Another Scorpio Body… And Do You Look Like Your Sign?

I showed the soldier the Calvin Klein blog. “See that? Looks just like a scorpion. That’s a Scorpio body.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, it’s just like yours,” I said.

“I’m not a Scorpio.”

“Yes you are. I told you have a Scorpio Moon and you do have that body.”

“I do not not.”

“Come here,” I said, calling him to the mirror. He stood in front of it with his arms bowed out in the style. “See?” I saw him blush.

Not liking to look in the mirror, he escaped and went to sit back down. Sitting, he put his hands on his legs and same thing. His arms bowed out so I ran my hands along his arms. “See? You do have a Scorpio body, you can’t help it.”

He pulled his elbows in and looked like a scorpion with it’s legs snapped and misshapen.

“That won’t help. You look like a Taurus too. Your neck. Taurus rules the neck and yours is thick which is typical.”

He stared.

“Yeah, I know. I know you’re a rhino but you’re a scorpion-shaped rhino, I am telling you this is how you look.”

Do you look like your sign?


Another Scorpio Body… And Do You Look Like Your Sign? — 56 Comments

  1. I’m not sure what Gemini’s look like… although Lupa told me we always look like we know something you don’t. And I think I do look that way. 🙂

    I have Leo Ascendant hair. I have SUCH Leo hair. OMG. The hair. Sorry, that was disrespectful, it should be capitalized: the Hair.

  2. The Ascendant is also fairly accurate as far as one’s physical qualities go. Sadges do have a certain thing with their hips- I can’t really describe it, but their torsos and lower halves of their bodies are…stout? ….my Libra friend, I noticed had a Sadgy feel to her energy and also at her hips. After doing her chart, lo and behold, Sag. Ascendant. 🙂

  3. Gemini with Libra rising. What can I say, I’m slender, smart-looking and pretty damn cute…ha ha. Wish I were taller though.

  4. I don’t think anyone would guess my “Sun Sign” by looking at my body! I definitely have my ascendant’s body-Sagittarius.

  5. i’m not sure what i am supposed to look like. i’m a pisces with gemini rising and an aries moon. i guess if a similarity to a blowfish puffed out ;0) qualifies as pisces-like, then i look like my sign. otherwise, everyone always thinks i am 10 years younger than i really am. i believe that is the gemini part.

  6. Yes, I think the youthful part is pretty typical for Geminis and Gemini ascendant. People often say I don’t look old enough to have grown-up kids. My daughter is a Pisces with Gemini ascending and she’s of average height, slender but soft if that makes sense, dreamy-looking with large pale eyes and very smooth limbs. I think she looks like a Pisces but she moves quickly like a Gemini.

  7. I look my rising sign of Libra, especially when I straighten my hair. When I wear it naturally wavy/crazy it reflects my Leo Venus!

    I can usually tell a Taurus rising – they have a curious stumbling way of walking and certain hand gestures.

  8. ewinbee LOL!

    As a Venus/Mars conjunct in Leo, I feel like I’m finally myself again after about 20 years of denying my Hsir’s needs. I let my hair grow out instead of trying to tame it, and it’s snaking out all over the place. It’s also taken on a nice auburn shade nature intended but neglected to supply. Can’t tell you how much better I feel.

  9. Conversations like this always make me very curious to know what people look like.

    I’m also curious to know whether people think I look like my sign. Gemini sun, Scorpio moon and ascendant. I think I did when I was a child but I’m much curvier and not really scorpion like now.

  10. Not at all! Haha, Pisces is supposed to be tiny and thin and pale and ethereal, right? I’m tall, fat, broad-shouldered and awkward as hell. I’m known plenty of Pisces with the bulbous, liquidy eyes and delicate features but I am not one of them. Huge feet, plain hands. I have Virgo moon and rising, and they’re generally elegant and refined looking, right? Yeah, not me at all. Other then the fact that I wear glasses and my hair is always pulled back, I’m not really that either. Too bad, too, I would like to be more feminine and less like a line-backer with a weight problem.

  11. scorpion-shaped rhino- OMG, ROFL. I once told a Taurus he looked like Ferdinand the Bull. He did… with the long eyelashes.

    No. I’ve got a lot of Libra planets but people never ever guess that. People guess Pisces or Cancer, and I do have Cancer AC and Pisces MC. I agree I look watery.

  12. Shaina you’re gorgeous! And yeah, he has a Scorpio moon conjunct Neptune / 8th house.

    95% of the men I have ever been involved with beyond superficially have either a Scorpio or an Aquarius Moon, it is uncanny.

  13. I don’t know … I don’t have any idea. As attached I am to my hair (healthy, natural, fine and wavy), it is definitely only occasionally a mane (Leo sun). However, I despise putting it up — it nearly always hangs loose.

    Nearly every physical description I’ve read on the web about Aquarius rising differs, and I don’t have any idea about Pisces moons.

    Anybody got ideas?

  14. Lupa, you definitely have the Gemini youthfulness… and I think I can see the Scorpion thing a bit. Hmm. I’d have to think about that.

  15. Oh man. I didn’t know the soldier has a Scorpio moon. Lucky you, Elsa. That is such a, well, sexy position! Peeps I know with that are fearless. In everything. *grin*

    I look like a textbook Leo rising: red hair, blue eyes, freckles, tall, athletic, cat-shaped eyes. Meow! Here is a picture of me that shows it quite well: (

    I also have the Capricorn skin (used to be terrible, but now it’s quite good because I eat well and stay hydrated). And you see my moon (Libra) because I enjoy getting dressed up often… or just nicely.

    I love finding the signs in a person’s appearance. Water is easiest to spot for me, especially Pisces (eyes) and Cancer (bone structure).

  16. Oh thanks ewinbee! I forget about the youthfulness thing. No one ever guesses my age right, not that I care really. I’ve always said if you’re going to lie about your age you should make yourself older so they think you look great for your age instead of a little washed up for your pretend younger age.

    There’s a picture of me on my site:

    Actually there are pictures of me all over the place. I’m a shameless exhibitionist. Not sure what part of my chart to blame that on. Maybe packed tenth house?

  17. aries eyebrows. virgo earthy curly hair.
    the green eyes are kind of cofusing, but i have uranus/scorpio and mercury/taurus in easy aspect to the virgo ascendant.

    and, uh, kind of that mercury/uranus angularity of form going, too (flatchested, pretty much.) with, apparently, a nice ass, which i can only guess is a gift from virgo ;P

    and i zoom around like an aries. probably show more aries than i realize, really.

  18. PixieDust! Doing the Scorpio side-long “sizing you up” glance! woo hoo! 🙂 Venus also does a charming version of that look, peeping out of the corner of her eyes in a come hither bewitching way. Scorps are the easiest to recognize- which is ironic considering the invisible helmet of Hades thing.

    Beautiful ladies! ~SS

  19. Wrydling, yes, Virgos do have the ass! Beyonce is a prime example- yet she is almost too Virgoan to even approach- perfection! My bf is a triple Virgo, and, is also pure perfection/pristine/whip-smart, ample-assed gal.

  20. Taurus sun, Cancer rising–thick neck and body and a big round moon-face. I’m not sure how my Capricorn moon shows up, though, except, perhaps, that I tend to wear a lot of dark browns and blacks.

  21. I think I am built like my sun-sign house of Taurus. Too tall, wide in perfect proportion to my height – had I only been born a man, I would have made an excellent football player. Scratch that, had I been so inclined (man or no:)).

    Libra coloring and features though – friendly-looking, maybe described as pretty, but never beautiful. I don’t know where the virgo-rising fits in though – I thought Virgos were supposed to be petite and fine-featured, and I’m definitely not.

    My eyes though are total first house Pluto. I can stare holes in people, even when not meaning to. I have to guard that gaze.

  22. Oh you guys! I love that you posted your photos! So lovely all of you, except I can’t for the life of me see Shaina’s picture 🙁
    Shaina I will take everyone’s word for it!

    I do not have a Taurean body at all. I’m slim with a figure.
    I will say, Elsa, that you and I have the same little ‘v’ shaped dent on our noses, though my nose is quite large…actually very large but in proportion.

    I’d talk a little more but I have a Scorpio Moon in my bed myself, so see ya 🙂

  23. I’m reading this, and I’m still not sure what a gemini looks like. But I do tend to look younger than my age, according to anyone who has ever commented. I have the geeky-hip glasses like Lupa, too *grin* Smart looking, you understand, but in a very hip way.

  24. My poor 14 year old self would have been thrilled to know that I grew up to wear hip anything and talked to people all over the world. She would have loved who I am now.

  25. Taurus Acs…easy on the eye? maybe…yet I have a fine neck with wide shoulders and big boobs (solid?…moon in the 4th…tits?). Sag sun has strong thighs and carrying weight around hips and tummy. Leo moon…i have a hair thing… fine wavy and moody/changable hair…I just can’t do a thing with it!
    Actually I relate my features more easily with my genetics…celtic/scottish…small eyes, small nose…fair skin.

  26. Shannon: heh, that sounds pretty much like a Gem description.

    Is glasses a Gem thing? I’m not wearing mine in my picture, but I really love my glasses, I’d never switch to contacts. Glasses are ME.

  27. I think I look like an Aquarian, but I have Gemini features, like the height issue. Mercury conjunct Ascendant in Aquarius. I have good bone structure in my face, but I think I have a medium frame body, not petite like a Gem would have. I wear glasses, people always thought I look smart and cool. Must be another mercury conjunct feature. Definite mischevious twinkle in my eye sometimes. So overall, I look very Gemini/Aquarius like.

  28. Aries Stellium in the 5th. Arched eyebrows, beaky nose, athletic build. And fabulous hair. Scorpio rising gives me a really intense stare. And boy, does my Cappy Moon know all about bad skin. Ugh. Still breaking out at 40.

  29. I Always get frustrated with astrology sites… they never seem to include people who arent caucasian in their descriptions of physical features.

    That being said,some days I look like a scoprio (my sun) and some days i look very much like a capricorn (my asc.) I know this isnt really descriptive, but i dont really know how to describe my appearance! People just usually tell me that I look like a scoprio.

  30. Just to clarify, my last complaint wasn’t refering to this website! I mean astrology info sites that arent blogs… the “info” about physical traits never seem to include black people (or even other non-white people).

    Anyway, I don’t want to ruin people’s fun… this is a fun topic! I love hearing about what youall look like 🙂

  31. I hear ya CynO. I’m PR/Chinese so I don’t tend to fit the descriptions either. I’m on the pale side for my races so I suppose the pisces rising fits there. I just find it all so interesting and agree that it’s fun to read about it.

    I do look more like my sun (leo) and moon (gemini) though my neptune rising is in sag so that fits too. I’m the tallest woman in my family, am usually described as lanky, long limbed though proportionate and have long, thick, fine, black wavy hair (leo?? you bet). I am also told I look young for my age, though I was at the nordstroms beauty counter this past weekend (looking for wedding makeup) and the saleswoman said I’m at the age where I need more eye cream. Ugghh!!!

    It’s the SW dryness!!

  32. Gemini rising trine pluto. I’m expressive looking, with the typical gemini features. Long, thin fingers and twinkly eyes. Can’t sit still, love to move. And yes Ewinbee/Lupa, people do tend to think I know something I don’t 🙂 Not sure if this is an advantage or a problem. Love glasses too…especially looking over the rims!

  33. I’m glad CynO and Gem pointed this out. I don’t have this (I’m caucasian) but I always thought of stuff like bone structure, stature, thickness of limbs, gait, etc as ‘definitions’ when it came to descriptives.
    Thanks both of you, it’s good to integrate this kind of dialogue especially as a student of astrology.

  34. My little girl and I look so much alike, my husband jokes that she was cloned, not conceived. 😉

    She’s Leo Rising (Scorpio Sun), I’m a Leo Sun. We both have very thick, highlighted manes. She also has my big eyes–that’s her Scorpio Sun.

    I have Aries rising, and even though I gained a lot of weight over the years, people don’t see it. I still look tall and skinny. I also have the famous thick Aries eyebrows. 😉

  35. Ha ha ha, Gem – we can’t see you! It was my editor HQ who pointed out to me some years ago that all the pictures of me I’d posted (on my original blog) were blurry. I think I was mine were more subtle that yours but er.. probably not!

  36. This is a great thread, so I am bumping it. If you read Evangeline Adams, she took a lot of time describing people by their sun signs, ascendant and moon. I should pull that out.. If anyone is interested.
    I’m a new moon sag with taurus ascendant. I’m blessed with a well shaped body and brown eyes (like 90% of my family).
    I have straight eyebrows and a largish mouth like a sag. I have an Italian nose. I have good sized feet and hands, but not out of proportion.

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