Appearance And The Ascendant

Leo rising with Aries“First appearance deceives many.”

The ascendant has a distinct impact on the appearance, both physically and in the intangible. Mars-ruled, the ascendant sign shows itself in both appearance and physical attitude. A planet conjunct or closely aspecting the ascendant also has an impact on this forward face. Mars rising brings a martial aspect, also an increased physicality of nature. Pluto rising, a depth and power that can disturb. Neptune rising can be changeable, or dreamy. With Venus conjunct or in close aspect there’s heightened popularity and an attractive quality. A person with the Moon rising will often show their emotions physically, a “heart on their sleeve” or in their face aspect.

The degree of the rising sign by decan, the sign divided into three, ten degree parts, is another interesting point to decipher. Each decanate within the sign is of the same element as the sign itself, in ascending order. For example, Aries: The first ten degrees correspond with Aries, Mars ruled: the second ten degrees correspond with Leo, Sun ruled; the third ten degrees correspond with Sagittarius, Jupiter ruled. It goes in the order of the zodiac with the sign itself taking the first decan. Staying with the fire signs the next example is Leo, with a Leo first decan, a Sagittarius second and an Aries third.

I am a Leo rising at 21 degrees which puts my ascendant in the third decan, associated with Aries, ruled by Mars. I have a dramatic presence (Leo) and part of that drama is a propensity to appear somewhat martial (Aries decan) or physically simple. Even though I am a mushy Pisces, I have been known to offer to “kick somebody’s ass” in situations where I’m acting on appearance alone (hello, confrontations in a bar!). I look like I can handle myself, even if that is not actually true in all cases. I can back people off with a look. Also I tend to look somewhat masculine, even though in other ways I am rather feminine… think “dramatic hair and army pants.”

How does your ascendant describe your appearance and general presence?


Appearance And The Ascendant — 100 Comments

  1. what a fun post!!!

    sadge, 22 degrees :: 3rd decan, jupiter-ruled sadge.

    hmm… since jupiter expands things, does that mean people perceive me as a bit of a cow?? πŸ˜‰

    and, can the same be applied to our sun signs? because that would at least put me in the venus-ruled libra decan – meaning, if i’m going to appear fat, at least i’m somewhat attractive for a cow? πŸ˜‰

  2. Hm… I am first decan Taurus Rising Venus in Gemini in the 2nd lol.

    I am not thin, but have curves – not really delicate body, but firm and strong and very wide shoulders, lol.

    My face is very fluid though – I have a lot of aspects to my Rising – Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune all aspect it.

    But people tell me I have “cow eyes” a lot. πŸ™‚

    • I guess so,my ascendant is also 3rd decanate Sagittarius, 25Β°degree. The ruler is the Sun, Leo. So Jupiter and the Sun.? Not sure what and how people see us, LOL. I know I talk a lot with everyone I even have not met in my life, on the supermarket, on a queue, most of the time a funny comment about whatever silly thing,I like to see, make people smile.

  3. Gemini ASC. First decan. Trine Pluto. Opposite scorp moon. Opposite neptune in sag. Mercury is sextile ASC.

    I’m not really sure what people see. My kids say they can see my mood by the color of my eyes, but I’m not really sure how that applies.

  4. People have described me as a “girlie girl.” Libra Asc. in the first decan with Venus on my descendant, right on the angle.

    But “in real life” I’m not one to shy away from power tools, digging in the dirt, or wearing sweatpants to run errands. I like to camp in a tent and have gone by myself at times. I wouldn’t describe myself as a girlie girl.

    But I hear it all the time. So I must come across that way.

  5. I always hear how bubbly, outgoing and charismatic I am. I’ve got a ton of blonde hair, very Leo rising, I guess.
    But I feel super reclusive and feel like I come off as shy or snobby because I always think I’m not very outgoing socially.
    Everyone I’ve talked to is surprised I feel that way- like “you? Shy? No way! You’re always so friendly and at ease!”
    Glad at least the rest of the world sees me as friendly and confident, even when I feel shy and insecure!

  6. Nail Polish and Make up Neptune in Libra rising. Dimples and a physique of a 12 year old.
    Don’t be fooled though with Sun straight across at 2 Aries!

    Tomboy with make up. Triple Fire Cardinal Fixed.
    Little mean me can take you down in one sentence.

  7. My Ascendant is also in Leo at 17 degrees, with Moon at 18 degrees (and Uranus lurking close by in the 12th at 14 Leo). Big blonde mane, yup. Heart on my sleeve, too, alas, though I try to hide it. I’m not sure I see the Aries in there, although I’m not very girly come to think of it. Also coloring things is my first house Mercury, Venus/Pluto stellium in early Virgo – which are certainly not comfortable with Leo Ascendant/Moon/Uranus!

  8. Mars Saturn Pluto conjunct Libra ascendant (3rd Decan Gemini) trine Sun in Aquarius . I have the “pluto” eyes.

  9. hahah
    “i look like a dumbass”
    LMAO elsa. i dont agree but that was rly funny.

    4.12 degrees Taurus

    do aspects effect the way you look too??
    and what are pluto eyes?? they sound cooooool

  10. i’m in the first decan of cap too jilly.. square my moon/libra stellium, particularly jupiter. people think i’m crude and sinister before actually meeting me. i’ve been told i look intimidating and unapproachable. that works with my scorp who wants to stay hidden, but meanwhile my libra is screaming for attention.

    all i know is, my brother has the same ascendant to the degree, and we look more and more alike by the day. (didn’t look at all alike as kids.. but i just saw a pic from my sisters wedding, thought it was him.. nope. it’s me!)

    and i just realized my ascendant is the figure of god in a yod with chiron and my NN.. two sesquiquadrate and a square.. not a happy yod at all….. but it’s there. all aspects within less than a degree. hmmmmm………….

  11. I think I look like a dumbass too.

    But I’d never never mess with my appearance… It’s a sensitive situation. I’d hate to make it worse!

  12. Hmmm. I have Cancer ascendant, so I think that means I have the Moon rising, and I definitely show my emotions physically. I don’t understand “decanates” very well. In fact, I am rather new to astrology and didn’t even know decans existed. Wow. So much to learn. I looked up the definition and found the following for Cancer:
    Ruler of first decan………….0Β° – 10Β° – Moon
    Ruler of second decan……10Β° – 20Β° – Pluto
    Ruler of third decan………..20Β° – 30Β° – Neptune

    So does that mean Pluto and Neptune have an influence in my first house as well?

  13. This is interesting because I am an Absolute Zero Capricorn Rising, which puts me in the Cap decanate also. But my appearance doesn’t bear this out, except when the odd stranger walks up to me or cards me thinking I am 26.

    One thing that can influence the appearance also is the sign in which the rising sign’s ruler appears.I have Saturn in Aquarius and I think you can really see it.

  14. tru blue… the moon is indeed your ascendant ruler but the term “moon rising” would be the moon conjunct the ascendant. Whatever degree your Cancer ascendant occupies falls in one of those three quadrants. As you noted correctly the rulers of all three in order, I’ll just add the signs (for Cancer rising decans) 1st, Cancer, 2nd, Scorpio, 3rd, Pisces. whichever decan your ascendant falls into by degree determines which one of the three has an influence on your ascendant. If you have other planets in Cancer and they fall into other decans, then they would carry a secondary energy of the one in which they fall.

    I know, clear as mud. πŸ™‚

  15. Third decan pisces rising here, Pluto

    When I’m not doing the glazed over pisces dream weaver la-la land look, I can give one piercing stare.

  16. I’m a Leo sun, with a First Decan (@ 1d.) Virgo ascendant, which has a Uranus/Pluto conjunct on it. My first House is packed actually, with the U/P conjunct, then Juno, Ceres, Athene, and Vesta, with Mars completing the stellium. I’m average height with hip-length, red hair. Suffice it to say that I don’t look cuddly and approachable, I think for the most part; I frighten people.

    I’ve heard that with Pluto being within 9d. of my ascendant, there are no neutral responses for me — either peeps love or hate me. Regardless, I feel like a force of Nature, and Nature can get pretty damned scary.

  17. Cancer ascendant (first decan) with Sun rising in Leo. Does that mean they cancel each other out? lol I’ll just consider myself an eclipse, I suppose.

  18. Leo rising, first decan. Today my SO was looking for me in a crowd of people and when he found me quickly, I asked how he saw me since I was wearing black. “The hair,” he said. I can pick out your hair anywhere.”

  19. Yeah, this is interesting! I’m a 6 degree Scorpio rising, so that’s the first decan, Cancer ruled then? Moon-Pluto ruled, hmmm…what does that mean I look like, a total space cadet? LOL

    I have no idea what I look like. Often I feel rather nondescript. I have been told I look sophisticated, I interview very well and am often taken seriously. Men respect me and lots of women don’t say much to me. When they do, we usually become friends πŸ™‚ I often feel like I look far more conservative and shy than I actually feel. I used to have enormous eyebrows before I started plucking them LOL Scorpio much? Not sure…

  20. chiron conjunct the ascendant but by 8 degrees…venus trine 0 degrees…vertex trine 0 degrees…..lot of other stuff too.

  21. Are we using classical or modern rulers re: decanates, Satori?

    I’m a 2nd decan Cancer, which I would consider Mars-flavored [classic ruler of Scorp, in keeping with horary decanate (face) rulerships]. I suppose that’s “mamma bear” energy? *grins*

    I have a lot of stuff going on with my Asc, though. In order of exactitude, my ascendant is:
    quincunx Neptune
    square Pluto
    trine Uranus
    square Venus, and Mars
    and conjunct Jupiter

    I don’t think people quite know what to do with me, honestly. *lol*

  22. 28 degrees of Leo.I am exactly what you described above.I also train martial arts,to keep the appearance πŸ˜‰ But I identify a lot with this Leo-Aries ASC,I feel as if it were really me,not just something I present to others.It makes perfect sense,considering my Mars is aspected to 7 out of 9 planets

  23. Say Wha….! Cap Rising 2nd Decan which equals Taurus!LOL! My daughter is a Cap with Taurus rising. My Saturn is Libra! Venus baby, Venus!!!

    I’m steady as a rock! And I’m all about the love and looking the part! Yeah, I’m that sensual, this explains it all.

    Another tid bit. My daughter is a Taurus rising with a 3rd Decan and that’s Capricorn! No wonder people say we look alike!

  24. Very inspiring post, Satori, thanks!

    Cancer 3rd decade rising (Neptune)
    Tightest Aspects on AC: conj North Node, square Jupiter, inconj Saturn.

    OK. I can imagine a lot around the planets…But how does it play out in terms of appearance(does it at all?) to have a NN conjunct AC ??

  25. I was going so well in working this out… Asc @ 29 Cap… Third Decan then… Virgo.

    But My sun in Pisces Sextiles my Asc & My Moon in Aries Squares it.

    Now I’m confused =(

  26. I’m sticking with my Virgo Rising for now… my current estimate is at 12.47˚ and this is what I’ve worked on for the last year.

    I’d say I’m quite typical of Virgo Asc: usually neat, and I esp take care to be properly co-ordinated (could never go out with eg blue clothes and brown shoes lol). Medium to small in stature, well proportioned, with a fairly ‘self-contained’ vibe which some people find off-putting, and judgmental πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been playing around with an alternative Asc though, since the ‘test thread’ a few weeks ago for which ruth kindly subbed me, since the results were so far off what I know about myself, esp in the emotional/sexual area. I may ask the advice of the collective at some point, but it would be in the Colosseum; and I need to do some more ‘rectifying’ first. My alt would be Scorpio in the first decan, and it throws up a very interesting chart with a lot of 8th House / 12th House action – and BML Rising!

    Damn, I wish I had the money to get a proper rectification with all the new computer programmes they have for that now. One day…!!

  27. I think I misunderstood. So 17 Leo Ascendant is Sag as the ruler? (I said Aries earlier) I am tall, and I do have a large head (can’t fit cute little hats) and yeah I have the Sag teeth!

  28. I have a 1st degree Libra ASC conjunct BML 29 Virgo trine Sun/Venus in Aqua. I’ve always been told that I’m very graceful in my movements.

  29. Taurus ASC, second decan (Virgo), Venus in Pisces. I also have chiron rising, exactly conjunct the ascendant.

    I like to look neat (2nd decan) and feminine (Venus in Pisces).

  30. Double sadge w/Merc. rising, first decan Merc.-ruled. I guess that’s a lot of Mercury in my lot of Sadge. Now that I think about it, I suspect I do present as a studious Virgo, if not an absent-minded Gemini a lot of the time!

  31. Huh. 0 degrees Virgo rising (Taurus/Venus). That makes a lot of sense. Small stature petite frame with an extreme hourglass figure. Lots of dark blonde hair. Fine strands but tons of it. Venus is in Leo. Taurus on the midheaven.

  32. 29 degree Gemini rising (3rd decan/Aqua fits nicely with my Aqua sun/moon) but inconjunct Sun at 1 degree Aquarius. Neptune and Pluto aspecting, and Pisces on the midheaven. I am perceived as happy go lucky, spacy, or if uncomfortable- Pluto shines through and I can be intimidating!

  33. Hey Satori, I’m a 21 Leo rising as well! I’ve certainly never been known to confront anyone in a bar, and I would never want to….and I’m an ARIES Sun trine that Asc! lol I’m highly non confrontational, but that’s because the ruler of my Aries sun is Mars in Pisces. I look ‘athletic’, but that’s cause the ruler of my Asc is in Aries in the Sag decan in the 9th. Leo risings have big hair, and i do have lots of hair, with a big sunny smile. I’m a Uranus rising, so was born with two different coloured eyes, and an unusual nose. My look is very feminine.

  34. “Can back people off with a look” . . . I do so admire that quality. If I tried that look I get punched in the face (Scorp rising). One of my closest friend is a pisces and is famous for what everyone calls her evil eye. When she gives you that look, that’s it. She’s cap rising.

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