Aquarian Librarian

Had to be an Aquarian at the library today. It’s a small branch. I know all the librarians, but this one was new and striking.

Striking, because she was an older lady, with a highly stylish haircut and just the right shade of lipstick.

Another older lady cut in front of me. I let her.

“What’s your name?” she asked the Aquarian.  “Because you look familiar to me.”

“Barbara,” she answered, crisply. “I’m just helping out for the day, I’m from Cherry Creek (upscale neighborhood). I’m retired.”

“Well, I’m retired too,” the woman said, not realizing the librarian wanted her to take her three books and go.  “You went to Cherry Creek high school?” the woman, asked.

The Aquarian, kept her demeanor, but I could tell she thought the woman was daft. How does one get right of such a clingy conversationalist, anyway?  She eventually managed.

I stepped up to pick up my weirdo-book, ordered via interlibrary loan.  She was unhappy that she did not find it in the Prospector pile. When she located the correct pile, I could see she’d never have such a grab-ass system.

“She checked out my book and remarked, “You get to keep this for a good while,” she said.

“Do I?  That’s great.”

“June 27th,” she said.

“Wonderful.  Why do you get to keep some books longer then others?” I asked.

“The lending library decides how long the period will be,” she answered, glad someone was asking appropriate library questions. Because, come on!  She’s got a head full of knowledge, don’t be boring her or wasting her time!  “Here you go,” she said, handing me my book.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

And then I turned and got the hell out.

Sometimes people wonder about Saturn’s rulership of Aquarius.  This is an example of how that works.

Boundaries, people.  As my double Aquarian mother used to say, “It’s a sin to bore people.”


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  1. Just the other day I wondered why SATURN rules my Progressed Ascendant in Aqua. Wouldn’t my chart ruler be Uranus? But this story clarifies it for me better. 🙂 Aquarius doesn’t suffer fools gladly and neither does Saturn.

  2. First time you´re writing about a library, I like it. Been working many years as a librarian – Cancer with Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.

    • I’m glad you like it, but I have written about the library, extensively, for years. I’ve been going once a week, at least, for my entire life. ”

      But I’ve not written about it in the last year or so, now that I think about it.

      There is a story about a Scorpio hitting on a Virgo…lots of remarks about the “new book shelf”, which up until the last couple years, was my first place to hit. I’ve given up on it now.

      Then there was the person who was checking out all the new books in my branch (non-fiction, which is pretty much all I read), and writing political commentary in the margins, as well as crossing out the author’s words and rewriting the book.

      Reduced library hours, funding…my woman’s club also did drives for the library and in fact, my club FOUNDED the Aurora CO library, nearly 100 years ago.

      So yeah. I am a patron of the library. I use it constantly. I wrecked my car leaving the library, lol.

  3. Most of my life I’ve been a Progressed Sun Aquarius. I think I’ve instinctively understood why Saturn traditionally rules Aquarius.

    Capricorn, the front side of Saturn – learn the rules, do your work, study your lessons.

    Aquarius, the back side – when you well and truly learn the rules, backwards and forwards, inside and out…then you will know how/when/why to break them. That is Saturn’s gift to those who have earned it, Saturn’s wisdom.

  4. I forgot that Saturn was the traditional ruler, and now co-ruler of Aquarius. Uranus and Saturn together are truly an odd couple. The energies are so different.

  5. Thank you for this story, Elsa! I always felt bad because I get to this point of crispness – now I know better! AND my Saturn’s in Aquarius!

  6. She was great, as is. Her lipstick alone was worth driving over to see.

    She has hair like this, but gray:

    Perfect makeup. Perfect colored top. Quintessential Aquarian necklace…it was asymmetrical.

    I stared at it, because if I were wearing it, the heavy part / the weight would fall, centered at the bottom, but somehow it lay as it was intended to…no denying it, she was a character.

    • I pictured her with Jamie Lee Curtis-like hair, but yes! When you wear crispness elegantly, that’s something!

      • Her hair was a big longer than that, and it swung, baby, big time! I guess it might have been a wig, or she just has really fabulous hair.

  7. Venus in aquarius here. Can’t / won’t suffer fools gladly…so true.

    The other woman was trying to connect (in her way, bless her) but the librarian wanted her boundaries respected!

    • Oh, yes! I have a stellium in Aquarius and I have seen that we do not suffer fools. Also, it appears as though we only “do” the basic chit-chat to an extent and then move on.

  8. I commented on a forum posting this week about my progressed ascendant in Aquarius (It’s actually changing to Pisces this week). I also have Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn in the 12th house Aquarius (progressed chart and all those planets are conjunct to another—lined up like little soldiers). I was born with a dominant 12th house so it doesn’t faze me to have so many in the 12th house. I have four personal planets in Sag 12th house (and Sag Asc.) in my natal chart. For the record, I don’t have any addiction issues, I’ve never been jailed or hospitalized (except to give birth), basically none of the cookie cutter definitions that come with planets in the 12th house in a natal chart.

    For me, this massive collection of planets in my progressed 12th house in Aquarius has resulted in me returning to college and majoring in English Lit. I will graduate this fall with honors. I’m debating whether to pursue a Masters in Lit or a Masters in Library Sciences. It will be one or the other.

    On the forum I joked and said that I was more “Vulcan” right now than human because of my progressed chart. I have little patience for idle chitchat. The inanities of our current pop American culture (I have stopped watching TV, I rarely listen to radio, instead I read). Unfortunately, because of my spouse’s current job it is expected that I socialize with the spouses of his co-workers (military community). I don’t. I just don’t do it. I do not have an interest or patience for it. I don’t look down my nose at those fellow spouses or think ill of them—I just refuse to behave in a way that is insincere to me.

  9. My daughter is an Aquarius Sun, square Uranus. Eye roll.
    She has all these unknown-to-me RULES about things. She’s 34 and getting her Ph.D in psychology with emphasis on autism so she’s a schmarty pants, too. But I’ve told her so many times to write her damn rules down and send them to me because I never know a rule until I’ve broken one. All kinds of rules on what a mother “should” be like. I fail miserably. Luckily she can laugh about it now, but during her 20s she refused to speak to me for a good many years simply because she was disgusted that I did not fit the mold of “should”. Evidently I was supposed to be home knitting and cooking (properly) tidbits for her to eat should she deign to come visit, and waiting by the phone in case she needed to call and bitch about some friend that ticked her off, presumably for not knowing the Rules. My son has Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Jupiter. It seems they are here to teach me something. Besides Gemini, they are the hardest sign for me to understand. Saturn is truly involved in this sign. They have a big ol’ stick and aren’t afraid to use it when they have to, which in their mind, is often.

  10. I am sorry if I have offended any Aquarians, I am speaking strictly of those in my family. I have no air in my chart, so I fully realize most of my head-scratching is because I am completely without perspective.
    Please don’t hurt me with your sticks.

    • “Saturn is truly involved in this sign. They have a big ol’ stick and aren’t afraid to use it when they have to, which in their mind, is often.”

      “I am sorry if I have offended any Aquarians, I am speaking strictly of those in my family. I have no air in my chart, so I fully realize most of my head-scratching is because I am completely without perspective.
      Please don’t hurt me with your sticks.”

      Lol dog8818, I can’t stop laughing! This is probably because I don’t really understand them either but as a Cap. Asc. and ruled by Saturn, well…when I get together with the aqua’s in my family it can go either way. ; )

  11. :D. He is one of my favorite nephews and people in general. But he can bite. His sister says she tries to communicate better to get through it. I have given up. It is what it is. He’s intelligent and amusing and knowledgeable about some stuff, so it’s okay. I kind of have the same experience with the other quincunx to natal virgo sun, aries. But I find aries funnier.

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