Are You A Weak Person?

Mars alien headSomeone approached me over the weekend, after overhearing me tell a friend that I was quitting a job.  She just butted into the conversation. My friend and I were still standing there. “Why?” she asked me, in a challenging tone. “Why are you quitting this? Tell me why.”

I looked at her, steadily to slow her down.  I learned how to do this from an old man when I was a teenager. You can learn too – How To Control A Conversation.  

“Well,” I said, pausing to consider what to say next. “I am quitting for this reason, x and y…”

“Okay,” she said. “Because it it is over Z, I’m going to A, B and C…”

She was going to break some heads on my behalf, basically.

“I am not a weak person,” I said to her, earnestly. My friend burst out laughing.  “Seriously, I’m not sure what you think, but I am not a weak person in any way, shape or form.  If I seem like someone who would be pushed around, this is the not case. I’m the one running my life. I do what I do, because I want to do it and for no other reason.”

She accepted this.

I’m guessing she’s a Cardinal type as well…

Are you a weak person? How do you see your strength or weakness in your chart?


Are You A Weak Person? — 27 Comments

  1. I’m calm and approach things calmly, but I am definitely not a weak person. In fact, I can be overly stubborn, since I’m used to being proved right most of the time. My Sun is in Cancer, so it is Cardinal. I don’t have a lot that is in cardinal signs, though.

  2. Im cardinal type also and I understand your point. I seem week to some people too, especially with Neptune on Asc and Pisces Moon, but those squares to the Moon from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Ascendant and Chiron made me tough and resilient and I also think that I`m running my life. There is a job I want to quit, but I first need to find another one.

  3. I used to believe I was a really strong person but then I look at my actions and They’re weak. I acquiesce I give up I basically quit everything. ?

  4. I can feel weak in terms of my hyper sensitivity to others… Sun in Cancer Neptune square Sun.I have had a lot of health issues which could look weak but the fact that I am still standing says otherwise.

    Cardinal Sun, Scorpio rising, Saturn in first house in trine to both Sun and Mars… Jupiter Pluto on MC. Learning to use/not abuse power in this lifetime.

    Hmmm. I’m not feeling too physically great today. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  5. I am very weak. I could be screaming my head off saying no and people just do not listen to me. Any time I try to assert, it does not work.

  6. I don’t believe in someone being a weak person or strong person. It is too simple. It pigeon-holes me. See… I appear to be a weak person. And in some circumstances I am… but it doesn’t mean I am forever weak. And, inside I believe K can be strong even if everyone questions me. Nonstop. I think it is far more fluid. The question is really, I know it hurts… this just sucks to be here.. are you will to get up now?

    There is always the option to be “weak” and the option to “strong”, in every moment. It is only the habit of choosing the hard choice that helps with getting stronger.

    Maybe part of being strong is admitting to being weak and not being all-powerful. Strength in surrender and grief. Being honest that it hurts. And you can’t take anymore of it. Sometimes being abused you convince yourself that you are strong enough to withstand more, instead of admitting you can’t survive staying, giving up and taking the strong step into the unknown.

    I don’t know what is strong and weak in this case. I can’t tell. Maybe strength is defined in having boundaries.

  7. I dunno what I am, says my Pisces Sun and Moon square Neptune. But my Aries Mars and Venus disagree. My Aries says hell no- I kick yo azz.

  8. I think I am weak.all this pisces makes me shy and awkward..but my husband says I act that way but am really manipulative. I think he is always gaslighting me…I don’t manipulate, I just know how to be nice to get what I need.

  9. Looks like I’m not the first to say ‘ I dunno’ with an aspect to my Mars from Neptune (& square Sun), lol. Classic.
    Though I think that in truth Mars/neptune can be the ones who go forth consequences be damned because of their vision & maybe appear ‘weak’ or deliberatly passive in the face of oppression or opposition.
    Martin Luther king jr had Mars opposite neptune
    Guess could be a classic ‘martyr’ aspect.
    I’m perceived as strong & I do have clear boundaries but I think that’s a compensation & survival instinct for my inner Neptunian reality
    Sorta ‘nothing to see here….move along, move along’ 😉

  10. I started life as a weak, no boundaries, very malleable person (Venus conj Neptune trine Moon) and in middle age have become very strong (Capricorn rising, Saturn in 1st) but because I had to (Pluto’s transit of my 12th aka if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger).

  11. It is a good discipline to banish the phrase “in any way, shape or form” from your speech. (Not busting you here, learned this myself from experience.) It’s a mushy and meaningless phrase that substitutes for the real, powerful, clear and spontaneous intent it’s stepping on.

    The listener is likely to hear that dead spot and stop listening. (Cardinal T-square here, forced myself to find more precise ways to be emphatic.)

  12. I feel like a weak person. I attribute this to Mars in Libra (in 12th) but that doesn’t sound like a good excuse/explanation.
    I wish I could tell people off, but I shut my mouth. Doesn’t feel very courageous. I usually just try to avoid confictual situations but not sure if that’s 100% weakness. Maybe it’s a useful tactic to keep me out of trouble.
    I can get pretty angry, but anger is not a sign of courage. More like frustration, in my case!

  13. Mars in Cancer. Double Virgo with Libra Mercury, jupiter Piscies
    I guess you could say Mars is debillitated in Cancer or my Libra causes me to consider all sides and thus prevents me from being black and white….You have to be careful about cultural perceptions
    If I was an non American women in Living in a more traditional male dominated conservative culture, I wonder if the perception would be the same…

  14. Mars in cancer 7th house squaring moon in Aries third house and Pluto in libra 9 th house a t square with moon opposite ascendant . I think the best thing is to use ur power by acknowledging it rather than fight ur own code of strength to adjust to a form . I’m glad for all the Pluto assistance whether it’s a square or opposition . Moon opposite Pluto regardless of anything has given me a lot of emotional depth . We need our full chart to own

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