that Jupiter/Sagittarius optimism.

  8. Aries Sun ruled by Mars in Pisces in 8th. I have no idea….I certainly go after what I want when i know what it is…its just figuring out what I want in the first place!

  9. My Mars is in my 2nd house, on the cusp (1 degree) of Sag and Capricorn. It is entirely unaspected.

    Right now I don’t need to hunt a lot, for which I’m endlessly grateful. When I do, I’m very methodical. And successful. And for the love of all things holy, do not come up in my plan and start questioning or changing it around, because I’ve already done the research to guarantee maximum efficiency (for me)….which is an uppity way of saying, I prefer to hunt alone.

    If someone else wants to be alpha, I’m fine with that and I love to help out…now that I think about it, I’m a really good wingman. But if it’s something I’m getting for myself, no thanks.

  10. H

    Your post was hysterical, I too have Mars in Aries in the 4th. But am the opposite when it comes to food. I hate food because I NEVER get what I ask for. Its been an issue my whole life and its a worldwide issue.My husband shakes his head every time we go out to eat. Me, I am sooooo used to it that instead of getting angry I just laugh and hand it back. This has been an issue for over 10 years now.

  11. Great post.
    I’ve been exploring the role of Mars in my life lately, as I’m approaching my late 20s and feel the fire under my ass to move forward with a specific goal and start accomplishing. However this has been my life’s big challenge. Anyway, I have Mars in Cap conjunct Neptune + Uranus in the 11th. Doesn’t seem so bad at first. If I could let go of fear and go with the flow, this could work for me, but I have always felt this blockage. Suddenly, it occurred to me the roles of Venus conjunct Saturn and Moon inconjunct Saturn represent my own made-up obstacles. Fears. As far as my go-gettin’ style, I need to feel like I have some degree of control and I don’t accept failure. Focus doesn’t come easily and I tend to decide the course of action as I go along… I need that freedom or else I feel imprisoned. Now if I could just set a goal.

  12. “I NEVER get what I ask for”

    Weird! My favorite restaurants always take what I like to eat off the menu. The place up the street got rid of their prawn quesadillas–but still kept the prawn skewers. Well, can I have a veggie quesadilla and add prawns. No???? WHYYYY!!!!

    :::burts out sobbing:::

    Venus trine Neptune…disappearing fave foods? LOL

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