Are You Insatiable?

pluto necklaceThere was a lot of interest in my post on people who are essentially, bulletproof (I Want My Ex To Suffer) . Specifically, people were wondering how this would be seen in a chart. I can tell you this – I can be seen in a chart.

Later in the week, I spoke with a client dealing with another kind of extreme person. Someone who is insatiable. This can also be seen in a chart…and easily confirmed by just a quick look at the chart.  What you can’t see is what the person is going to do about it.

I am sure that some who know themselves to be insatiable will read this. Here’s my question: have you resolved this in some way?

How do you manage your own insatiability?



Are You Insatiable? — 30 Comments

  1. I think my boyfriend is like this, he just seems to be never satisfied with stuff, things, never appreciative. Not sure if this is his Moon Mars opposition.

  2. This is good. I am about some things. It is almost as if I need to have or be somewhere. It feeds me. It keeps my feet moving. Again I do not know what drives it. But it will be fun to become aware of and see if the intensity of need is driven by transit. This will be fun if I can tune into it. However unlike Julie’s boyfriend, I am always greatful, appreciative. Maybe even appreciative of having this appetite.

  3. Oh, I don’t control it, it controls me. If I can step beyond it and understand the transiting, maybe I will consider controlling it.

  4. When I first saw this, I wondered if you could see, in a chart, if someone was a narcissist or a psychopath, or someone like that- who hurt others, but seemed unscathed by anything in return? These are REALLY interesting questions- Thanks, Elsa!

  5. If I’m insatiable it is about learning. I’m always wanting to know more about how something works, learning about stuff at depth.

    As for personalities that are insatiable in a general way I’m not sure I follow or see the example clearly. Scorpios/plutonians come to mind because they want depth depth and more depth and I have that whole strong pile of plutonian stuff in my chart.

    The only person(s) I can think of in my life that I would even begin to describe are two women, both relatives. One has horrible anxiety and is insatiable in her need for someone outside of her to calm her or help her focus on something other than her anxiety.

    The other is for lack of a better description likes to learn all about you and then use that knowledge to hurt you – in front of the rest of the family. She’s been doing it as long as I’ve been aware of her game, which would be awareness somewhere as a teenager. She digs. I don’t know if that is insatiable or another sort of issue.

    • Jealz. I haven’t been able to force myself to learn. Not unless someone helps organize my learning. I’m not a self starter at all. I was reading that the ‘big five’ personality traits that I have actually distract from success (extroversion, openness, neuroticism.) The only one that matters is conscientiousness. All I really make an effort to do is eat things and walk places.

  6. I ‘cannot be satisfied’ my mom says to me. She says I should live in the moment. In my life I’ve had trouble enjoying things I ‘should’ enjoy (vacation, consumption, sightseeing, fun.) Or staying happy a long time. Or being ‘happy’ and not uncomfortable in a relationship. Even traveling alone which definitely seems like ‘where I should be’… Now I’m having my Saturn return and Pluto transit so issues are still rearing their head and I am very quickly lonely and whiny and insecure the minute I’m not interacting with someone. Last time I traveled I had great transits and had some touching experiences and not the usual brief depression I get traveling. I have Venus tightly opposite mars. This has been an issue in my life where I wonder if I can be satisfied. I think maybe it is possible because I see fear held me back a lot. I stayed in boring 9 to 5’s. I can say my previous relationships were not enough to distract me from my hunger to be loved or pretty or something. Plus I always thought maybe enjoying consumption or receiving experiences rather than producing doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

  7. Yes and no.

    Yes, in that I think it takes a lot of work to let go of my expectations of myself and my performance… I attribute it to the planetary squares to my mid heaven. Also 6th house and 9th house emphasis, constantly trying to improve and search for meaning…. Very hard to be cool with being bad at my job.

    No in that I have learned to love and appreciate each gift that someone gives me. Because you can’t take anything for granted. The older women in my life have taught me to reflect upon the past and present with kindness and gratitude. That it wastes my energy to do otherwise. When you value a moment, one words, a gift, you release yourself into joy and satisfaction. Being okay with what you have helps you perceive and experience more from what you have. Which may be more than you originally thought. Yeah… Good question.

    • Thank you I am going to think about what you said. I have Saturn on the MC in sag so 9th house dissatisfaction is new to me. And it runs very deep. But with 6th house i dont know if i can be happy bumming around like those people who travel the world. But let me try i guess. Before I could sometimes feel happy when I sorted some files or something :p or did a job well, now I have a very comfortable 6th house base that just holds me back from who I’m meant to be

  8. Oh well I’ll say it out loud (makes me think of James Brown 😉 I am quite sure I am insatiable. 12th house Venus squares by 8th House Pluto in Libra. and… Mars-Neptune tightly conjunct in Sag. Taurus Moon, trine Venus. Need I say more???

  9. I’m insatiable but I am also UNsatiable. What I’m going to do about it? Absolutely nothing. I’ll continue to be myself regardless of what anyone thinks of me. Resolve what? No one should resolve anything at the snap of a finger. Resolving takes time and most of the time people don’t even realize things are being resolved.

  10. I dont know; I’ve never really been content in certain areas of my life, but i don’t know about insatiable. There are times in my life I’ve tasted satisfaction, when I knew something felt right, but I made a series of bad choices leading me further away from what felt right. My own worst enemy kind of thing. I think it’s normal to be somewhat discontent; it’s human nature to have desires, unless you’re a saint.

    • Someone once told me that without stress, we would never do anything. I liken it to off balance so then there is an effort to get balanced again. Just like the human body, when some chemical thing gets off balance something else kicks in to compensate. Off balance. Balance. Off balance. Balance. The balance of nature thing. I need to get better at realizing when things are veering too far away from a happy medium before I end up in the dumper. I don’t always pay real well attention.

  11. This is a very good question. I’m apt to answer ‘no’ with a cappy moon, but it’s conjunct Jupiter (who also opposes my sun). So maybe the answer is yes, but with boundaries. I’m not quite sure yet, I’ll have to let this mull around in the back of my mind today.

    • Dunno, I find the people with cap moon I know don’t know how to satiate themselves or don’t want to, and therefore are emotionally starving. Some even push people away who can help them from suspicion. It’s sad that they don’t want to take care of themselves or forget to. I’ve met starved moons before

      • That’s good to think on Erg, I’m certainly no stranger to starved moons.

        That being said, it’s taken me many years to learn how to balance taking care of others with taking care of myself (sun opposite moon). I’m to a point in my life where I’m satiated and happy most of the time in all areas, save one. Sure there are challenges in each area, but that’s what helps me grow.

        With pluto in aspect to most of my chart, I can easily be insatiable, always wanting more/digging deeper. But with a cappy moon, I can see where ‘a little goes a long way’. But the question was have you learned to manage your own insatiability and I can assuredly answer yes to that question after a day of sound thinking on it. I feel quite comfortable and happy in that answer 🙂 Thanks for such a thought provoking question Elsa.

  12. I’m pretty sure I am but I don’t think it’s a permanent state of being. I have MORE than enough to be happy about …but I’m not satisfied. I don’t understand it, so it’s a good thing to think about. At first I would say that the inability to be satisfied would come from outside things affecting my inner state… but maybe it is more of an internal thing than I thought – especially if you can see it in a chart! Great timing for this question. I seem to be on the brink of throwing my marriage away. I don’t understand. I’ve been able to manage it so far with an outsider perspective, an older more knowledgeable outside perspective. Clearly, I haven’t fully learned to do it myself yet. This post has been super enlightening. I bet meditation would help this. Focusing on the present moment… but sometimes the force is. just. too. freakin. strong. You know, I’m just really good at learning the hard way… that would probably teach me. Wow, this is something I really need to go write about. Still can’t believe the perfect timing for this… thanks!

  13. Most people are ‘hungry ghosts.’ That’s why eastern religions are so popular here. The American lifestyle also promotes an endless consumption to sate a nameless hunger that can’t be satiated. Much like depression, the roots of our tendency to relieve pain with consumption are deeper. As deep as the reasons that made this lifestyle take off here in the first place. We’ve been robbed of the ability to imagine a different life, we reckon with our alienation, emptiness, and lack of community and are afraid to change because we’d miss our famous ‘liberty.’

  14. I’ll let myself be satisfied for about half a second. Then it’s on to the next question, the next layer, the next perspective. I think it’s a valid way to live.

  15. Oh. How do I manage it? I don’t put my desires on other people. Or I don’t put them on to anyone specifically. I want people to fulfill their own desires, not mine.

  16. When you say insatiable, all I think about is sex. What are the markers for nymphomania? From my experience: Moon-Mars, Venus-Pluto, Mars-Venus, Mars-Pluto, loaded 8th house and mostly definitely, Jupiter-Pluto. ?

    What makes it go away? Not much. Abstinence is a ticking time bomb for nymphos. You can just get a good monogamous partner whose rhythm matches your own and allow time and the lack of energy to take its course. ?

  17. I changed my mind about insatiability. Ended up doing a somewhat social sunday. By comparison, I am not insatiable. Could be libra energy: it’s all relative. I’m just not that hungry. Not at all.

  18. Oh, yes. For me it’s a result of mom issues and abandonment issues that haven’t been resolved. Still. After years and years of therapy and soul searching. Very frustrating.

    Seems to show in my chart as Venus conj Saturn in Aqu (2nd)opp moon in Leo(8th), both square Neptune in Scorpio (11th). AND Venus is sextile Jupiter in Aries (3rd, conj IC), just to add more mass to the black hole.

    • Have you looked at your mom’s chart? Sometimes that can assist understanding why she was the way she was or why it happened for her the way it did. I sometimes feel that I came in with unresolved dependency issues because people tend not to be there for me. It’s up to me. Hard lessons. And it was often scary.

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