Are You Abstract / Spiritual Or More Scientifically Minded?

“We’re opposites, P”, Β my husband said.

“You think that? Β I think we’re very similar. How are we opposites?”

“You’re abstract. And I’m… I don’t know the word for it. I’m scientifically-based I guess you’d say.”


“Yeah. I’m a scientist and you are a spiritual person.”

I didn’t say anything because I thought he had it backwards. But then again…?

Are you abstract or scientific?Β Are you sure?


Are You Abstract / Spiritual Or More Scientifically Minded? — 38 Comments

  1. Both, yes I’m sure. It depends upon the subject matter. Some things are best dealt with scientifically and some best dealt with abstractly or spiritually. It depends upon what method works best to grasp and manipulate my understanding of a situation, method, concept .. etc.


  2. Well, with enough water to float a boat in my chart–much of it Pisces or 12th house–but Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo in 3rd…

    Let me analyze this question. I’m certain I will intuit the answer soon.


  3. Absolutely definitely both. In my daily life I am a political scientist – so that’s the science side for you: I am good at analyzing the world. But when it comes to the ‘real’ questions of life I do not believe in narrow rational analysis – if you stick to ‘facts’ you do not even come close. Though maybe I would say intuitive more than spiritual.

  4. You’re not abstract. You write about real people and their real issues. It’s maybe that there are other things that are more real for your Soldier? Are you sure it’s not him that’s more likely to be abstract?

  5. I’m either a very grounded psychic or a very intuitive rationalist. So my answer is yes. I am abstract and scientific. πŸ™‚

  6. Dharmaruci and Michelle – I thought he had it backwards but then he gave me a “for instance” and where my thinking was clearly and utterly metaphysical and his view was rigid. And though his opinion was utterly based in fact, I still thought my magical view was correct although it seemed pointless to argue. (Mercury opp Mercury)

    I thought at the time if we were meant to find out which way things would play in the circumstances given, then the scenario would constellate in real life and we’d see who was right… which is spiritually-based (fairy) thinking right there.

    But he seems completely unaware that he has magical thinking himself. He thinks magically all the time (I think) but it is unbeknownst to him. If you asked he would tell you that he is all about right and wrong and dogma… he is a scientist. And then one minute later he contradicts himself, which is pure Pisces, yes?

  7. Haha, yes pure Pisces. I am the same (pisces rising). I am a combination of both, I do numbers for a living, very rational, very non-magical but as for everything else? It’s all grey.

  8. Like the friend with an Irish father who’s living in England, asks him “Do you believe in fairies?” “No of course not, it’s completely unscientific. Besides which, you don’t get them over here!”

  9. I’m scientific (rational) minded when the situation calls for it. (Mercury in Virgo, no aspects except a trine to Cap Midheaven.) However, considering my chart has no water except for Neptune in Scorpio, I’m a very spiritual being and always was. I figure that’s because I’m always questing for the element that’s missing in my birthchart.

  10. Man, Elsa, you are reading my freaking mind. I was thinking on this exactly earlier this morning!! I was thinking that I am both, and I delight in flipping things back and forth, abstract to detail, detail to abstract.

    Pisces Moon opp. Virgo Mercury.

  11. I think you and your husband balance each other out, Elsa. Some of the things you come up with are so steeped in feeling that it’s abstract for him, and 3-D holographic math is abstract for well; most of us !!

    As for me, I’m a cross-referencer; either by pursuit or opportunity. I have an extensive background in Western and Chinese medicine. However, the evidence that illness or imbalance has its roots in metaphysical causes; has piled up high enough to lead me to Reiki healing — something so abstract to most that it is discredited and scoffed at. I have a Libra moon, so I will file away a piece of information, and then lo and behold; the evidence of its validity will present itself. So, the conclusions I arrive at are often based on ‘hard’ evidence that has been distilled down to the ethereal vibe behind it all.

    As a small child, I was naturally abstract, and being continuously discredited by my elders led me to scientific study. Then, as an adult, my marriage into a family that I could never grok actually helped attune me to the subtle energies at work beneath the surface of everything. Full circle.

    Believe me when I say that I don’t expect anyone to get it, though : ).

  12. Elsa, I can totally relate with your conversation with the Soldier! My husband doesn’t believe in anything (God,Astrology,etc). Luckily he indulges me and is supportive (not critical) of whatever I believe in. – Anyway, the fact that he’s so naturally psychic, it makes me giggle! He’s completely unaware of it, and would deny, deny, deny, if I were to point it out!

    • that’s like my husband too. unaware, in denial about spiritual/psychic but he has it (as I’ve witnessed) although he is highly logical/scientific too. His virgo is probably overwhelming. I think i’m both but i’m veering towards spiritual as I don’t see myself as too scientific. I just don’t like experimenting/laboratories or any of that stuff, but I really like astronomy and learning. i’m not into languages, or learning languages I notice. As ive noticed many people in love learning several languages. it was never my thing as a child.

  13. When we had to fill out those “about you” sheets in school (god I hated those things.) there was always the question “One word to describe you:”
    I always chose “Abstract” haha (moon conjunct uranus conjunct ascendant. Yikes, no wonder it was difficult trying to pin down how I’m supposed to present myself on those things)

    I know it’s great to think outside the box and everything, but often times I can’t even remember or recognize were the box is to think outside of it.

    Merc in Aquarius in the 2nd, Sun in Pisces in 2nd.

  14. allow me to made a correction, I’d like to change “Often times I can’t remember where the box is…” to “I’ve noticed there are some times when I can’t remember or recognize…”

    I shouldn’t be so hard on me.

  15. I definitely am an abstract thinker, but I don’t quite “believe” something unless the answer is scientific (or I’ve seen it/felt it/experienced it).

  16. Well I work in the Pharmaceutical Industry and almost every rational pharmacist i know has over the years tuned to spirituality for answers. Personally, I have a Virgo MC with a Uranus and Pluto conjunction, so I am all for details in my accounting field and I have a scientific mind. But I’m a Scorpio and I also have a grand water trine!! Numerous times in my life I was ‘one’ way or the other – but I’ve learned the art of weaving both without an inkling over one being better than the other.

  17. I am definitely a spiritual person. I dont know how anyone would be able to live a fully satisfying life if they didn’t believe that life on Earth is only a fraction of what we perceive as “life”.

    Though the idea of providing a bright future for one’s children seems like a coping strategy that non-spiritual individuals have adopted.

  18. I’m both (and also a Gemini). I’m a registered nurse doing legal analysis, and I’m an astrologer. This used to drive my husband nuts, he couldn’t imagine someone having enough mental flexibilty to be sane/logical and intuitive/spiritual. It doesn’t have to be either/or, things can be looked at from many viewpoints — sorta like that story about the blind men describing an elephant by touching different parts.

  19. I think what was discussed here was more what would be the Intuive/ Sensing difference described by Jung. Intuitive people gather “abstract” knowlegde, Sensing people details. Both can be good in Science, and both can be Spritual too, in their own way. In fact, when you read about how some big scientific breakthroughs were made, there’s always that dialogue between more Intuitive and more Sensing types of people leading to it.

    I’m a very Intuitive thinker, love science, have a great gasp of general theory, but can ignore details. So, I have to redo Maths.

  20. Completely unrelated, the site is acting up again – the last post is the one about the pain being gone (I was really happy for you!:) ) The subsequent posts show only when doing a search after your name, but not on the main page.
    Have a great day!

  21. I’m with Candela here (but unable to put it in words in such a way). Also: let the (scientific and other) information in, then process it intuitively.
    I have a feeling that many people are wary of expressing their intuitive knowledge.

    Perhaps your husband has this opinion because you’re NEVER afraid of thinking outside the box?

  22. I thought abstraction was being theoretically minded in general. I.e. a scientist is abstract minded when they are theorizing about quantum physics. Algebra is abstract.

    I am subjective and easily get lost in my own thought process. I am also logical and detail oriented enough to get lost in details all the time. My mind, for one thing, doesn’t outline. I have trouble differentiating what is important which makes it hard to communicate with people who want a briefing.

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